I just want to say here that I do like dogs, really I do, but the point of this is that Jellicles don't.

I realise a 'Pom' would be one of those big noble-looking dogs that I love, and I'm sorry about describing them as slobbering incompetents.

Apologies dog-lovers! (Soz lavie...)

Demeter was hardly aware of the battle with the dogs. She didn't recognise the cat that came to her aid, either. Through foggy vision she saw green eyes, looking upon her with kindness, none of the lust that had been ever-present with Macavity.

She immediately put her trust in him.

Her staggering gait was supported by his strong stride as they moved away from Macavity's calls. The safety she felt with this new cat didn't stretch so far as to relieve her fear of the monster that had kept her captive. She wanted to get as far away as possible from that cat.

As if in response to her thoughts, kind-green-eyes sped up a little. They were reaching the wooded area. She felt grass under her paws, a welcome change from the gunge and scum she'd been subjected to in her prison. A spasm racked her body when she stood on a stone tapered to a brutally sharp point. Kind-green-eyes stopped to let her recover. The supporting frame of kind-green-eyes increased as they waded through the pond. Although it was swirled with mud and grasses, the cold water washed off a good deal of the grime attached to her golden and black striped coat. The cool feel of the slight ripples slapping her face gently awoke her senses to thier former state. That's when she heard the cackle. The sound she alone could recognise. For the first time, she spoke his name aloud.


Kind-green-eyes whirled to face the unseen enemy, and in doing so, let go of Demeter. She sank helplessly below the waterline. Weeds dragged at her legs, inviting her deeper, into the dark abyss. For once she fought the darkness. Thrashing wildly, she made numerous bids to break the surface. None succeeded. The water became a tempest, all of a sudden swirling around her, pulling her down.
Demeter thought it was the end.

But then Kind-green-eyes was there, hauling her out onto the dry bank. He was hurt, bleeding down one side of his face. She coughed up murky water. She wanted to help him with his cut, but whatever strength she had drawn from adrenaline was gone. Those green eyes looked down at her.

'You okay?'

She coughed up more water. His paw was right there to support her. She smiled up at him.

'It's alright. I promise, I'll keep you safe. I'm Munkustrap. What's your name?'

Free at last from pondwatery lungs, she could speak. 'Demeter.'

Her name was Demeter.

It sounded pretty, Munkustrap thought. Another thought crept sneakily into his head. That's not all that's pretty about her. Those sweet eyes had been just a clue to what lay beneath the layers of filth that were now stripped away. Her coat was lovely- gold with black stripes, and a cute white bib.

Quickly, Munku snapped his thoughts back to the task at hand. Getting the- Demeter- home.

Macavity's appearance at the pond had been brief, but the message was clear. I can beat you. Don't think you have a chance against me.He had stayed long enough to get in a harsh blow, then scarpered, most probably to plot the next attack. Munkustrap wondered how many more he would have to endure before he got Demeter home.

He could feel blood dripping from somewhere and his body was riddled with bruises, but none of that mattered. His own need were secondary to Demeter's.

Again he asked her if she could walk. The result was much the same as before- a sort of loping motion caused by him keeping Demeter upright. They emerged from the park without further hassle. His confidence rose. It wasn't much farther- just a couple of streets.

They were painfully close when he struck again. Munkustrap could see the gate to her house as he was thrown to the ground.

'Run!' He called to Demeter. If he had to fight, then he would. But he had promised Demeter that he'd keep her safe.

Macavity hit him hard across the flank. Munkustrap retaliated with a swipe to the leg. A headshot made Munku's vision blur, but went for another whack anyway. It missed the mark, swinging wide and serving only to tangle himself in his own tail. The ginger tom hit him again and again, merciless in victory. He felt himself losing strength and courage. Twotails were now entwining his body, strapping his paws close and rendering them useless. Two tails, one grey, one ginger. In sudden inspiration, Munkustrap pulled hard on the orange mange that was Macavity's tail. It flipped the cat over. He landed a few blows, none of them as devastating as his own wounds, but still quite painful for the Hidden Paw to stand. Somehow Macavity got up and continued the fight.

Munkustrap saw Demeter's back leg disappear over her fence. He heard a squeal of delight/relief from Bombalurina. The he heard one of the most familiar sounds to his ears- that of his little brother running.

Bleeding and dazed, Munku smiled at his opponent. A dull thud heralded the timely arrival of The Rum Tum Tugger- his arrival right into Macavity's spine. The Maine Coon then showed one of the many reasons behind his name. He tugged at the ginger tail repeatedly while Munku managed to batter Macavity's head. Maybe the younger toms would have won were it not for Macavity's hidden talents. He squirmed out of their grip, and, just like that, vanished.

Munkustrap near collapsed out of pure fatigue. Tugger grabbed him just before he overbalanced.

A mischievous glint lit his eyes. In his best Munku-voice, he mimicked,

'Come on, Munku. I think you should go home.'