This was written mainly because I was bored...
It's not the best of quality!

Meh. It keeps me occupied.


DISCLAIMER: Kinda obvious, but I don't own cats, or any of the affiliated characters.

'You gonna get up, lay-zee-bones?'

Demeter groaned as her older sister landed with a thump on her stomach.

'Not with you sitting on me, you big silly.'

Bombalurina regarded her tousled fur and slightly-squashed face. Demeter stared right back at her. She looked perfect, as usual. That queen could waltz through a thunderstorm, numerous mud puddles and a little-girl-cuddle and still look like a showcat. She rolled out of the basket gracefully.

'About time you were a-wakin'. I've got some daince moves a-makin'.'

'Terrible, Bomba.'

'The accent needs work, doesn't it?'

'It needs forgetting.'

The crimson kit aimed a false whack at the gold. This was how every night began for the two queens. Whoever got up first could annoy the other, groggier cat. Sisterly love in action.

Demeter rubbed sleep from her eyes gingerly. 'I don't suppose you've got food?'

'Your turn to go hunting.'

'Phooey. I hunted last night.'

'Yeah, but you didn't get anything.'

The girls had a nightly arrangement going. One would go out in search of a mouse or some similar delicious tidbit, the other was free to visit friends or practice song and dance.
Bomba was already getting good at singing- she didn't need any more practice. Demeter was convinced she shouldn't be the one to hunt. Her thoughts were interrupted by a swipe from a red tail.

'Ah-hem? Demeter?'

She gave in. 'I'm going, I'm going.'

Together they slid through the catflap, into the cool night air.
Bomba immediately struck up a pose, beginning her vocal warm-ups.
Demeter squeezed through a gap in the fence, heading out alone.