Note: This is my first story. I don't expect everyone to be nice (in fact it would be kind of boring) but cut me a little slack. Flames amuse me. You probably can't hurt my feelings. But I would like to know what you think. This idea has been in my head a while and I finally wrote it all down as a form of procrastination for studying. Hope you enjoy.

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Kagome was walking. She had done plenty of walking in the Sengoku Jidai with the Inu tachi. They trekked across Japan. All types of terrain were conquered by the small group and Kagome had learned to enjoy walking. While walking sometimes required acute concentration since she was a klutz, most times she was able to take in the scenery and savor it. In her time, the modern world, such wilderness was very rare, and even in the places where she could find it, there was a certain quality that was lacking. The wild didn't seem so wild. Even where mankind rarely ventured, there was a domesticated air. No longer were there stretches of forest that were impenetrable and mysterious. Mankind didn't like many mysteries and so the wonder of nature became known to all.

Even so, Kagome still took pleasure in walking. She no longer walked for 15 hours a day and not through nature, but the simplicity and familiarity of walking brought her comfort. In the modern world, people no longer walked to their destinations. With technology readily available, the idea of walking to places became obsolete. It seemed that people were too busy to walk places and enjoy the scenery that came with a stroll. Kagome, however, continued with this outdated notion of walking places, if only so she could keep some tie to the past.

Nevertheless, for Kagome, walking through Washington, D.C. was an experience in and of itself. She had never before been to the capital of the United States, but was anxious to see all there was to see. America was such a powerhouse that seeing where it all started and was continuing was a look into the American mind-set. The city was beautiful and very modern.

Unlike her home nation of Japan, there were so many different kinds of people. She had grown to used to diversity in the Sengoku Jidai, but had once again become acclimated to the relatively homogenous population of Japan after a couple years back home. But being surrounded by diversity, while it was a bit of a culture shock, was refreshing.

It was as she was pondering this marveling concept of diversity and Washington, D.C. that she realized that she was really happy. After what had happened in the Sengoku Jidai, she never thought that she would be happy again. But being in a place that reminded her just a little bit of her old life, brought back a spark to her eye that her friends and family had thought was lost forever. Her life was not over. She had just stepped onto the path of her future and there were so many opportunities available to her that she had yet to explore.

With this new revelation fresh in her mind, her step gained a bit of a skip as her spirits lifted. She was Kagome! She had survived rampaging demons, undead incarnates, perverted monks and that bastard Naraku! She had her whole life in front of her, and she was going to face it head on! Nothing could stop her!

She sobered a bit when she remembered that she had left home without leaving a note to notifying anyone of where she was going, though she did tell them she would be in contact. She had needed to escape from all the memories that were at the shrine and needed some alone time to sort out her feelings. And she had. She found herself, as cliche as that sounded. But it was all for the better.

Even though she had resolved most of her issues, she didn't feel like going home. She was happy here. Washington was a place that held no previous memories and was a promising place to start her new life and create more memories. Plus, her English had definitely improved in the last 5 months! There were only a few words and conversations that she didn't understand.

She reached into her purse to pull out her pack of gum almost absentmindedly. As she did so, her fingers accidently brushed a piece of paper at the bottom of her bag. Curious, she stepped to the side of the sidewalk, out of the lane of fast-moving people and reached in to pull it out. The frown of confusion adorning her face quickly changed to one of understanding then to a mix of sadness and embarrassment.

Sesshomaru had sought her out just before she made the decision to leave Japan for America and given her his number in case of emergencies. According to him, he had made a promise with Inu Yasha that he would watch out for her when she finally arrived home. He was still a cold and aristocratic individual, but time (and Rin) had softened him somewhat. She had known that he was watching her, letting his aura just be felt on the edge of her awareness, but he had never approached her and she had honored his wishes. That, and she was too busy drowning in self-pity after she arrived back for the last time from the feudal era.

Sesshomaru had silently let her know that he was there to protect her while she re-adapted to the modern time. After a couple of months, she decided to find out what had become of demons. She was tired of sulking, though she couldn't completely pull herself out of her funk, and she wanted something to do.

When she went to the market or shopping she could sometimes feel demons, though never very strongly. If it wasn't for her increased awareness, courtesy of long hours of meditation with Miroku, she never would have felt them. Humans still thought them a fairy-tale and apparently they tried their hardest to perpetuate that myth. So, being a girl of the modern age, she googled them. Actually, she googled Sesshomaru. It took her a little while since she didn't know what last name he was using now, but she eventually found him.

Supposedly, he owned Taisho Corp., one of the biggest corporations in Japan that dealt with anything from medical technology to weapons. It all depended on what their clientele wanted. This really came as no surprise to Kagome since she figured he needed to be the best at whatever he sought. Plus, she didn't see him giving up being Lord of the West to become some non-entity. It only made sense that he chose to aim for business in such a capitalist society. She snorted. It suited him in a weird way.

