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Summery: A bad business choice by Eric heralds the return of some old friends of the Holograms and nothing is ever going to be the same. Jem/Gi Joe X-over

Author's note: I am taking liberties with characters and technology so no complaining

Chapter one: Setting the stage

"Oh, Eric," Jerrica Benton moaned as she pincher her nose between her finders. "What were you thinking?" she asked as she stared across the desk at who she considered her father's biggest mistake and one of the bigger thorns in her side.

"Dammit Jerrica." Eric Raymond snapped as he nearly came out of his chair. "I didn't come here to be lectured." as he leant forward and planted his hands on her desk attempting to loom over her, a tactic that hadn't worked for over a year. "I need you to pull one of those money making miracles that you are so good at."

"I am not just going to give you the money Raymond."Jerrica replied "I will," she emphasized "act as an advisor and promoter in exchange for the Hex Girls and on the condition that you sign a binding contract before I do anything." she replied as she named an up and coming band that Stinger Sound had just signed. "I won't just ask you to hand them over." she added before Eric could complain. "I will pay you there signing price as a finder's fee."

"No, deal." Eric sneered.

"Then we have nothing more to talk about." she replied as she hit a button under her desk that caused her door to unlock and open on its own, spilling a mixture of Misfits and Holograms into the room. "You appear to have been followed." Jerrica remarked as she stood up fully intending to show him out.

"Now wait a minute, Jerrica." Eric stalled "You aren't going to just leave me out there like this are you, not after everything we have been through."

"Don't you mean everything you've put us through?"Jerrica rebuked. "Leave Eric, and don't come back till you are willing to sign that contract."

"What contract?" Pizzazz asked suspiciously.

"None of your concern." Eric snapped as he turned on his heel and stomped out of the office.

"What was that about?" Kimber asked as the rest of the Holograms came in.

"Shut the door." Jerrica said as she collapsed back into her chair. "Eric has managed to get himself in debt to some truly ruthless business men. He wanted me to pull off a, what did he call it? Ah yes 'A money making miracle." She quoted.

"Are you going to?" Aja asked a mulish look coming over her visually preparing herself to argue with her.

"If he meets my demands, yes." Jerrica replied as she reached over to the intercom "Joanie, contact legal for me. Have them send someone up to draw up a contract."

"Yes, Jerrica" Her secretary replied.

"Just what are your demands?" Jerrica replied "But I'll probably have some conditions placed into the contract that will control the Misfits." Jerrica added. "I don't know what I'm going to do in regards to the Stingers."

"Jerrica, aren't you being a little extreme?" Raja asked.

"No, not really." Jerrica replied as she pulled out a notepad and started jotting down everything that she wanted in the contract.

"Just who does Eric owe money to?" Shanna asked.

"Extensive Enterprises." Jerrica answered as she jotted a couple of ideas that she thought she could get away with.

"That sounds familiar," Shanna said as she rested her chin in her hand.

"Same here." Jerrica replied "Which is one of the reasons I am being hard on him."

"Alright, Jerrica if that is what you think is best." Aja said "You always do." She muttered as she left the office followed shortly afterward by the other Holograms. Jerrica slumped down in her chair as she hit a button that secured her office door.

"So what is your opinion?" Jerrica asked as the air next to her shimmered and an older purple monochromic woman appeared.

"I have no opinion, but logically you are doing the appropriate action given our current information." Synergy replied as she positioned herself to give the appearance of leaning back unto the desk.

"Yeah, but I still have the feeling that we are missing something." Jerrica said. "Synergy, I want you to do a search. Find out everything that you can in regards to Extensive Enterprises. Let's see just what Eric has gotten himself into."

"Alright Eric, what gives." Pizzazz snarled as the Misfits and their manager exited Starlight Music.

"Not, now." Eric said as he pulled his leader singer by the elbow across the street towards Stinger Sound. "Last thing we need is word getting out." He hissed as he almost frog marched the green haired woman to the elevator that would lead to his office. "That publicity stunt a couple of months ago cost us a lot more than I expected, so I was forced to borrow heavily from a less than ideal source." He explained "Call the Stingers tell them, they need to be here now." He snapped at his secretary as he continued to force march Pizzazz into his office with her band mates scurrying along behind them. "They are now calling the sum due." Eric explained. "And there is one good thing about that blonde twit it is that she can raise money at the drop of a hat."

"Which, is what we need?" Roxy concluded.

"Precisely," Eric said "I had hoped that her do gooder nature would have her agreeing without a thought." Eric explained.

"But she didn't did she love." Jetta pointed out as she threw herself into one of the overstuff office chairs.

"I know I think we are starting to rub off on her." He muttered as he watched the misfits arrange themselves. Anything else he was going to say was cut off when the doors of his office were flung open.

"What is so important that, you had to summon us?" Riot asked his tone conveying what he thought of Eric's actually being able to summon them.

"You are going to want to sit down for this." He suggested as he proceeded to fill the Stingers in on what was going on.

