I'll Always be There for You

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Conan was laying on one of the couches at Rachel's house, waiting. Waiting for someone to come home. Hopefully Rachel would come home first, but he was worried about how she would react when she found out what had happened to him. All he could do was wait.

She'll be crushed. But wouldn't it be better to know what happened than to not know at all?

The door opened. Rachel walked in. "You're already home?"

Conan looked at her. "Yeah." He decided to wait a little bit.

At least I can sort of relax, knowing the black organization isn't after me anymore… but how can I tell Rachel? Should I just flat-out say it? Or should I wait? He pondered about this.

Rachel turned on the TV. "Let's see what's going on today."

Conan froze. Looks like I'm not going to be the one to tell her… He cursed in his head.

"…The body of a young boy was found today in an alley. He has been identified as Conan Edogawa."

Rachel gasped. She looked at Conan. Conan looked at her. "What?! But you're…you're right here!"

The young detective shook his head. "I'm sorry…Rachel…"

Rachel tried to touch Conan, to make sure he was there, but her hand went right through him.

Conan was dead.

Author's Note: OoooOooh! *dun dun dun* Yeah, Conan's a ghost. Once again, I have a suckishly short chapter…but then again, it IS a prologue…but it's still suckish. :/ Sorry to disappoint if I did. I know I already have another fic going at the same time, but I'll manage. Read and Review onegai~

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