Of Ghosts and Vampires

Chapter 1: What The Hell?!

Rated T for Teen

A Danny Phantom | Twilight crossover

|-Danny's Point Of View-|

Running. I was running. Well, chased would fit way better. Curse that Plasmius. He just had to make me chase him until my powers gave out. I hate being a teen with ghost powers and an deadly fruit-loop for an enemy. Life sucked. Now back to the matter at hand…

Left turn. Right turn. 360 spin. Left turn. DOGDE THAT TREE!

Hell, this is getting difficult.


Crap! It was catching up! I looked behind me and saw that the huge russet wolf thingy was a mere twenty feet away! The thing had already destroyed my face and arms, what more did it want?! For the love of God, all I did was walk in this a meadow!

|-flashback starts-|

"Get your butt back here Vlad!" I screeched as I charged after him. "I still have to give you your beating!"

"You'll have to catch me first." he replied with an evil grin as he flew off.

I was within range for about half an hour when he disappeared. I had thought that he gave up and turned invisible so he could fly home. I decided that I would just go to his house and tell him to start internet dating or getting cat the next day when I realized that I had no idea were the crud I was. I started to feel the affects of the long and fast flight I had taken so I flew to the ground. I looked around and saw that I had landed in a meadow. I heard a growl behind me and the next thing I know, I'm being attacked by a rabid mega wolf! It got some really good hits on me when I phased threw him and flew off. About fifty feet from him, my powers gave out and I reverted back to Danny Fenton. I'm a really fast runner since I got my ghost powers so I ran. The thing chased after my and I'm not sure but I swear that in the corner of my head, I heard, 'Stay away you bloodsucker!" Talk about weird.

|-flashback ends-|

I think that me legs gave out eventually because I hit the ground face first and I couldn't get back up. I turned my head to look back and wait for the wolf to finish me off. But surprisingly, it never came. As blackness crept up into my vision, I heard the pounding of feet. Right before the blackness completely swallowed me, somebody screamed, "WHAT THE HELL?!"

But I was already out cold.