Okay, so I cleaned out my room recently and found this story. I wrote it after reading the poem "Déjeuner du matin" by Jaques Prevert. By my translation the title of the poem means, "Lunch of the morning," or "Breakfast. The poem inspired me to write a Jersey Boys story. Tommy and Frankie pairing. I have revised it very slightly from my original version. The French is the original text, and the English is my translation. I do not own Jersey Boys or "Déjeuner du matin."

Déjeuner du matin

The café was empty. Frankie and Tommy sat down for a cup of coffee. Though he had agreed to go with him, Frankie wouldn't look up at Tommy. He stared at the cup, refusing to meet the eyes of the other man.

Il a mis le café/He put the coffee

Dans la tasse/In the cup

Il a mis le lait/He put the milk

Dans la tasse de café/In the cup of coffee

"Frankie, I'm sorry." Tommy loved Frankie, and knew that he had hurt him by flirting with Lorraine. He hadn't meant anything by it. It was just for fun, and maybe out of a little fear. Frankie took a sip of the coffee.

Il a mis le sucre/He put the sugar

Dans le café au lait/In the coffee with milk

Avec la petite cuiller/With the little spoon

Il a tourné/He stirred

Il a bu le café au lait/He drank the coffee with milk

Et il a reposé la tasse/And he put down the cup

Sans me parler/Without talking to me

Tommy watched Frankie's hands as he set down the cup. They were beautiful, and Tommy thought about the last time he had felt them. Frankie's fingers running through his hair and along the side of his face and neck. God, he missed it.

Il a allumé/He lit

Une cigarette/A cigarette

Il a fait des ronds/He made rings

Avec la fumée/With the smoke

"Talk to me." Tommy begged. Why had Frankie agreed to go with him if he refused to talk? Both Bob and Nick had talked to Frankie in order to get him to come. The guitarist had apologized many times, but Frankie just shut him out. Tommy looked out the café window, hoping to see something positive, but it was raining, and the bleak, grey clouds offered no comfort.

Il a mis les cendres/He put the ashes

Dans le cendrier/In the ashtray

Sans me parler/Without talking to me

Sans me regarder/Without looking at me

"God dammit, Frankie, look at me!" Tommy screamed, slamming his fist on the table. A waiter looked over.

"Sir, please me a little more quiet."

Tommy almost shouted back that the place was empty, but he just turned back to Frankie. "Please." His voice was now just a whisper. Frankie looked up, staring into his eyes. He looked as if he would say something, but he just stood up, throwing money on the table to pay.

Il s'est levé/He stood up

Il a mis /He put

Son chapeau sur sa tête/His hat on his head

Il a mis/He put on

Son manteau de pluie/His raincoat

Parce qu'il pleuvait/Because it was raining

Et il est parti/And he left

Sous la pluie/Under the rain

Sans une parole/Without out a word

Sans me regarder/Without looking at me

"Frankie!" Tommy grabbed Frankie's hand right before he left. "You know I love you." Frankie pulled his hand away and turned on his heel. Tommy watched his love walk through the door and down the street.

Tommy looked at the table, "Shit."

Et moi j'ai pris/And me I took

Ma tête dans ma main/My head in my hand

Et j'ai pleuré./And I cried.

The waiter took the money, as Tommy remained at the table crying.