"You idiot." Riot stated flatly once Eric had finished. "Don't worry we will handle it. I promise you that I will have Jerrica eating out of the palm of my hand."

"Not after that stunt in Greece she's not." Roxy muttered.

"I am sure you can handle it." Pizzazz simpered. This prompted everyone else to simply roll their eyes.

Jerrica was finishing up a few things when the Stingers found her. "Round 2" she thought as the three blondes stalked into her office.

"Jerrica," Riot greeted as he seated himself across from her with his backup singers flanking him. "How are you my dear?" he asked.

"What do you want Riot?" Jerrica asked as she sunk back in her chair.

"I have come to discuss this mess that Raymond has gotten himself into." Riot explained as he stared into her eyes.

"I have already given Eric my conditions." Jerrica stated as she started to straighten up her desk before she moved on to locking up valuables and breakables.

"What are you doing?" Rapture asked.

"Preparing my office for a late night visit from the Misfits or one of their groupies." Jerrica replied only to be met with blank looks. "If you know about the arrangement then there is a good chance Pizzazz knows which means they will attempt their usual intimidation techniques." She explained. The Stingers just gave an understanding nod their faces showing their faces showing just what they thought about the Misfits antics.

"You are planning something." Minx stated as she took in Jerrica's body language.

"Let's just say I am making sure our arrangement is going to be worth the hassle." Jerrica replied as she locked up the last of her things. She then turned back to the Stingers, "When all is said and done Raymond is going to think twice before he comes any were near my family. You three have to decide do you want to get out of the way or not."

"It would seem brother that our sister has claws after all." An accented male voice came from the office door.

"Indeed it does brother." A deeper voice replied. Jerrica and the Stingers turned fully to take in the newcomers. It was a set of twins who were identical right down to their blue three piece suits. The only difference between them was that one had an X shaped scar on his cheek. "Almost makes us sorry"

"That we got"

"Raymond in trouble"

"To begin with"

"Almost." They went on.

"Tomax, Xamot." Jerrica cried as she rushed over to the newcomers and enveloped the two new comers in a hug, who took the opportunity to kiss her on the cheek.

"I was under the impression that Jerrica only had sisters." Minx stated as she posed against the desk.

"Formally yes,"

"Informally no." They replied as they sandwiched Jerrica between them. "We are here to steal."

"You away for the evening." They directed at Jerrica.

"And we won't,"

"Take no for an answer." They added.

"Give me a minute." Jerrica replied as she pried herself away from the twins. "Tell Raymond that my lawyers will start drawing up the contract at 8:00 tomorrow morning and that he has until 10:00 if he wants to have any say in it." Jerrica informed Riot as she grabbed her coat and purse. She gestured for the Stingers to precede her out of the office.

"I really think that we should discuss this Jerrica." Riot said using his almost hypnotic voice to its full advantage. "Perhaps over dinner or breakfast." he suggested as he took both of her hands in his.

"I think,"

"It is,"

"Time you left." The twins interjected as they grabbed Riot by the arms and started to drag him to the elevator.

"Riot," Minx and Rapture called as they hurried after their leader who was being forcibly shown to the elevator. Jerrica just stood there staring after them in resigned shock all she could think was 'at least they didn't show him to the stairs' as she watched them fling the blonde singer into the elevator.

"Those heathens," Riot roared as he stomped into Eric's office startling its occupants.

"Who?" Pizzazz asked as she looked at the usually impeccable Riot, who was definitely looking disheveled.

" Jerrica's brothers." Riot snarled directing his ire at Eric.

"The twins?" Eric asked looking thoroughly confused. "What do they have to do with anything?"

"They are the ones who loaned you the money." Riot snapped "They also dared to manhandle me. I don't care what you have to do Eric but get them out of our lives."

"Oh, my god." Stormer gasped as she jumped out of her seat and headed over to the angry singer. "You hit on Jerrica didn't you." She accused as she actually started to turn the larger man this way and that "Well you are not bleeding so you didn't get far and nothing appears to be broken so you didn't push it." She concluded as she relinquished her hold on him and moved back to her seat only to be pulled back against his chest.

"I have a feeling you know more about these two then we thought." Riot murmured as he lowered his head down to her ear. "Care to share." He whispered.

"It's just things that I heard from Kimber." Stormer whimpered as she seemed to shrink in on herself.

"What sort of things?" Riot asked as he started to knead her arms.

"Rumors." She whispered.

"Come on yank give up the dirt you know we are going to get it out of you any way." Jeta demanded while trying to subtle put room between her and Pizzazz.

"Well," Stormer stalled as she chewed her lip "The only confirmed thing that I have heard is that they once threw Rio down two flights of stair because he made Jerrica cry. Another thing I heard, now this is only rumor, but they may have beaten Shanna's first boyfriend to death after he got a little too friendly."
"That sounds like them." Eric confirmed. "They almost hit me with a car for flirting with one of their sisters. I hate to think what they would do to someone who actually hurt them." Every one froze with that thought as they thought back on all of the things that had pulled on the holograms over the years.