But when he approached her five days before her plane was set to leave for Washington, before she even told her family, gave her his card with his personal number on it and told her to let him know if she needed anything, she was completely dumbfounded. Where was the demon who had tried to kill her on sight just because she was human and traveling with his hated hanyou half-brother? At the time, she was so stunned that all she could do was nod. Now, she wished she had said something more eloquent, if only to let him now that she wasn't a complete idiot. She sighed. At least I didn't just stare at him with my mouth open. That would have definitely been the cause for some disparaging comment.

With another sigh, Kagome slipped his card back into her purse and continued on her way. I really need to call everyone to let them know how I'm doing. With a nod of her head at this silent resolution, she started to walk with a purpose toward the little apartment she was renting.

However, as she passed an alley on her left, she felt a strong surge of something she hadn't felt for a long time. A demonic aura. Even as her head whipped around to stare down the alley, her body was turning to venture forth into the slightly shady opening.

As she cautiously crept down the alley, clutching her purse to her side, she strained her ears to hear any sort of noise. After another surge of the demonic aura, she heard a cut-off shout, followed by a sort of gurgling toward to the end of the alley. Recognizing the sound of fluid leaking into lungs, she forewent caution and took off at a sprint down the alleyway.

As she got closer she could make out two forms, one on the ground hunched over on his knees while the other stood above him arm extended. The one on the ground was obviously a male, with short hair. He was wearing a blue-button down shirt with jeans while clutching his chest with one hand, using the other to prop himself up off the ground. The one standing above him was using the shadows to their advantage. All she could really make out was the gun, with some kind of cyclinder on the end. And the eyes. Eyes lacking any sort of color. The iris was white and as such blended in with the white of their eye. Only the black pupil was visible. Only a demon could have such eyes.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Kagome shouted as she continued running toward the two.

The demon did nothing but stare at her before he seemed to just disappear. Remembering Sesshomaru doing the same thing, she fell into a defensive stance and waited for the demon to stop using their speed and attack her. After about a minute when nothing happened, she dropped her defensive stance and walked cautiously over the man still lying on the ground.

"Are you okay?" she whispered. "Let me see it."

The man on the ground either didn't hear her or refused to show her because he stayed in the same position. As she approached she touched him on the shoulder to let him know that she was there. She had been around too many frightened people to just sneak up on an injured party. She didn't want him to strike out and injure himself more. Keeping her hand on his shoulder, she walked around him so she was in front of him. As she knelt down, she accidently knelt in some of the blood that had leaked from his wound onto the ground. The man finally looked up at her and his eyes displayed his terror and weary acceptance of his death. Her own eyes hardened in determination. She would not let this man die if she could help it. She had seen far worse wounds and she knew how to treat them. Her only worry was how much blood he had lost.

As he was looking up at her, he moved his hand away from the wound. She broke their gaze as she concentrated on his wound. A fresh gush of blood accompanied the release of pressure that his hand had been exerting and even as she watched it was slowing. Glancing back into his bright green eyes that reminded her so much of Shippo, she could see the light slowly fading from them even as he smiled at her. With his smile, a small trickle of blood leaked from the corner of his mouth, followed shortly after by a cough that sprayed blood across her face and chest.

She set her mouth mulishly and started to pump holy energy into the wound. She had no idea if it would work or not, but she had to try. The pinkish energy seemed to flow into the man as waves, trying to stave off the bleeding, internal and external, that was preventing him from breathing properly. Even as she forced more energy into him, she could tell that she was healing him too slowly. The bleeding started to slow and his eyes slipped shut as he died. The hand that had been holding his weight up with weakened, causing his weight to fall onto her. Even after he died, she continued to push energy into him as a last ditch attempt to revive him. After a couple more minutes of this, she finally stopped, cradling his body to her as she shut her eyes.

She had seen too much death to cry in the face of just one, but sadness and frustration still permeated her being. She couldn't even save one man in the modern era. There weren't extenuating circumstances and there was only one wound, but she still couldn't save him. Didn't even know his name. But he had still died. Pushing back her sadness, she channeled her frustration into lifting his body off of her. After she had stood up and set his body on the ground, she folded his hands across his stomach so he wasn't sprawled out, and at least had his dignity. After that task was completed, she started walking over to her purse to retrieve the cell phone she had bought after arriving in America so she could call the police. However, before she could take more than two steps she heard running down the alleyway. Turning around to see who had come, she was faced with two police officers pointing their guns toward her.


I don't think I should make any sudden moves. Kagome smiled to herself even as she raised her arms in the universal sign of peace.

"I am not armed." she said. "I was just trying to help."

And that, she thought, is how I always manage to get into trouble. Here we go again.

Again, let me know what you think! I don't think I'm a good writer, but I do like this idea! :)