Toy Not To Be Used

Chapter 12

Well it seems Sasuke and Sakura have had a disturbing memory together.

Sasuke: Quite a sight to be seen really

Ignoring that, they might end up on good terms this time. Just think about it. Nah, then where would all the fun be (evil snicker) think about all the things that could possibly happen. Whoa, getting out of hand here, back to the subject. Oh, yes well how about them getting on good terms. Is it possible for them to get along with eachother better or will it maximize it a bit? Read to find out and if you don't you know what will happen.

Sakura & Naruto: Rose-chan doesn't own Naruto.

Sasuke woke up the next morning to have Sakura sprawled on top of him giving him dirty thoughts of what to do. He resrained himself from doing any of it and awkwardly shifted her off then turned to his side to look at her. To think last night she asked him to sleep with her. Sasuke picked up a misplaced pink lock and tucked it behind her ear. How carefree and innocent she looked just sleeping but when she's awake it's as if all of life's burdens have been placed on her shoulders. It reminded him that awful things existed in this world especially in her eyes. Those eyes, oh god those eyes, how those eyes pierced him with pain like a spear. Not that he would admit that of course, just that it made him feel that way. Never in his life did he think a woman could posses a stare that knowing and in pain. The fact that she was like this, but surrounded with friends and parents who love her yet still was the way she was, confused him. How did she end up like this? What did she lose? A pet? He never really kept up-to-date with other people's parents so he wouldn't know if Sakura had siblings and he sure as hell didn't want to meet her brother. Sasuke turned away and stared up the ceiling. Come to think of it, why was he the way he was? Nothing happened to his family yet atleast not to his mother, father or brother. Maybe he was just the oddball of the family like Aunt Kagura said.

-Flashback- (Whoosh! XD)

Sasuke was riding down the street in his sixty-four*, talking to bitches, slapping hoes (In the face, not anywhere inappropriate and most likely Karin is one of them) but only the ones who deserve it (*cough* Karin *cough*). He couldn't go around slapping people. He was only sixteen and he didn't want to end up put in jail for acting like a troublemaker by his dad –again. Now he was on his way to a family reunion to play kiss ass to his entire family. He hated when he had to do that because to him it was like lying to them and most of them he barely even knew. The Uchiha men don't become other people's friends like it was an ordinary thing. They tended to get distant and it took unique people to get them to open up much less care about them. Sure when they had girlfriends they'd just think 'Oh looks like I got another one' but when they meet the one they don't ever want to give them up. His father was even protective of his mother around his grandfather, for god's sake! Sasuke didn't really think that. A girl was a girl until she lost her innocence that's when a person knows who is the one or not.

Of course some woman or girls are stupid enough to do it over again until they basically turn into a slut. Then there are the sensible girls that- never mind Sasuke didn't want to think about it anymore it made him feel like a bastard. As he drove into the garage, he already noticed that his Aunt Kagura and her cheating-bastard-of-a-husband were there. His Aunt Kagura was just like his mother except more rebellious and never thought much of anything. She had short black hair, black eyes and always wore the most formal clothing unless it had to do with parties. Her eyes had that red-tint to it whenever she was angry like every other Uchiha but that didn't matter at all in the clan. You had to be rich, successful and have an obedient wife to be accepted, at least in the clan's eyes they had to be but in family gatherings it was imperative that the wives got their relaxation on. He never really understood why and very few married outside the Uchiha name. He opened his door and was greeted by every person either by a squeeze of the forearm or with a smile and hug. He got one from everybody but Aunt Kagura. He looked at her questionably and walked forward to hug her. After doing so she grabbed his shoulder lightly and he turned. She seemed to be looking intently at him and it shook him a little.

"You are very different Sasuke" she replied her black eyes shimmering with awe and discovery.

"Huh?" was all Sasuke could say. What was wrong with her? Was he that much of a zebra from the rest?

