A Bloody Knight

By ILoveTea

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Chapter 8

"Detective Flack?" A female voice called his name.

Flack turned around to find an elegant woman standing before him. He was captivated by a pair of beautiful brown eyes. He opened his mouth, but no sound came, so he just nodded his head. The woman introduced herself as Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy and she asked to speak with him in private. He showed her an empty interrogation room. She reluctantly entered and sat on a chair.

She let out a nervous laugh. "This is not what I had in mind, but I guess this will do."

Flack, who finally found his voice, expressed his apologies and asked whether she would like some refreshment. She declined. Flack sat opposite his guest and inquired why she wanted to see him.

"I'm sure you already know that my husband had asked your superior officers to keep this case low profile. We don't want any unwanted attention towards our family." She paused. "But I need to know what really happened and what I should tell my sister."

Flack cleared his throat. "You may be aware that we had arrested Mary Crawford. We will charge her on second degree murder. We found evidence that put her in the same room as George Wickham when he fell. We also have her signed confession."

"What was her motive? Why would she kill George?"

"Apparently while he was planning his marriage with your sister, Wickham also had, not just one, but two affairs. He had sexual relationships with Penny Sheperd and Mary Crawford. According to Crawford's statements, Wickham was going to end the affairs because he didn't want your sister to find out. He couldn't risk jeopardizing his connection to the Darcy family."

Mrs. Darcy was clearly stunned. "So, he was after our money. He wanted to marry Lydia because of his greed, not out of love?"

Flack nodded. "Apparently so."

"Is that why that woman killed George?" Mrs. Darcy asked the detective.

Flack shook his head. "She claimed she didn't intentionally kill him. They had a fight and she accidentally pushed him. He fell right on to the sword."

Mrs. Darcy was silent for a moment. She then rose from her chair and shook Flack's hand. "Thank you, Detective. I trust that you will not leak the details of this case to the media? My sister already has had enough emotional blows. I don't want her to watch the 6 o'clock news that George had affairs with her friends."

Flack gave her a reassuring smile. "I promise to do my best, Ma'am."

After Mrs. Darcy left the room, Flack flopped back down against his chair and thought of what a lucky man William Darcy had been.



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