Chapter 4

Author Note: Ok all opinions are my own I love these characters but they have issues.

Jerrica was only mildly surprised when several members of Gi Joe were admitted into her office, the next afternoon, she had expected them earlier. "Can I help you?" she asked as she came around the desk.

"Ms. Benten, I am Flint and this is Lady Jaye, Shipwreck, and Roadblock. We are here concerning a meeting you had with the CEOs of Extensive Enterprises yesterday. What little we witnessed seemed to be aggressive." One of the men explained as he touched his fingers to his beret.

"Slight disagreement between siblings." Jerrica replied as she gestured for them to sit down.

"Your claim those menaces as kin?" Roadblock asked.

"I have no illusions about my foster brothers." Jerrica replied. "My father took them in around the time I was elven."

"We thought they had grown up out of country." Lady Jaye stated.

"They probably did the twins were always driving my father nuts by running a way." Jerrica explained "but that didn't keep us from welcoming them back when they returned." She added as she got up and grabbed a couple pictures off her mantel. She handed them to the Joe's, one showed Jerrica and her sisters with the twins interspaced, while the other showed the twins buried in a pile of young girls.

"Who are the kids?" Flint asked as they handed the pictures back.

"My foster girls I took over the home once my father died." Jerrica replied.

"What I am most curious about is why we have never seen you dames around before?" Shipwreck asked.

"When we were about eighteen my father threw them out, even put a codicil in his will that they couldn't have any contact with us for four years after his death." Jerrica replied. "He never told us why."

"Your brothers are linked to an international terrorist organization." Flint said.

"Oh, god," Jerrica said covering her mouth with her hand. "as if the rumors weren't bad enough."

"What rumors?" Lady Jaye asked.

"While my father never told us directly we always thought we knew the reason." Jerrica said. "You have to understand after my mother died my father started to put more and more responsibility on me and my sisters. The twins made us safe they brought us money and protected us from people who thought they could prey on a bunch of foster girls with an absent minded parent, granted they did tend to go overboard."

"They threw my boyfriend Rio down a flight of stairs after we had a fight." Jerrica started. "My father's business partner hit on one of my sisters and then nearly ran him down with a car. There was also a rather believable rumor that they beat one of Shana's boyfriends to death when he tried to push the issue. And of course we heard about the franchise scam but terrorism."

"What were the three of you arguing about yesterday?" Flint asked as he took a hold of Jerrica's hands.

"The codicil ran out and instead of simply walking up to our front door and knocking or inviting us all to dinner, they decided to bankrupt my business rivals." She explained as she pulled away and went to the window facing Stinger Sound. "Raymond my father's old business partner is part owner that probably made it the whole situation sweeter for them."

"Isn't that good for you I mean with them out of business." Roadblock suggested.

"Problem is I agreed to help Eric raise the money to pay them off. The problem is the contract I had him sign has penalty clauses in it to try and keep the more destructive members of Stinger's Sound's bands." Jerrica explained. "With the twin's involvement this has become a contest between the two of us. The end goal being that in the end one of us would own that company."

"Still not seeing a problem." Flint stated as he moved to stand next to her.

"Their toxic, don't get me wrong the bands they manage are truly talented and worth the effort to promote. Just the way everything is run and handled I would essentially have to start from the bottom up that's not even taking the two main bands into account." Jerrica burst out. "The Misfits and the Stingers two of that companies greatest assets and they are complete unredeemable as people, well save Stormer." She ranted.

"Don't hold back babe let it all out?" Shipwreck encouraged.

"Do not get me started. Raymond and the Misfits from day one have done everything they can to destroy ever thing I touch. Do you know they called child services on me? Pizzazz and her crew just want attention and if they don't get it they idea of a proper response is to destroy everything in the area and or create life threatening situation. I am half afraid I will be losing them to criminal charges." She said as she started to pace and fling her hands towards the company next door. "Eric wants money and his own records company this one for some odd reason. I think it's because I not only won it out from under him but that I am a woman. I am going to have to hire extra security for the ticket booths to keep him from skimming." She said "Ten to one that telescope of his is pointed right at us." She said. Lady Jaye skirted around her to find a way to close the drapes. "Don't bother it will just make them more suspicious, which is how I am going to spend the next four months thanks in part to Riot and Stingers, those three are as accomplished con artist as they are musicians. Rapture in particular if she isn't on stage she is looking for her next mark, mystic themes are her favorites, she actually posed as the Oracle of Delphi." She stated as if she expected disbelief, the Joe's just made understanding faces. "Then there is Minx who makes home wrecking an Olympic sport, she attracts men like flies and then uses and disposes of them accordingly. Then there is Riot the narcissistic man whore, he is the self-proclaimed Adonis of Rock and expects to be treated as such, when he is after something he could talk you out of your shoes. When he wasn't he could crush you with a look and makes you bleed with a word, actually makes him a good business man, but god can he cling to an idea and a grudge."