"You never seem to act like a Uchiha around your friends"


"You question your Uchiha ways aswell"

"I never-

"You don't have to lie I can see it in your eyes"


"Sasuke you are the oddball of the family. You may seem to have the attitude and habits but somewhere in yourself is something else no Uchiha man can be. You decide what to do with it"

Damnit! Just when it was getting interesting!

(Oh shut up and get on with the story)

Shut up!

Sasuke just couldn't shake the feeling that she knew something. Later on well his father didn't realize what he had until lost. Sasuke was so deep in thought that he didn't notice that Sakura was awake…since five minutes ago. When he did finally notice him her she looked at him worriedly. Worried. Oh Kami, she was actually worried! He suppressed the feeling to scream victoriously and smile like an idiot but then he thought of Naruto and that thought immediately died. So without even asking her why she felt that way, he got up and went into the kitchen. Moments later she was in the kitchen dragging her heels and started to sniffle. That got his attention. He turned and saw Sakura still had a runny nose; her button nose pink as a rose. He nearly chuckled if not for the fact that she was glaring at him.

"What?" asked Sasuke curiously?

"You forgot to give me my vitamins," she scolded.


"It's fine"



"Well… are you ok?"








"You sure-"

"God damnit, Sasuke! I'm sure as hell I'm ok!"


Everything went quiet after that and Sasuke felt uncomfortable. Not good. He wasn't supposed to feel uncomfortable Sakura was. Sasuke sighed and went on making breakfast while he told Sakura where the pills were.

"It's on the table!" shouted Sasuke from the kitchen.

"Which one?" shouted Sakura back.

"The big one!"

"They're all big!"

"The one in the living room"

"Which one?"

"The red one"

"Damnit Sasuke they're all different shades. Just tell me where the table is!" shouted an annoyed Sakura.

"The one in the middle"

"They're all in the middle!"

"The darkest one"

"Fuck Sasuke! You could have said that the first time!"

"And ruin our game? I don't think so"


"Then why don't you slap me?" asked Sasuke pervertedly.

"Sasuke" remarked Sakura gloomily.

"I'm sorry. Shit I nearly forgot about last night"

"It's fine," replied Sakura unusually soberly.

"Um… how about we go out with Itachi to go quad racing with him and that bitch Mia?"


"Here are your pancakes"






Sasuke sighed. Now that Sakura got into this state of depression he didn't know how to get her out. In fact, he didn't even know at all how to get her into depression until now but he knew someone could, a certain blonde with blue eyes. So when Sakura finished her pancakes he took her to the direction of the blonde's home. He was going to take her kicking and screaming with pajamas or not.

A certain blonde was lying in their room and was extremely tired but it wasn't much of a surprise since their energy went kaput. The blonde was thinking about Sakura and Sasuke. How they seemed distressed and Sakura traumatized –again. The blonde never thought that they would see those eyes again considering how Sakura tried to hide it. Things were just getting worse and worse. First, Sakura getting attacked by rapists, nearly bleeding to death, her home destroyed, molested by Sai, it's as if the whole world is against her. It shook the blonde to the very core. Who would want to hurt someone who has already gone through enough? If the blonde had it their way people who hurt Sakura would have a tombstone made. Alright enough, thought the blonde, think of something funny. Play on words would be funny. How about Ida Poisonberry = I ate a poison berry. Hahahaha that was funny lets think of another one. How about Mary Decanon = married a canon. Ha-ha! That was funnier! Oh wait is that the doorbell? Might as well get it.So the blonde got up and opened the door to see Sasuke and Sakura. The blonde raised an eyebrow. Sakura looked way beyond pissed and her hair looked like she just came out of bed. In fact, she still had her pajamas on. Then there was Sasuke; he looked like he just survived a cougar attack. He radiated of victory but it didn't show on his face. His neat clean clothes looked bunched and tangled in a way and his hair was ruffled to look like it never had a chicken's ass, which would disappoint Sasuke heavily.

