Bella POV.

It had been exactly a year since my new life as a vampire. Neisse had grown up a little more by each day but I had no longer had worries of her growing too fast. She is very interested in classic stories like me, you can normally find her in her walk in closet lying in a pile of pillows reading. That's my girl. Edward, Carlisle and Esme were a while away hunting for a few days for some animals that have been causing trouble. I felt really, really bored without him. I sat down by the window remembering my fuzzy, human memories. Me and Edward in science... the car crash...him saving me...the fight after that...our first date.

Alice ran into the room with Jasper walking behind pulling me out of my thoughts.

"BELLA!" she yelled making me jump.

"Alice." I replied boredom jumping out of my words.

"Jasper." She trailed off giving him a look.

"Jasper?" I arched my eyebrow.

Suddenly I felt happy not the extreme type but enough to make me have a little smile. I felt a little bad that my boredom must of been annoying Jasper. Alice suddenly pulled me up and we ran along to the main house then sat me on a couch and went off to her own with Jasper. Rosalie and Emmett were already on a couch across from me.

"Hey guys." I smiled at them.

"Bella" They both replied together which caused me to laugh and of course Emmett joined in because he'll laugh at every chance he can.

After our laughter died down I turned to Alice who was staring at Jasper as he was staring at her.

"Alice, what are we doing here?" I asked as Rosalie and Emmett turned to her waiting for her answer.

Alice POV.

I already knew Bella would ask so I was prepared to reply.

"We dear sister are playing a sort of...game" I replied wondering if game was the right word, their faces all had the same look of confusion.

Emmett was of course a little ahead of them and started jumped up and down on the couch yelling "Me first, me first!" with his hand raised as high as it could go which was pretty high. All the jumping nearly made Rosalie fall off and she slapped the back of his head then he stopped immediately.

"Emmett," I watched his face light up at the possibility of him being chosen." Truthfully, what's the most random thing you've ever done?"

He suddenly looked very in thought and I received a vision about his story. I was so shocked all I could do was open my mouth. I was wondering why he would do that but then I saw the funny side and started to laugh until Emmett opened his mouth to speak.

"About two years ago..."He trailed off.

Emmett POV.

Most random thing I've ever done. Hmm I got the perfect one this will be good even Eddy doesn't know. They wouldn't be disappointed but Rose would probably be mad.

"About two years ago..."


Bored...Bored...Bored. Everyone's gone hunting leaving poor Lil' Emmy all alone, even my Rose Petal left without anything more than a wave. Maybe I forgot an anniversary or something. What should I do to pass the time? Hmmm...I know! A movie...A vampire movie! Everyone else thought they were a waste of time but I think some of them are awesome.

I starting playing Van Helsing and I was up to the part were there in that hot princess castle when I let my mind wonder. Castles...Weapons...old vampires...Volutri! I have a plan. I would pay the Volutri a little visit they would never forget. I packed up my Hannah Montana wig and scarf and a few other necessities. I made my way to the airport so excited about my plan. I'm sure it'll work out. On my plane I made up a plan on everything I'd do and say. Before I knew it we were ready to land.

-Half an hour later-

I'm finally at the castle, not much security. I ran past their human assistant to fast for her to notice me and into the huge hall to see Aro, Marcus and Caius. They all stared at me confused while I stared at me confused while I grinned at them.

"Emmett Cullen?" Aro asked confused.

"Yes, I came to give you a..." I paused for dramtic effect and smiled widely,"SHOW!"

There all stared at me wondering if I was out of my mind, I twirled around so fast changing into my costume. I was wearing a long Hannah Montana wig, purple scarf, Fluoro pink jump suit and Rosalie's bright red leather knee boots. She's going to kill me for putting holes in them to make my toes fit.

"What in the world?" Marcus said quietly, probley shocked about how hot I looked.

Before they could say more I started singing.

"I kissed Aro and I liked it taste of his extra pale lips, I kissed Aro and I liked it...alot," I paused taking in their reactions, they were all shocked but Aro looked a little amused so I continued singing, "I kissed Marcus and I liked it, taste of his fantastic mouth, I kissed Marcus and I liked it, I liked it," Once again I paused watching their expressions all the shock was gone and replaced with amusement and again I continued, " I kissed Caius and I liked it taste of his smexy muscles," I paused winking as he opened his mouth speechless," I kissed Caius and I liked it, I liked it. It felt so right not really wrong, I really truly like it I kissed you all and we liked it, we liked it!" I finished my song with a bow.

"When and why did we kiss him?" Caius asked confused.

"In your dreams... and last new year" I laughed and winked before running off to the airport.

I got home and packed away my costume then I ran to my xbox and set up my favourite game. About an hour later my family returned.

Rose walked up to me "Did you do that all weekend?" She was clearly disappointed in my lack of a life.

"Basically" I replied with a grin thinking of after they left and me playing an action game then me watching Van Helsing.

I smiled and said, "I missed you" then we walked up to our room to spend some time alone.

-End flashback-

"And that is the most random thing I've ever done" I said finishing my story.

"My lord!"..."So weird."..."You kissed them?" was a few of the things I heard but then Rosalie slapped me.

"YOU! You took my favourite boots and ruined them!" She stormed off.

"Rosalieeee!" I ran after her at vampire speed "I love you...does that help?"