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Chapter 15:

Joey and Charlie practically skipped into the diner the following morning to pick up a picnic to take on Alf's boat.

"This was a great idea Charlie! You're a genius!" Joey praised excitedly.

"Yeah, well, I am, I really am." Charlie agreed, laughing.

She dangled the keys to the boat in front of Joey who quickly grabbed them and kissed her girlfriend.

They walked up to the counter to order.

"Unnatural. Just unnatural." They heard Colleen mutter scathingly.

"Good morning Colleen. Lovely day don't you think?" Charlie asked.

Joey worked hard to stifle her laughter as she buried her head in her girlfriend's shoulder. Charlie just grinned at Colleen.

"Isn't she adorable?" she said, kissing Joey's head.

Colleen coughed and spluttered slightly in uncertainty.

"Could we get a picnic like last time Colleen? We're repeating our last trip out but making it an official date this time." Charlie cut in.

She nuzzled the top of Joey's head as her girlfriend breathed in her scent. Joey loved being in Charlie's arms, she always felt safe and warm, no matter where they were.

Leah, who had been watching the exchange along with just about the rest of the diner, quickly came to Colleen's rescue.

"Morning girls. Sleep well?" she asked, amused at the two's antics.

Joey looked over at Leah and smirked.

"Yes thanks, extremely well. You?" she inquired, eyes glittering.

"Fine thanks. I've already prepared the food since I was there when you planned t. I hope you two have a good time, you both deserve the break." Leah explained.

The two lovers smiled at her gratefully.

"Thanks Leah. We'll probably be home late." Joey said happily.

"Yes, well, Ruby and I won't wait up then." Leah laughed.

The two girls smiled and thanked her again before practically skipping out the door and down to the docks to the blaxland.

Charlie stood behind the wheel of the boat steering with Joey's arms wrapped around her waist, voice softly giving her directions in her ear. They'd been like that since they got out of sight of the town. Whilst Charlie was defiantly in no hurry to stop and leave their current position, she was curious as to where they were going exactly. Joey had been tight-lipped on land so Charlie hopped the water may cause her to talk.

[I'm a cop for fucks sake. I'm not used to not having all the information.] She thought, amused despite herself.

"So…" she started.

Her voice was soft, not wanting to break the moment between them.

"So what?" Joey asked in amusement.

She had known Charlie wouldn't be able to go long with out knowing where they wee going.

"Where are we going?" Charlie asked, excitement lacing her voice.

Joey chuckled softly. Charlie's inquisitive nature was one of the many things she loved about her.

"You'll see." She breathed into her girlfriend's ear.

Charlie felt herself get goose bumps at the sensation.

She groaned.

"Tease." She gently accused.

Joey just chuckled again. Teasing Charlie really was one of her favorite past-times.

Silence descended on the two again aside from Joey's occasional directions. Charlie may have come up with the idea of the boat trip but Joey was determined to show her an amazing time and to do that she would take her to an amazing place.

When she was out on the trawler she often saw things other people didn't. About three months previous she'd seen this gorgeous cove. She'd been there a couple of times since on her own but never with anyone else. Somehow she didn't think she'd ever take anyone but Charlie there either. It was her sanctuary.

Seeing the entrance to the cove up ahead Joey pointed it out to Charlie.

"Umm... maybe you should take over. I don't wanna hit anything." Charlie said uncertainly, referring to the walls to the entrance.

Joey laughed and the two switched positions so that Joey was steering with Charlie behind her, arms around her waist the same as Joey's had been around hers. Joey hummed and leaned back into her girlfriends embrace.

She carefully started to steer them into the cove. She turned to Charlie.

"Close your eyes." She whispered.

Charlie looked startled but did as asked, hiding her face in Joey's neck.

Joey steered them in and turned off the engine. She took Charlie's hands.

"Follow me. Don't open your eyes yet." She whispered, excited.

She gently guided Charlie out onto the deck and moved behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist.

"You can open your eyes now." She breathed into Charlie's ear.

Charlie slowly opened her eyes. She inhaled sharply.

"My god. Joey." She breathed.

The ocean water reflected off the cove walls, giving them a magical green colouring. They sparkled blindingly as she stared around. It was completely silent, the water still. Charlie couldn't believe how beautiful and calming it was.

"Joey. This is amazing. How did you find it?" she whispered.

She didn't want to break the tranquil quality of the cove by speaking loudly. Joey grinned, totally understanding.

"You see a lot working on trawlers." She explained. "I'm glad you like it."

"Like it? I love it! What's this place called?" Charlie asked.

Joey smiled shyly.

"I tried to find it on a map but it's not marked let alone named so I sorta named it myself." She whispered.

Charlie noticed how shy Joey suddenly was, spiking her interest.

"What did you name it?" she softly inquired.

Joey blushed.

"Jarlie Cove." She mumbled.

Charlie grinned and kissed Joey's cheek, trying not to laugh at how adorable her girlfriend was. Joey turned to smile at Charlie, seeking reassurance that she hadn't done the wrong thing.

"I love it. It's our cove." Charlie grinned.