"How long have you been holding that in?" Shipwreck asked as Jerrica seemed to sag.

"Almost three years, you see I am the Twins opposite. While we grew up you went to them when you were desperate and wanted action, you went to me for forgiveness and understanding when you needed your mistakes fixed without any damage." Jerrica explained as she made her way to the sofa. "I am not supposed to hold a grudge or say a mean word. I am every ones agony aunt and ideal mother, sister, hell wife even. Ever bodies favorite doormat." She said with a sigh. "I am sorry, you didn't want to hear all that." She apologized.

"Ain't nothing." Roadblock said as he sat next to her. "We all need to vent time to time. When did you last settle back and let the time go by."

"Before my father died." She replied with a smile.

"Miss. Benton." Her secretary voice came from the intercom.

"Excuse me." Jerrica said as she pulled herself together and went over to her desk. "Yes, Joanie?" She asked

"Your sisters are here." She replied.

"Thank you." Jerrica replied, "If we are through?" she asked as she gestured to the door.

"Of course." Lady Jaye said as she passed her on the way to the door giving her shoulder a squeeze.

Jerrica held the door open as the Joes filed past her and her sisters filed in. She turned as the door shut behind her to face her sisters. "Apparently our brothers are terrorists."

Several hours and a conference room a floor down

"Terrorist?" Eric asked.

"International even." Jerrica replied as she stared around the conference table everyone involved was present Misfits, Stinger, Holograms, and Rio all seated around the table. "Alright as I am sure everybody is aware of what is going on and what is at stake here." Jerrica began "For the next four months we will have to work together to earn the necessary money to pay back Tomax and Xamot. If we don't there won't be a Stinger Sound they will either piece it out or use it as a front.

"What do you have in plan?" Minx asked.

"We need to get every resource and every favor that any of us have complied together in time for a meeting tomorrow we are going to need to move fast." Jerrica replied. "You all brought tour schedules right?" Jerrica asked.

"Right here." Eric said as he slid a folder across the table to her.

"Why do you need our schedules anyway?" Pizzazz asked as she settled back into her chair.

"I want see where everybody is going to be." Jerrica replied "And maybe see if we can sneak in some combined shows as well." as she flipped through the sheets in the file.

"You know." Kimber said. "Now is a great time to do a mix record."

"What do you mean ducks?" Jetta asked leaning in.

"I mean that a couple of the highest rated songs we all have done are ones that combine members of different bands together. Stormer's and my record is a great example of that we did at least two pressing." Kimber explained. "I don't know about Stormer I have several songs that would be better suited to you guys as opposed us." She continued with Stormer nodding along with a shrug.

"While we won't be able to get it by the deadline, but if we advertise is right we can make a bundle on presales to stores and early release singles." Eric added.

"The royalties from them will also ensure that we get some form of profit out of this venture." Jerrica chipped in jotting a note down. "So Kimber, Stormer, and.. who is the writer for the Stingers?" she asked.

"I am." Riot replied meeting Stormer's eyes.

"Alright then can the three of you get together soon and comb your lists see if you can get a couple records roughed out." Jerrica replied without looking up. "We should be able to get at least three records out of this."

"Three?" Roxy asked.

"One for the Holograms, the Stingers, and the Misfits, if we decide to focus on leads alone we could bring it up to six." Jerrica replied looking up, meeting Eric's speculative gaze.

"Twins don't come by it naturally do they?" Eric asked, Jerrica simply smiled.

"Does anyone else have any ideas?" she asked.

The Same Day at Cobra Command

"What do you mean you're unavailable?" Cobra Commander shrieked as he pounded on the console containing the monitor phone.

"Just that my dear Commander, my services have been secured for the next four months by the twins." Zartan stated from the console. "The Dreadnoks will be available occasionally I won't need them much on this job and if I do it will be on a moments so don't send them far from California." Zartan continued.

"But I need you now!" was the commander's response.

"You can't have me now." Zartan replied.

"Are you aware that the two of you sound like a pair of teenagers?" Destro suddenly asked from behind the console.

"How dare you spy on me?" the Commander shrieked as he spun towards the metal faced man.

"Who is spying you are load enough to be heard out in the corridor." Destro snapped back gesturing to a door partially hidden by the console. "Now what exactly has you in such a bother commander?"

"Zartan has just informed me that he and his Drednoks cannot assist us with the Paris plan because he has been booked solid for the next for months by the twins." The commander replied. "We have rules about monopolizing resources!" he shrieked.

"Which is broken regularly," Destro replied. "Can you tell us anything about this job Zartan?"

"The twins are competing with their sisters over a company. They want me to follow and sabotage 'safely' their plans." Zartan replied lazily.

"Tomax and Xamot have sisters." Destro stated.

"Yes, four of them and none of them look alike." Zartan replied.