Authors Note: Hey! So Joey and Charlie rule! Anyway, with that out of the way, this is my first major fanfiction and I just so you know, I really suck at sex scenes so chances are… its going to be horrible and I will only do it once. Anyway, let me know what you think so I know weather to continue or not. This story has been written in advance for a couple of chapter so if you want more, let me know and I'll post the rest. Hope you enjoy!

Gentle Motions.

"Trust your breath in me for a moment, we'll lose the world."

Charlie felt her breathing increase as the laughter slowly died. A feeling she couldn't explain entered her body as time slowed down. The gentle rocking motions of the boat disappeared; she could no longer hear the sound of water lapping on the side of the boat. All she could hear were the lyrics of the song on the radio. All she could feel was her blood rushing through her veins. All she could see was her.


It had started out innocent enough. A nice lunch on Alf's boat followed by casual talk. But then things got deep. She'd been grateful when Joey jumped up and started to dance. Everything had been perfect.

Then she joined in.

She'd been living in the moment, not thinking about what would happen after the song finished.

She should have known better.

It was just typical that the next song on was a slow, romantic song.

"She tells me that I'll always have this, see it on the horizon."

Charlie stared deeply into Joey's eyes.

This was how she got stuck in her current situation.

She felt Joey reach out and gently take her hand. Charlie's breathing became erratic. She was unaware of their slow motions forward until she realized they were almost nose to nose. Just a little further and…

What am I doing? She's a girl! Charlie thought, panicked.

Who cares! She makes me feel special and loved! a second voice put in.

Ruby! She'll freak! the first voice pointed out.

She'll get over it. It may take a while but she likes Joey. the second voice said.

Work? The public? What will everyone think? the first voice practically screamed.

WHO CARES! the second voice yelled.

Charlie could feel a headache coming on.

Joey was sweet, innocent, shy, supportive, strong, happy, amazing, loving, romantic…

Whoa! Romantic? Charlie thought.

Joey was even closer, if that were possible. Charlie could feel Joey's breath on her face.

Well, she is. Like today. This boat thing is totally romantic. And given all the words I used to describe Joey… the thought trailed off.

Their lips were inches away. It was Charlie's last chance to back out. She took a deep breath.

And leaned forward, pressing her lips against Joeys.

Charlie couldn't believe what she was feeling. Joey's lips were soft and amazing. She gently pressed her tongue against Joey's lips, begging entrance into the warm cavern of her mouth. Joey granted her entrance as her arms slid around Charlie's waist, pulling her closer. Charlie let her arms drop onto Joey's shoulders, one hand moving up to tangle in her hair. It was as soft as she'd imagined it to be.

When air finally became a problem they pulled apart.

They were both panting heavily. Charlie couldn't help but laugh at Joey's look of shock and awe. It was such a cute look on her.

Joey shook her head and tipped it to the side in confusion. Charlie just shook her head with a smile. Joey, still liking curious, shrugged and grinned. No words were needed.

"Wow." She said softly.

"Wow." Charlie agreed.

They both smiled at each other.

"You didn't run." Joey pointed out.

Charlie nodded.

"I was going to. But then I realized how amazing you are and that, in the end, I don't care what people think. Ruby will get over it and, while initially this whole thing is going to freak me out, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don't want to lose you. You make me feel happy and loved." Charlie explained.

Joey positively beamed at her.

"I am so in love with you." She whispered.

"I am so in love with you too." Charlie replied with a grin.

The two leaned forward, sharing another slow yet intense kiss.

Three hours later they were still on the boat, curled up together. Charlie was curled up into Joey's side with her head on Joey's shoulder. Joey's arms were wrapped around her waist with her face in Charlie's hair. Occasionally the two would shift so they could kiss but for the most part they were content with each other.

"What time do you need to return the keys?" Charlie softly asked.

"Now." Joey whispered, not opening her eyes or moving.

It was starting to get dark.

Charlie giggled.

"Come on. Let's go home. There's a bed there?" Charlie tempted.

Joey was moving in seconds.

"Okay. Lets go." she said happily.

Charlie laughed. Joey shot her a grin.

"Geez. Eager much?" Charlie laughed.

"You suggested it. Not me." Joey replied, disentangling herself and standing up.

"Charlie missed her warmth immediately.

Joey offered Charlie her hand.

"Come on. We packed up earlier so we just need to drop off the keys." she said.

Charlie accepted the hand to get up and noticed Joey didn't let go. She wasn't protesting either.

The two walked slowly up to Noah's.

"You know, I didn't plan for this to happen." Joey murmured, indicating their joined hands. "Just so you know."

Charlie smiled.

"I know, but it did and… I'm not running." she whispered.

Joey turned to beam at her lovingly.

"Good, 'cos neither am I." she said.

Smiling, the two entered and walked up to Alf.

"Hello ladies. Have a good day?" Alf asked, spotting them.

"Brilliant. Thanks for letting us use the boat." Joey replied happily, handing over the keys.

"You're welcome to it anytime." Alf said, accepting them.

"We've gotta go. Talk to you later. Thanks again Alf." Joey smiled.

"Bye girls." Alf said, returning to his work.

The two turned and walked out. Charlie bumped Joey's shoulder.

"You are such a charmer!" she laughed.

"Maybe. I'm thinking of seeing if he needs someone to work on his boat. Gotta make a good impression." Joey replied with an impish grin.

Charlie just laughed. Joey smirked.

"Race you home?" she asked.

Charlie smirked.

"GO!" she yelled, taking off.

"Cheat!" Joey called, quickly following.

The two laughed as they raced up to the house and into the lounge.

"I win!" Charlie yelled gleefully.

"You win." Joey agreed, laughing.

"What do I win?" Charlie asked suggestively.

