As Greed reached their table, he went straight to Envy and wrapped his arms around his neck and breathed into his ear:

"Hey Envy..." Envy jumped and shoved his cousin off of him, "Cut it out Greed! You're disgusting!"

It was then that Greed noticed Ed beside Apple, who was now sitting down eating a nutella sandwich (YUM).

He sauntered over and got waaaaay too touchy and in Ed's personal bubble for his liking. He, like Envy, shoved him away and went bright red.

'Dude... this world is MESSED UP!' he thought as he buried his head in his arms.


After the final bell of the day, Ed sighed in relief; school was even more annoying than he remembered!

Denny Brosh came over to him with a grimace plastered on his face.

"Dude, that was so confusing! I don't get this maths..."

Ed, still finding it hard to see his old bodyguard as a teen, shrugged, "I didn't find it very challenging, but I really don't like having to go to school." Denny laughed and agreed with him.

"Yeah, and Mr Fuery really doesn't live up to his name!" the two boys laughed. "It's almost as if he's scared of us!"

"But I would be too, honestly!" they laughed again.

They started walking towards their lockers, carefully stepping around different people.

"So, how are you getting back to the orphanage?" asked Denny suddenly. Ed shrugged again;

"Walking; it's not that far from here, so there's no need for a bus or anything..."

Ed still wasn't particularly happy with being stuck in a frigging orphanage by the State, but there was nothing he could do about it.

The two teens were lucky to have their lockers so close to each other.

After they had sorted out their bags, they went to the front gate and separated.

After only a week in this strange world, Ed was able to quickly make his way back to Central's only orphanage.

There seemed to be very few orphans in this Central, not that Ed had ever really noticed in his own world, and so it wasn't all that big.

After the short journey, he arrived at his new "home" and went straight up to the large front-door and entered. Inside the home, it seems a lot bigger than it does from the outside. There was a spacious hall when you enter with a couch, a small coffee-table, and some magazines and, on the walls, were some pictures of the different children that had lived there.

Ed ignored all of this and went straight to the stairs on the left hand side of the room. He climbed up them and went into the room at the end of the hall. In this hall were many doors, most of which led to bedrooms of the children or to one of the three game rooms, where the children could watch TV or play games or read.

On his door were his name and the name if his "room-buddy" as the younger boy called him. He went straight into the room and dumped his bag on his bed.

Inside the room were two beds, a large desk to share, a small shelf above the desk, two small wardrobes, a window and two bedside tables. On his room-mates side of the room was covered with different pictures of himself with other kids, his family or his friends.

Sighing, he fell onto his bed face-down.

Why the heck am I here? he thought, worn out.

It was yet another day of school and Ed was on his way to his first class; PE with Mrs Curtis. He wasn't looking forward to it very much...

Once at the hall, he went straight over to her desk in the corner (he knew the Izumi from his own world well enough to prepare the best he could, so he dressed in his PE uniform before coming to school).

He cleared his throat nervously and asked, "Err, Mrs Curtis?" she looked up at him and he continued, "Um, I'm Edward Elric; the new student..."

"Oh. Well, we're doing volleyball at the moment; have you ever played it?"

"Um, no... I've never really done sports in school..."

"You didn't join any teams, or was Physical Education not part of the curriculum?"

"Um, it was part of the curriculum, but we never studied sports and, no, I didn't join any teams..." he replied, a little nervous of how his negative answer would affect her.

She sighed, "Well, what did you study?"

"Um, fighting, self-defence, that sort of thing..." Her eyebrows shot up in shock.

"What kind of school did you go to?! Military school?!"

I chuckled nervously, "Err, sorta, I guess..."

Izumi sighed again and spoke, "Have you ever played volleyball before? No? Well, you'll have to learn fast. You can sit this class out and just watch, but I expect you joining in next time!"

She got the look in her eyes that was all too familiar to Ed; the one that told him that if he didn't, there would be much pain in his future.

"Edwaaaaaaard!" called a vaguely familiar and very irritating voice.

"What the heck do you want?!" growled Ed, looking up from his book. It was a book on the history of this world. He discovered that there weren't that many differences.

The black-haired boy just grinned, "I've just finished uploading my pictures onto my laptop! I noticed that you didn't like looking at them on the tiny screen on my camera and just knew that you would appreciate them sooo much more!" His glasses almost seemed to twinkle in the sunlight coming in through the window.

Ed rolled his eyes, "No, Hughes; I won't appreciate them any more on your computer," he suddenly got an idea, "Actually, Hughes, I think that I'd appreciate them best if I could simply imagine them, rather than look at them."

The teenaged Maes Hughes gasped, "But how could you?! You've run away from every photo I've shown you! How could you know what my darling Gracia looks like?! Unless..." he frowned, " she in any of you classes?"

Ed gave a small sigh of relief, he'd been afraid that Maes had thought that he'd been seeing his wife -no- girlfriend behind his back.

"No, Maes, not that I know of. But you seriously need to remember that I've only been in this place for a week and I've only been to school twice!"

The boy shrugged, "Meh, I don't get it... my last room-buddy was so much more interested in Gracia and my ideas of our future baby – her name's gonna be Elysia and she's gonna be soooooo cuuuuuute! Just wait until you see! Oh, and I can only imagine how gorgeous my sweet, darling, beautiful Gracia will look when she's pregnant with her! Oooh! I just can't wait! Ooh; d'ya wanna see my plans for our wedding?! It's gonna be incredible-!"

Ed could only stare at the once-grown man. Yes, he could imagine his future child, and, yes, he could imagine how Gracia would look when she was pregnant. All this because, back in his own world this man was damn close to being a father-figure to him, and now... now he was acting like a gossiping girl fantasising about her future husband... and he thought that he was bad as an adult! He felt a sudden wave of sympathy for Colonel Mustang, back in his own world.

"Hey," Ed interrupted his speech "who was your old room-mate? Why isn't he here now?" Maes blinked for a moment, trying to compose himself slightly,

"Err... oh yeah! He was only a little kid... his name was Selim. The lucky bastard got adopted by the Fuhrer, of all people!"

"... Seriously?" Ed stared at him. Maes nodded, grinning,

"The young ones are always the ones that get adopted! And Selim was pretty cute, plus he was always so interested in my darling Gracia and my baby, Elysia!" the mad-man spoke of his future baby as if she already existed.

Or maybe he was just so scared of you that he was willing to agree to anything you say... actually, thought Ed, that probably is the reason... poor kid...

And that is that... sorry that my stories are taking so long to update... I've had a pretty hectic summer... and pretty annoying writers block... and these stupid story ideas keep flicking into my head, which I then write down and don't finish... so yea... :)

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