"Just a little of overprotective aren't they." Roxy remarked as she watched Stormer try and extract herself from Riot's grasp. Riot just tightened his grip and pulled her down with him onto the couch.

"I had actually forgotten about those two psychos'." Eric muttered as he went over to a filing cabinet and pulled out an accordion case containing some of the odds and ends he had liberated from Starlight Music. He flipped through it before he pulled out what appeared to be a family photo. It showed the Benton sister with who they assumed was their father but interspersed among the girls were the twins. "Apparently they followed Jerrica home one day. Benton took them in showed them a bit of the business and introduced them to some of his contacts. The stayed with the Bentons for awhile but had the habit of disappearing once in awhile. But they would come back with money and odd items and pieces of technology." Eric explained as he went and pulled out his role-a-dex "I'll give their names to Techrat, he should be able to get us something quickly now that he has their names." He said as he the twitchy tech expert. "Techrat," Eric greeted only to jerk the phone away from his ear as the modern day hermit yelled.

"NO." directly into the phone his already high pitched voice reaching even higher.

"What in the world is wrong with you?" Eric demanded.

"I want to live and if you want to keep living I suggest you stay away from Extensive Enterprises." Techrat exclaimed before he slammed the phone down.

"That was weirder than normal." Eric stated as he looked at the phone in disbelief.

"What Eric?" Pizzazz snapped as she gave Stormer , who was still being held in place by Riot, the evil eye causing the blue haired to Misfit to squirm and renew her efforts to free herself from Riot. But he just pulled her to him tighter leaving the keyboardist practically in his lap.

"What have you gotten us into Eric?" Roxy asked as she moved out of the way just before Pizzazz flung herself forward intent on ripping Stormer from Riot's arms.

Once Pizzazz had been pulled off of her band mate she stormed out with Jetta and Roxy leaving Stormer behind still stuck in a potted plant that she had been flung in to it. Rapture and Minx were laughing at her this she expected what she didn't expect was Riot helping her up and reclaiming his grip on her. She was immediately on her guard as the self-proclaimed Adonis of Rock led her out of the office with his arm around her waist. As she headed off with them towards the elevators she had a sudden feeling of doom.

Jerrica was a bundle of nerves as she sat across from her two brothers in the limo. "So how have you been?" she asked.

"We have been well." Tomax replied.

"We fear the same cannot be said about you." Xamot added.

"You know we would have come"

"If we could."

"I understand." Jerrica said as she bent forward and took their hands. "Father's will tied all our hands." She soothed. "Why did he do that? I mean one day it was like you never existed."

"He disapproved"

"Of how we made our Money."

"You don't need"

"To worry about that." They said as they gave her hands a tug pulling her over so that she was between them.

"We are here now." They chorused as they moved so Jerrica was hugged between them. "We'll take care of everything." They murmured against her temple. For some reason Jerrica wasn't comforted.

"The twins are back." Aja stated calmly as she set the phone back on its cradle.

"I suddenly remembered a job out of town." Rio said as he turned on his heel towards the door only to be spun back around by Shana's grip on the elbow.

"Knock it off." She ordered. "I highly doubt their going to hurt you …again."

"I don't see why they bothered coming back." Kimber muttered.

"The codicil ran out." Aja said absent mindedly as she headed for the couch. "I also think they are making up for lost time."

"What do you mean?" Kimber asked as she trailed after her.

"They are trying to bankrupt Stinger Sound." Aja explained as she opened sat down.

"Excuse me but who are the twins?" Raya asked.

"Uncle Xamot and Uncle Tomax." Came from behind her she turned to see Ashley and some of the other Starlight Girls standing in the doorway.

"Uncle?" Raya asked.

"As far they are concerned the girls are Jerrica's daughters." Shana explained "And spoiled them accordingly."

"Maybe it would be better if I left." Raya suggested.

"Not on our"

"Account we hope."

"Uncle Xamot, Uncle Tomax." The Starlight girls cried as they swarmed the two new comers followed by the other holograms leaving Raya and Rio alone on the other side of the room.

"Tomax, Xamot." Aja greeted as she glided through the foster girls to slip her arms through theirs. "I would like you to meet Raya." She said as she led them over to the pink haired drummer. "And you both remember Rio." She added.

"Pacheco," they dismissed as they moved forward to take Raya's hands.

"So you" Tomax started.

"Are the" Xamot continued.

"Newest member"

"Of our little"

"Family." They said as they each kissed her hand leaving poor Raya feeling like she was in the middle of a tennis match.

"Alright you two let her breath." Aja said as she pushed her way between them. "Now tell us what you have been up to. And just what you are playing at with Raymond."

"Revenage, what else?" they replied. "Though how we seem to be getting the added bonus of seeing just how good Jerrica has gotten." They added as they escorted Aja and Raya to the couch "What do you say little sister, winner gets Stinger Sound?"

"Your on." Jerrica replied.