Of Ghosts And Vampires

Chapter 5: Sedation and Sleuthing

Rated T for Teen

Danny, who still looked like he was ready to freaking piss himself, stared at Vlad like he was a manic, which he probably was. Vlad looked down at Danny, and finally caught onto the teen's uneasiness. Vlad frowned and muttered "This stress isn't good for your health."

"W-well naw du-uh." Danny stuttered out, trying to sound defiant but only sound weaker.

Vlad's eyes narrowed and he walked over to table, using his cape to block whatever he was doing from Danny's view. When he returned, he was holding a syringe filled with amber liquid in it. He jammed to needle into Danny's neck, who screamed partly from pain but mostly out of rage.

"What the hell did you do?!" he screamed at the man who had backed up a few steps, and was staring at him intently.

"ANSWER ME!" he yelled, enraged. He had sounded weak in front of this- this- this thing!

Danny wordlessly screamed, until he felt suddenly drowsy and black dots started to creep into his vision.

"What did yo-you d-do to m-eeeā€¦" he gargled out before black enveloped his vision and he fell unconscious.

"Okay. So let me get this straight." Jacob said "The kid decked me in one punch, threatened to burn you all, a hand punch the kid in the face, a guy appeared, dragged the kid through a green abyss apologizing for his behavior and that the kid was his apprentice, and then the abyss disappeared?"

"No, no. we just told you that to mess with you." said Rosalie with fake cheerfulness.

Jacob and the others ignored her.

"I don't think that the blue guy was telling the truth." said Edward.

"Well, naw duh." said Jacob.

"Hey guys!" said Alice as she gracefully glided into the room "I did some research and I think that we might be able to find Danny!"

They all crowded around her, asking her what she knew.

She smiled and started "Okay, I got on the internet and searched for anything with the powers of flight, invisibility, intangibility, shape shifting, and supernatural fire abilities. Surprisingly enough, it showed that there is a species that fall into that category. I know that you won't believe me, but it turns out that the only species that fit the description are spirits, more commonly known as ghosts."

"But that's not possible!" said Emmett "Ghosts don't exist!"

"Well, vampires and werewolves do. I don't see why ghosts can't." said Carlisle logically "Please continue, Alice."

"Well, I found a few links to ghost sightings and you won't believe what I found." she said excitedly "I found a picture of the tough Danny!"

"Tough Danny?" asked Bella.

"The Danny with green eyes, white hair, and mean attitude!" said Alice said hurriedly "I found at least twenty different pictures of him, all of them taken at Amity Park in New York, which is the ghost capital of the world, and home of Danny Phantom, famous for being Amity's protector from evil ghost attacks!

"Even though he does so much good for Amity Park, the leading human ghost protectors don't believe that he is really a good spirit, so they hunt him as if he was a normal ghost. The ghost hunter's names are Jack and Maddie Fenton, who happen to have to children. The oldest is an 18 year old girl by the name Jasmine, and the youngest is a 16 year old boy by the name of Daniel, though during an interview with the family, he stated that he preferably wanted to be called Danny!

"Which made me come to the conclusion that Danny is only part human! I think that Danny is a human, ghost hybrid! That's why he protects the town! That's why he was able to change the way he looked when he was being maimed by Jake! He wasn't just changing his appearance, he reverting from his ghost form to his human form!"

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