All laughter stopped as a thick tension filled the air.

"How about…me?" Joey asked.

Charlie moved forward till she was inches away from Joey's lips.

"Perfect." she breathed.

Then they were kissing. Hands moving all over each others bodies as they worked their way into Charlie's room. Both were thankful the house was empty.

Joey made sure to close the door behind her and turn the lock.

She turned to look back at Charlie. Both were panting, and it wasn't from the running.

"Are you sure?" Joey softly questioned.

"More than anything." Charlie replied.

Joey moved forward and kissed Charlie slowly, softly, lovingly, leaving her breathless.

"I love you Charlie." she whispered.

"I love you too, Joey." Charlie replied just as softly.

They smiled at each other and kissed softly again. The kiss soon turned passionate. They moved backwards, towards the bed. Charlie's hands slipped under Joey's shirt, slowly lifting it up. They broke from the kiss but retained eye contact as the shirt was slowly removed. Joey repeated the process with Charlie's tank-top.

Charlie felt terrified, and yet, looking into Joey's eyes, she felt calm and invincible.

Joey slowly reached behind Charlie, unclasping her bra. Charlie, shaking, copied her. The two were obviously nervous and unsure. Finally, Joey decided to take the lead.

I'm the longest gay here! I shouldn't be this nervous! she thought.

But she was always nervous around Charlie, it was one of the things she loved most about being with Charlie, the intense feelings she got around her. Reaching out she let her hands gently rest on the waistband of Charlie's shorts. They hadn't broken eye contact the whole time and now Joey asked again silently, with her eyes, if Charlie was sure. Charlie gave a short but certain nod and Joey took a deep breath, inhaling Charlie's perfume, before slowly dropping to her knees. She removed Charlie's thongs before slowly reaching up and lowering Charlie's shorts, maintaining eye contact the whole time. Charlie stepped out of her shorts, breathing heavily.

Oh my god. Oh my god! I'm about to have sex with another woman. What if she doesn't like how I look? What if I don't do 'it' right? Oh my god. she thought.

Joey erased all further thought when she leaned forward and started to kiss along the inside of Charlie's thighs. Charlie through her head back with a moan. Joey slowly slid her hands up Charlie's legs and gently pulled her underwear down. Charlie stopped breathing.

"Breath love. Breath." Joey murmured softly.

Charlie smiled at the endearment and relaxed.

"You are so beautiful. I love you so much." Joey murmured.

Charlie felt the last dregs of tension leave her body. Joey always knew what to say to help her relax and make her happy.

"I love you too." She replied softly.

Joey smiled as Charlie pulled her up and into a searing kiss. Breaking apart panting, Charlie knew it was her turn. Reaching around Joey's back she unhooked her bra. She pushed Joey down onto her bed. Kneeling down she removed Joey's shoes and socks before reaching up and unbuttoning and unzipping Joey's cargos before gently tugging them off, Joey lifting her hips to help. Charlie's breathing was rapid.

Oh my god! What the hell am I doing? What the hell do I do? she thought.

Shacking, she reached up and carefully pulled off Joey's underwear.

Both now naked, they lovingly observed each other.

Oh my god. She's so beautiful. Charlie thought.

Wow. She's stunning! How the hell did I get this lucky? Joey wondered silently.

Realizing Charlie was too scared to move, Joey gently pulled Charlie up and kissed her softly.

"You are amazing. I'll never understand how I got this lucky." She whispered.

Charlie smiled and kissed her deeply, relaxing again.

"Right back at you." She replied just as softly.

Knowing that she'd have to make the first move again, Joey carefully rolled them over so she was on top, finally allowing their bodies to come into contact.

Both women groaned at the contact.

Joey gently ran her hands over Charlie's body, whose breathing was even more rapid with her growing desire.

Wow! Her skin is so soft! I am so in love! Joey thought, amazed.

Joey shifted to gently run her hands over Charlie's breasts. Charlie arched into the touch as Joey gently took one breast into her mouth.

"Oh god!" Charlie groaned.

Joey just lapped happily on the quickly hardening morsel in her mouth. She could so get used to this.

Joey had long since decided to focus on Charlie, to make her more comfterble with the idea of 'them' as a couple.

Charlie arched, moaned, groaned and twisted in ecstasy under Joey's touch.

Where the hell did she learn this? Oh god! Charlie thought.

Joey gently ran her hand down Charlie's body, shifting Charlie's leg to wrap around her back. It was time.

Please don't let her freak. Please. she begged whoever was listening.

Carefully, she shifted her fingers to gently run along Charlie's slit. On some level, Charlie knew she should be reciprocating, but mostly she was to far gone for conscious thought.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" she chanted softly.

Gently, Joey entered Charlie with a single finger, gently starting an in and out motion as Charlie clung to her.

"M…more." Charlie panted desperately.

Joey inserted a second finger and increased the pace of her motions.

"Oh God!" Charlie gasped.

Her fingernails dug into Joey's back, drawing blood, as she raked them down the deckhand's back. Joey through her head back at the pain and let out a moan but said nothing.

Oh my god! She's so hot right now! Joey thought, deeply aroused.

Charlie clung tighter to Joey as she felt herself approaching release.

"J…J…Joey!" she gasped in both warning and pleasure.

"It's okay Charlie. Let go." Joey whispered hotly in her ear.

The last thread snapped.

"JOEY!" Charlie screamed.

Joey held Charlie as she rode out her ecstasy. When Charlie was done, Joey grabbed the covers and placed them over the two as she shifted closer to her lover and wrapped her arms around the older women's waist. She felt Charlie start to slip off to sleep.

"I love you Charlie." She whispered.

With a gentle kiss on Charlie's shoulder, Joey let sleep overcome her too.