"Naruto let us in," commanded Sasuke.

Sorry but I had to leave you guessing between Naruto and Ino. It was surprising though that Naruto had smart thoughts sometimes. There's some scary shit going on in there. Especially when he's at the hot springs that's when things get crazy! Trust me you don't want to go in there.

(My mind isn't that bad! If Ero-sennin were still alive he'd be proud!)

You and your perverted thoughts I swear. Sometimes I mistake you for Jiraiya and that takes a lot.

(Hmph. Whatever Ero-sennin still believes in me and in making peace for the whole-)

Ok we'll get on to that when we focus on the ninja lives but not now. Back to the story!

"You know Sasuke it won't help if you scream. Try saying please" nagged Naruto.

Sasuke snorted and Sakura giggled. Despite the fact that Sakura was slightly depressed she still laughed whenever someone mocked Sasuke. Sasuke replied, "This doesn't have to do with me"

"Oh? And who might it be about?" asked Naruto teasingly like it was the most absurd thing he'd heard.

Sasuke's voice became serious, "It's about Sakura"

Naruto's face flexed, "Alright get in"

Sasuke and Sakura walked in. Sakura was agitated, Sasuke was determined and Naruto was worried. Each male wanted to help the female even if it cost him his reputation or life.

Naruto turned "Sasuke you wait here while me and Sakura talk in my room"

Sasuke's eyes narrowed "Alright"

Sakura and Naruto walked into his room and locked the door. Naruto turned to Sakura, "Ok what's wrong?"

Sakura sighed. "Nothing's wrong"

"Sakura is it about yesterday?"


"Ok now tell me what's wrong"

Sakura hesitated, "Well you see Sai said that he was with Madara when he… well you know and that got me thinking. You know how your parents are head of the Uzumaki Private Investigation Company?"


"What's their cell-phone number?"

"They call you. You don't call them but you have to leave their secretaries a message and why in order for them to call you"


"Well we could go to the house"

"Don't they have security there?" asked Sakura.

"Hell no! My parents would throw a fit before that happened!" laughed Naruto.

Sakura chuckled, "Yeah, I guess I could give them a surprise visit"

"What about me?", pouted Naruto.

"I need to do this alone"

"But I want to see my parents too!"

"Alright, I presume you have some questions and want to help me too?" Naruto nodded vigorously. Sakura sighed, "Alright then"


"Wait a minute I'm the one who's supposed to be happy not you!"

"Alright so what else is wrong?"

"I'll tell you as long as you don't go on my ass!"

Naruto crossed his legs over eachother, rested his head on his palm and gave her a pretend-to-be-professional look then spoke in a calm mono-tone voice, "So Sakura-chan what can I do for you today?"

Sakura laughed loudly. Naruto beamed. He actually made her laugh while she was depressed, a new accomplishment in his book. Sakura looked happy to laugh, too. She was happy she could finally laugh from the heart. To think she would never do that back when she was younger because of her parents. She told Mikoto about how she wasn't with her parent but she never explained to her why. The thing was she didn't want to break her gentle heart about her dear, dear friend since childhood. Itachi knew and he didn't object from keeping it a secret. It seemed he wanted to keep everything secret lately. He had his reasons. Her parents were working on a case that involved the Akatski and he clearly didn't want his mother to know he was working undercover there. His father knew and was shining with pride but his mother was totally unaware of anything except for the fact that it involved Sakura, which didn't make her happy at all. She looked at Naruto who was still laughing like an idiot. Sakura smiled. How she would have survived without Naruto if he weren't there for her when she needed him Sakura would have killed herself. Itachi might have done something but lord knows what. One thing was for certain; if Sakura was going to confront Madara she wouldn't bring Naruto into it. Naruto stopped laughing and looked at her curiously. Sakura smiled lightly and shook her head signaling that she wasn't going to tell him. Naruto sighed and smiled wearily then spoke, "So are you going to tell me or not?"

