I'll Always be There for You

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Conan had begged the kids not to try and catch Gin. He knew that they would have tried, and he also knew how dangerous Gin was. He blew up a building just to kill one single person! And that person escaped! Of course, that person was also Anita. He would kill anyone who got in his way, and even kill his own allies without hesitation! Talk about a sadist!

This behavior surprised Rachel. She had never seen him so afraid of something before. Usually if he was afraid, he was just startled. Of course, Conan did hide behind her leg when she realized that Eva Kaden was her mother. Then again, who wouldn't be afraid of Eva if they had gotten the same treatment that Conan did when he was Jimmy? And that was 10 years ago too! But if Gin was as ruthless as Conan says he is, then he is definitely not one to mess with. How would the police catch him?

"Couldn't you just haunt him into submission?" Harley suggested.

"I don't think this guy is fazed by anything! I shot him with my tranq watch, and he shot his arm just to keep himself from getting knocked out!" Conan was flailing his arms as he explained this. "He's a maniac!"

"Couldn't you just possess him?" Amy wondered.

"Like I said, he'd probably shoot himself again. And then I'd be in trouble too!"

"Then what can we do?"

"We'll just have to wait…I guess." Conan folded his arms and began to think. You could almost see his brain at work, considering how hard he was trying to figure out a way to catch Gin. Actually, his brain couldn't physically work since he was dead, and when the brain's dead, you're dead. Unless your heart is still working somehow. Then you could still be alive. But if a certain part of your brain gets damaged, then you're doomed. And what does any of this have to do with anything?

Anyways, Conan managed to convince the Junior Detective League not to go and try to find Gin. After all, even he didn't know where the Syndicate's base was. Even if he did figure it out, what could he do? Just tell his friends and then they'd tell the police? "Yeah, Conan told us. Yeah, he's a ghost—spirit. He told us where the base was. No, I haven't been smoking." Like that would work. Then Harley noticed that Conan disappeared again.

"Hey, Kudo!" Harley couldn't stand it anymore. How could Conan just do that? Normally he would try to find clues, but now he just wouldn't do anything! He's a spirit! He could tell us how to find it, and we could follow the leads! Why wouldn't he try to help? Then Harley came up with another thought. Unless this Syndicate is really that fearsome. Harley never faced the Syndicate himself, unlike Conan and Anita, who have had quite a few encounters with them. Harley didn't have any. Or at least not any that got as involved as Conan's did. Heck, he almost got in trouble with Vermouth! And Anita almost got killed by her. It was a bit understandable that Conan and Anita would be afraid. But that didn't mean Conan didn't have to fear them any longer! He was a ghost—spirit!

"At least they've finally gotten a lead on who killed Jimmy…" Rachel tried to be positive. Everyone else agreed, but Harley was still taken aback by Conan's reactions.

He couldn't just let this pass by. He decided he had to confront Conan alone if he were to try to talk some sense into him.

Harley realized just how much about Conan he didn't know during his chat with him later that day. He knew just where to find the spirit: in his own house.

Sure enough, when he walked inside the Kudo residence, he saw a lonely spirit. Harley was shocked by the look on Conan's face. It was like the same face he made when he lost something he liked (according to Rachel). However, this face was full of pain and fear. He seemed to be absentmindedly fiddling with some objects in the house, eyes full of sorrow. Harley couldn't bear seeing the great detective of the East like this.

"Hey, Kudo!" Conan slowly turned his head towards Harley. Harley approached him. "What's the matter with you?! Usually you would chase the suspect! Why aren't you doing anything!?" He demanded an answer.

Conan was silent for a moment. Then he spoke. "I…I…I can't explain it…" He shook his head. Obviously, something had him spooked (no pun intended, Harley silently added).

"Then tell me in a way you would explain it to yourself!" Harley sat down on one of the couches, waiting for a response.

Conan sighed. "It's not that I'm afraid of the Syndicate itself…it's the way that they accomplish things that really frightens me. Their ruthlessness, the way they'll cover up evidence, it's those kinds of things that just bother me. I don't understand how they could possibly do anything like that. Not to mention they'll attack anyone who seems to be acting suspicious to them. I just don't want to put anyone in danger…especially not anyone close to me…" Conan shuddered at his memories of the Syndicate. Harley calmed down a bit. "I know I can't do anything to stop you, anyways." He looked up. "Why aren't you doing anything?"

Harley wasn't sure what to say. Why didn't he go and help the police? Conan laughed. But it wasn't a sincere laugh. It was more like a laugh with no emotion, one just to get rid of the pain. Harley knew that Conan would fake a laugh quite often, considering all the times he's been teased, but this one wasn't even of sarcasm! Then he remembered something Conan had once said.

"I don't think you're afraid of the Syndicate entirely, Kudo." Harley spoke. Conan looked up at him in surprise. "You said that once the one who killed you was brought to justice, you would be able to move on. In other words, you wouldn't be able to see us anymore, and you could rest in peace." Harley finished with this: "You don't want to leave the people you knew and cared about."

The truth struck Conan. Perhaps he was hiding it from even himself, because his reaction was quite the opposite from what one would expect. When Harley saw Conan's face again, it was full of tears just waiting to be cried out. He leapt and grabbed onto Harley, crying. He continued to sob for the next many moments, leaving Harley in shock at his behavior.

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