This is my own sequel to A Letter from Anya to Oz.

Dedicated to AMZ, as she asked me specifically to write Oz's reply.

DISCLAIMER: Once there was a guy named Joss who created a show called Buffy the Vampire
Slayer. He made a mess of things when some his best talent left for a spin-off
called ANGEL. Unfortunately, a legion of adoring fans have so swelled his
head, that he can admit to doing no wrong. The deed to these shows is held
by 20th Century Fox. I also mention a character from a show that I believe
is owned by Warner Bros.

Dear Anya:

Congratulations. I hope you'll be able to announce your engagement soon.

I was saddened when Xander told me Buffy had died. So it's good to know
she's back, even under these circumstances.

1. I think Xander needs to ask me himself. Also unless I have plenty of
notice it may be difficult for me to get away. You see things have changed
since Xander wrote last.

I was just getting by. Trying to perfect my control and not doing much
else. Sort of a Transcendental Slacker, if you will. The one thing blocking
control was I didn't know what I'd do with it, when I got it.

That changed September 11. Anya, I know you're over 1000 years old and
have probably seen and did all sorts of horrible things. But, growing up
on the Hellmouth had given me a blase attitude. I thought I had seen it
all. I was wrong.

I was living in upstate New York with my Sansei, an cop turned Shao Lin
priest, when he got a flash. He felt the "disturbance in the force" so
to speak and so we headed toward Manhattan. We didn't know what it was
at first until we turned on the van's radio.

One of the reasons Pete was such a great mentor to me was his personality.
Although, he was raised in a ShaoLin temple, he was separated from his
father for many years believing him dead. During these years he developed
street smarts and was eventually adopted by a police officer.

He grew up to become a cop until he was united with his father who encouraged
him to recover his ShaoLin roots. As such, he's a good blend of East and
West. Also, he's by nature a more temperamental person than I am.

Perhaps that's why I didn't get as much help from those monks in Tibet.
I had trouble dealing with my anger with how the Tibetans were treated
by the Red Chinese. I guess I'll never be Richard Gere.

Peter Cain is not by nature calm and even-tempered. His own struggles to
keep a lid on his temper I think have been helpful to my control issues.
So oddly the fact that he had a hard time checking his anger at the devastation,
was very comforting to me.
It was difficult to find our way to the site. You could see the burning
for miles. But roads were closed and everything.
I had to Park the Van several blocks away and we walked. Pete apparently
had some acquaintances on the NYPD from his cop days and they let us help.
While Pete assisted the Needy, I attempted to sniff out any survivors among
the rubble.

This was when I had my epiphany. The hijackers were living to die. They
were already dead, seeking death as a release. And I knew I too had been
like that. There were others giving their lives that day but they were
dying to live. The firefighters put their lives on the line, many ultimately
losing them to rescue people to save lives. Hundreds of firefighters gave
their lives to save thousands of people. There were what 19 hijackers,
and maybe some them didn't even know the full plan. I think those numbers
say a lot.

It was then I found my focus. I guess it was the biggest burning bush of
all time. I said my goodbyes to Pete and signed up for FDNY. It's been
tough going and very stressful, but I found my true calling. I can use
the wolf to help save lives. Maybe someday, I'll be a weredalmatian. OK,
forget I wrote that.

But as you know the fire department is very shorthanded right now. So I'll
need advance notice to get the time off. But if Xander wants me and I can
swing it, I'll be there.

2. I'm 98% sure. Have a trank gun handy just in case.

3. I really can see how you and Cordelia would get along. I wouldn't advise
asking Cordelia without talking to Xander first. If you're really worried
that there's still something unresolved between Xander & Cordelia, then
you need to confront it.

You realize that if Cordy agrees I'm going to have be there. I mean there
are some things that you just can't walk away from. Oh, maybe it's just
me but that Vampire Willow thing (which I believe you were responsible for)
was the first time Willow every questioned her sexuality. (Which makes
sense, when a girl spends most of her life lusting after one boy, you tend
to think she's straight. Strangely enough, the Vampire Willow seemed mostly
interested Xander in too. I don't know why being interested in Xander is
supposed to make you gay. I guess it's a good thing I have no interest
in Xander.) At the time, the only girl I thought she showed any attraction
to at all was Cordelia. Like I said this should make things interesting.

Oh, when you talk to Cordy, tell her I'm sorry about Doyle. I really hadn't
heard what happened until I ran into Detective Lockley in NYC. (Tell Angel
she's fine.)

4. I've always been partial to Crab Puffs myself. Maybe you should have
some Kosher delicacies just in case Willow is in a Kosher mood.

5. I don't know. I'm still saving Money to get a new guitar. Currently,
I'm playing a trombone in the Fireman's band.

I don't know about a Dingoes reunion. I don't want to get Devon's hope
up. I remember the last time I was in town. I wanted to hear the words
"Never Leave Me." Just not from him.

6. OK. No. I mean you were just doing your job. I guess. But it makes
me want to smack Uncle Ken upside the head. How could even think about
leaving someone as cool as Aunt Mo. You know sometimes I wish she was my

It's almost oddly fitting that my problems are rooted in lust and betrayal.
Like a biblical curse.

7. My funds are a bit tight right now. I know Xander. He'd love a FDNY
cap. I guess that wouldn't appeal to you, though. I think I can swing
a $25 gift certificate. Tell me what store you'd like.

8. Uh, OK. False Hope is bad for the soul. I really didn't get a good
chance to evaluate the blonde girl. What's her name by the way? I think
it had something to with Gone with the Wind. Ashley? Bluebell? Topsy?

By the way, tell Buffy I said that Willow wouldn't have been allowed to
pull Buffy out of whereever she was, it was if she didn't have a reason
to be here.

From what I hear, Faith's in prison and the world still needs the Slayer.
I know what it's like to lose heaven. I know what it's like to feel life
is hell. But you need to find your strength in the people who are alive
because of you. Maybe only then can you be at peace.