Joey's smile got even brighter.

"I know its a little cliché but I wanted to remember you. You give me the same feeling as this place does. The same calm and ability to help me see reason. Plus I had this slight hope we'd fall in love so I wanted to name it after us." Joey explained.

They both laughed lightly and sat down with their food, deciding lunch was a good idea.

"Whoa! Leah went all out." Charlie noted.

"Remind me to make my fish pasta specialty for her." Joey added.

Charlie remembered Ruby bragging about a 'fishy-soupy thing' Joey had made. It had been before they got together when both she and Leah had to work nights. Ruby hadn't been able to shut up about it. Charlie grinned.

"Careful. Ruby just might fall in love with you if you make that pasta much more." She laughed.

Joey grinned at her.

"Don't worry. You're the only Buckton for me." Joey smirked.

"I'd better be! I'll arrest anyone who even tries to take you from me!" Charlie grinned.

"Even your own sister?" Joey asked, amused.

"Well…I'd probably just fight her for you." Charlie admitted, smirking.

"How about me? Would you use those handcuffs on me?" Joey asked, voice husky.

Charlie looked at her girlfriend for a moment. The thought of using her position as a cop in the bedroom had never really occurred to her before, yet she now found herself picturing Joey in her underwear and Charlie's handcuffs, begging for Charlie to grant her release. Charlie smirked. Yeah, she could do that.

She looked at Joey who looked a little scared. She was worried that Charlie was angry or offended at her suggestion. Charlie's smirk calmed her fractionally. Surly if she were angry or disgusted she wouldn't be smirking?

"Yeah. I would use them on you. If I felt you'd been bad enough." Charlie seductively answered.

Joey got an evil glint in her eyes as she moved to straddle Charlie who most defiantly wasn't complaining about the change in position.

"And just what would I have to do to be 'bad' enough for them to be necessary?" she murmured.

Charlie groaned at the husky tone to Joey's voice.

"Umm…I don't know. Haven't thought that far ahead." She managed to gasp.

Joey shifted her hips so she ground against Charlie who groaned again and reached out to grasp her lover's waist tightly. Joey smirked.

"Hungry?" she breathed hotly into her girlfriend's ear.

Charlie could only nod, desire having taken over her body.

Joey's eyes sparkled.

"Great! Let's eat!" she chirped.

Charlie was left stunned as Joey rolled off her and grabbed a sandwich. Joey held it out to her in askance.

"Want?" she asked, hiding her laughter.

Charlie shot her a filthy look. Joey tried not to laugh.

"Okay." She shrugged, taking a bite.

Charlie growled.

"That was so not fair!" she grumbled.

Joey just worked on not laughing at the look of fury on her girlfriends face.

"Sorry." She shrugged.

Charlie noticed Joey's body starting to lightly shake at the effort to keep her laughter in. She smirked.

"That's it!" she growled.

She lunged at her girlfriend, starting to tickle her. Joey laughed and tried to squirm away to no avail.

"Apologize!" Charlie demanded with a grin.

Joey shook her head and tried to escape her girlfriends grasp.

"Apologize." Charlie warned softly.

Joey wriggled around, trying desperately to escape the torcher being inflicted upon her.

"Okay! O…okay! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I teased you! P…please! S…stop!" she gasped.

Charlie smirked and raised her arms in the air in a sign of victory.

"I am victorious!" she cheered.

Joey smirked up at her before shifting her weight and rolling them over so she was laying on top of Charlie.

"Yes. You are." She breathed, lips millimeters from her girlfriends.

Charlie breathed heavily as she awaited Joey's next move. Joey leant down and pressed her lips against Charlie's, letting her tongue explore Charlie's mouth.

[This is what I want. To be like this, with Charlie, forever.] She decided.

Charlie moaned and wrapped her arms around the younger woman, holding her close.

[I'll never let her go. We'll be together for eternity.] She decided.

In the background their song started to play, the same s it had the last time they were on the boat.

Joey pulled back, breathing heavily. She stared deeply into Charlie's ice blue eyes.

"Charlie. I know we haven't been together long…but you're my everything. I never want to be apart from you. I love you, so much. Which is why I want…I want to give you my mother's engagement ring? I know we can't legally be married, so maybe it could be more of a promise ring? My promise to always remain by your side and love you. No matter what. Forever." Joey whispered, nervous.

Charlie gasped as Joey presented her with a white-gold band with diamonds around the front, embedded into the band.

"Oh my…Joey. It's gorgeous. I…I don't know what to say." She breathed.

Joey smiled.

"Say yes." She suggested quietly.

Charlie smiled up at her.


Joey grinned and leaned down to kiss the love of her life as she slid the ring on her ring finger.

Pulling apart they both admired the ring.

"It fits." Charlie noted.

"I knew it would." Joey simply replied.

Hey kissed again gently and smiled at each other.

"I love you Joey. Always and forever." Charlie breathed.

I love you Charlie. Always and forever." Joey replied, voice thick with emotion.

Leaning in the two shared a kiss, one of many to come as the gentle motions of the boat tied them together for the rest of eternity.


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