Sakura looked up at him. All of a sudden tension had gone up even though she anticipated it, it still felt it was going to suffocate them. Sakura sighed, "Well first off… it's Sasuke."

Naruto looked confused, "Why?"

"I have a feeling that he's going to find out," answered Sakura nervously.

"How? He hasn't had one reason to snoop" assured Naruto.

"You don't know how wrong you are," said Sakura placing her face in her hands.

"Oh, come on. Well if there is a reason shouldn't you tell him?" Sakura's head shot up and she looked at Naruto with wide eyes. Was he suggesting that she allow Sasuke into her life completely? That would never happen and he knew it. If she were to allow Sasuke into her life then Danzo and the Elders would have a certain Uchiha do something gruesome and she didn't want that. It seemed Naruto wasn't aware of her looked and added, "Just think about it Sakura. He has every right as much as I do."

"Yes, but can I trust him?" asked Sakura seriously.

"Sakura-chan, Sasuke isn't the type to gossip. Hell if he even heard a rumor he'd act like it was the stupidest thing in the world he ever heard!" yelled Naruto flailing his arms around.

Sakura squeezed the bridge of her nose and shut her eyes tight in stress. How could she let Sasuke know when she already had enough problems to deal with? Life was going to get… how did Shikamaru say it? Troublesome? She sighed, "I'll think about it but I'm not leaning towards it in fact quite the opposite."

"Well as long as you think about it then it's fine."

Sakura walked out of the room to see Sasuke being practicaly attacked by two kids. She laughed and went to help him out. Then Naruto came out and shouted "Konohamaru! Moegi! Get off of Teme!"

"Awww, but we want to play Police with him!" whined Konohamaru.

"Yeah! Me and Konohamaru are going to be the cops and he's going to be the criminal," informed Moegi.

"Konohamaru. Moegi. You two are seventeen aren't you too old for this already?" asked Sakura naggily.

"Noooo!" they replied.

"Alright you two go on now shoo! I have more important things to deal with" shooed Naruto while making a motion with his hand as if saying 'Go before I get angry'. Since Moegi and Konohamaru have never seen him angry they didn't want to take the chance now. They practically climbed on top of eachother to leave. It was very weird to see someone run from Naruto that both Sakura and Sasuke wore a shocked expression for what seemed like hours. Naruto smiled widely, "What too hard to believe?"

"How the hell is someone supposed to be afraid of a scardy cat like you?" Sasuke asked in confusion and disbelief.

"What relying on name calling now Sasuke?" Naruto remarked proudly.

"Naruto, what have you done to them?" Sakura was extremely surprised to see that Konohamaru and Moegi ran off like their lives depended on it.

"Oh that's easy I showed them pictures of what happens when I don't get what I want like ramen."

Sasuke and Sakura shivered visibly. They both have suffered the event of naruto's extreme tantrums. Sakura could usually calm him down but when it to his ramen it was undeniable hell. He'd throw stuff, scream, stomp his feet, cry, whine, beg, and –if there was a guy in the room- would punch someone. Yeah real mature like, right? Some day Sakura was going to take him to a '' and have him find his inner… teen but it would take a miracle to make him that way. Sakura sighed. It wouldn't work and she knew it. There's no way to break Naruto. Well maybe nothing she or Sasuke can do but maybe someone else, Sakura smiled evilly and rubbed her hands together, and she knew exactly who to ask. Unaware of the fact that she was being watched Sasuke and Naruto were watching her with fear in their eyes.

Well here it is and I hope you liked it. I know it sucks and I didn't add enough details in it but hey I was making this while I was in the mood to make a different kind of story. Pushing that aside, let's talk poetry. Should I make a story of Sasusaku in poem form but with no rhyming (It'll be kinda like a Lean Hawkins book) and you never know how it will turn out. Of course, I'm just saying it might not even happen. Well see you next time.