This is my first Roxiri oneshot. To those who know me, I used to be a Roxiri hater, but now, I can tolerate it a bit. By the way, I do not own anything except the storyline. The end. This is also a request made by someone. Here it is.

It was on a rainy day.

It was on a Friday the thirteenth.

It was also the day that the tragedy happened.

A lone kid with blonde hair and enigmatic blue eyes was walking in the rain, wearing a black cloak and in his hands were two precious weapons of his. They were the Oblivion and the Oathkeeper keyblades. He had just turned fifteen, and he then knew that today was his final day. His thoughts floated back to the girl that he loved.

Her hair that smelled of strawberries, her indigo-coloured eyes that reminded him of blueberries and the spark that shone in them - he was going to miss her a lot. When he meant a lot, he really meant more than that. A pang of guilt hit his heart, reminding him that he never said goodbye to her. He swore to himself that he could hear footsteps, but he thought it was all part of his imagination until...


He felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist. He knew that voice anywhere.


"Please," she begged. "don't go!"

Roxas removed Kairi's arms from around his waist and wrapped his around her body instead. "Kairi," he began. "I really don't have a choice."

She looked up at his face with tearful eyes that showed stubbornness. "But...!"

"Kairi," Roxas started again. "if you really love me, then you should stay and wait for me to return to you." He let out a little smile.

The princess was hesitant at first, but Roxas did have a point and she nodded in reluctance. Her eyes trailed to the keychain of the Oathkeeper keyblade.

"I lucky charm," she muttered. She looked at Roxas directly in the eye. "It's my lucky charm, so be sure to bring it back to me!"

Roxas chuckled at her childishness. "Okay, I will. I promise."

He swiftly turned around to walk away into the night, but before that, he shared a longing kiss with her, tongues and all.

Kairi smiled and said to herself, "I know you will."

Many years flew by and he never returned to her. She kept believing in him, despite the many rumours of him being dead or he disappeared.

Little did she know, he will never come back, as the day his made the promise was his last day in this world.

I do not own Kingdom Hearts or any of the characters. They belong to Square Enix. The plot of this fanfic belongs to me.