Toy not to be used

Chapter 1

Alrighty pplz this is my first fanfic so don't be to harsh ok?

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Today is Sakura's first day of school in the university .She only knows Naruto and she is going to the same university as Naruto (I know huh -.-).

"Oh great just great my first day of school in Konoha University and I'm going to be late man this sucks" she said.

She was practically putting on anything she could see in her reach. She reached out and put on a pink and black shirt that stopped half way down her stomach, some black skinny jeans, a thin leather jacket and a pair of black vanz.

She grabbed her back pack and ran to her motorcycle and put her helmet on as she was riding to the university like her life depended on it her long bubblegum pink hair swayed in the wind making her hair seem almost like silk flowing in the air.

"KUSO! IM GOING TO BE LATE!" She screamed.

As she was running to her homeroom she slowed down and opened the door seeing someone she least expected.

"Naruto-nii- I mean Naruto what are you doing here?" she asked.

"Hmm oh Sakura-one-" he was interrupted by Sakura.

"Don't Naruto remember our secret" she said.

"Right I forgot heh" said Naruto with a goofy grin on his face.

"Hey Sakura-chan are you still pursuing that doctor thingy and having a band?"

"Well yes I still am Naruto why?"

"Oh just w-"

All of a sudden fan girls popped out of nowhere and screamed out "SASUKE-KUN!"

"Ow! Damn it! Shut up! I hate fan girls who obsess over some stupid boy!

Suddenly a new voice was heard… A huskier voice, a voice that would make any girl melt.

'All except me though' thought Sakura. The voice spoke "Is that so? Tell me pinkie do you think I'm just a boy?"

Sakura turned around to see a teen who looked about her age he had raven hair, deep onyx eyes the body physic of a god and a face that any male model would sell their souls for but it still didn't affect her.

"First of all, pinkie isn't my name it's Sakura sound it out if you need to SA-KU-RA. Second of all, I don't see what's all that important about you who ever you are"

Sasuke was extremely surprised he never thought a girl, no a woman, would ever talk to him like that. She looked at him with those piercing emerald eyes that almost put him in a trance. Of course being an Uchiha he resisted this and responded to her comment.

"Hmm is that what you think? Well then tell me something if you think I'm worthy enough for a response from you… Do you like my eyes?"

He looked at Naruto and saw an expression on his face he'd never seen before. It was filled with fear and was staring directly at Sakura.

'What the hell is this teme thinking? Do I like his eyes what a stup- wait those eyes they're just like his!' Sakura answered as coldly as she could.

"No in fact I hate them! And if you ever bother me don't!"

She walked away out of the homeroom class not caring if she was going to be late anymore. To think she actually missed that huge detail! Those eyes she should have noticed! She sighed a strained sigh. She was lost in her own train of thought then she felt something or someone pull on her arm. She turned around and saw -

She looked at the raven haired man with udder hatred. This thought seemed to interest the onyx eyed man and in a way amuse him. Sakura saw this and was disgusted 'Good thing no one is around to notice this' she thought to herself. Then the onyx eyed man pushed the emerald eyed woman to a wall preventing her from escaping.

"You have some nerve showing me up like that." he smirked " Of course that wont keep you unpunished you aren't like other girls" said Sasuke. (Yup we're back to their names -.-)

"Well if you hadn't noticed im not a tomboy nor a as you say girly-girl I'm a punker that's all" replied Sakura trying to sound emotionless.

"Hmm maybe I should get to know the more feminine part of you" said Sasuke with a perverted smile on his face.

"What the hell are you talking about S-" Sakura muffled out since Sasuke was kissing her.

She then felt a hand pick up her leg 'I-I-Is he feeling me up? That damn man I won't allow this to go any further' as Sasuke was reaching for Sakura's bra strap she raised her fist and punched Sasuke right in the face. Sasuke flinched and felt blood drip from his mouth.

"If you ever and I mean EVER do that again I'm going to kick your ass all the world and BACK!

She then walked away from Sasuke as fast as she could *KUSO ! DAMN THAT UCHIHA TO HELL!*

"How can I stay away from you when you are so interesting" he said smirking while wiping of the blood.

'She is something that's for sure good thing I moved out of my parents' house or I won't be able to be alone with her …' Sasuke thought to himself. As he was walking back to class he heard his annoying fan girls scream his name. They are so damn annoying that it made him really want to hit them but he didn't hit girls and doesn't want to waste his time with them. They surrounded him as he got into the class room. He looked to his right and saw Sakura with Naruto. What is her relationship with him and what does she see in Naruto?

Sakura turned around and she saw him smirking at her and she turned away with disgust 'Oh just great he's going to start stalking me why do I always get the ego maniacs ?'. Sakura turned back to Naruto and realized something.

"Hey Naruto you finally got those whiskers tattooed to your cheeks?" asked Sakura.

"Yup figured that since I already moved out for college my parents couldn't tell me what I couldn't tattoo on my body!"

"You do realize that your going to mess up your skin by doing that right Naruto?"

"Huh really?…. OH WELL !"

"Baka ….."

~ during lunch ~

"Hey dobe"

"Oh hey teme"

"Dobe why a-"Out of nowhere a ball is kicked and almost hits Naruto in the face and he just stands there and then… Sasuke caught it ."Hey dobe"


"Are you ok …. Scardy cat"

"Hey teme that's not funny!"

"Hey leave Naruto-kun alone!"

"Sakura? What are you doing on the soccer field?"

"What else saving your ass from the guy who's messing with you so move your head so I can see the bastard!"

"Ow that hurts SA-KU-RA"

"Damnit! What's your problem?" screamed Sakura 'I was right! He's going to stalk me and show up where I'll be!"


"Sasuke do you find happiness from torturing people with your cold words?"


"That's great! I do to and I like making deals, too"

"This should be interesting"

"Ok here's the thing I play against you in soccer and whoever has the most goals within 45 minutes wins"

"Ok but if I win you have to be my slave"

"….Fine but if I win you cant tease Naruto anymore got it ?"

"…Deal…" 'Why does she defend him?'