Another Night With You


Before you read this story, I don't have a clue what's coming next after this chapter, to be honest, I haven't even thought or written it, all I got is some moments that I wanna stick down for you guys. For this, I had sort of an Urban runner sort of thing and ninja' theme for it. Also, Profanities warning, I do use some colourful words at times. And last but not least, my grammer, spelling and punctuation. I will try my best to have it correct but, I am no where near perfect :) (P.s I do not own any of the characters) p.s I'm Very sorry if it looks bunched together! I've changed it so many times putting gaps in, but fanfiction keeps clumping it back up!

Also, some things to take note of:

Bold and italics: Flashbacks

Italics: What they say in their mind

"Regular writing in speech commas": Somebody talking

7am Cagalli' POV

The sound of an alarm blaring through the morning silence woke me from my slumber. Lifting up the regular arm to slam down at the top of the alarm clock failed as I winced and gasped sharply at the pain in my right shoulder.

"Damn that Son of a Bitch! I let my guard down way to much!" Focusing on using my left side only, I sat up slammed my left fist on top of the alarm which silenced immediately. Then taking a deep breath I placed my hand over the wounded shoulder and thought about the past night…

My breath ragged on as I sprinted across the roof, the gravel from the surface being kicked up behind me and falling back to the sea of stones. My footsteps echoed behind me as my opponent was not far behind. Looking ahead, I had two options; One: to leap off the roof and catch the drain pipe of the next building and climb up with the risk of being attacked; or Two: Spin around and face him head on…Hmmm, hard decision that was. Using the rest of my strength, I leaped towards the ledge and pushed off spinning into his direction whilst pulling out my katana. He mimicked my movements and the blades clashed together. Pushing against each others blades, it was clear who would win if it comes down to brute strength. With a low grunt he exerted force through his arms and pushed me away causing me to leap into the air. That was my chance. I reached to the strap on my left thigh and took off 3 shurikan and without looking at him, launched them off in his direction…

And that was my mistake. I had only realised what he was doing when I had released the stars from my hand. He must have had the same thing in mind as he had also threw some stars of his own towards me, one star colliding with the other, that left 2 coming towards me with no time to block, my only instinct was to pull my right side back in hopes of dodging the star which failed. The one star came soaring passed and sliced the top of my right shoulder. I squeezed the injury in reflex to the memory which only brought me to think about the previous night again…

Landed to the ground ungracefully, clutching my right shoulder. Staggering around to gain balance I looked up to him on one knee clutching his ankle. He too was breathing heavily, his midnight blue hair ruffled and his emerald eyes piercing into mine. Looking closely to his ankle, I could see one of my own stars lodged in. I mentally cheered at myself for actually hitting him without looking, but in return gaining yet another scar from that bastard. We both continued to stare at each other, holding our injuries. I looked over to the horizon and the sun was beginning to rise, it must have been about 4:30am. Damn, that meant being out here fighting for four and a half hours. He followed my gaze and realised dawn was fast approaching.

"How about we call it a night?" His deep voice reaching my ears caused me to swivel my head towards his direction again. He was wincing and still breathing heavily. "We can finish this another night." Looking at my shoulder, I was losing blood fast. I was better off leaving and getting myself patched up. But, with him down on one knee like that, I could probably take him on and finish him. But, with daylight hours approaching fast and not wanting to underestimate him, I thought better of it and nodded my head in agreement. We both turned our back cautiously and retreated back…

Standing in front of the mirror, I looked at my body using my fingers to trace the scars that had formed. Right side on the bottom of my ribs. Middle of my left thigh. My left arm and just below my right collarbone. Each scar was from the same person and he had added yet another to his collection. Again, I cursed that son of a bitch for getting to me.

Athrun' POV

After finally losing sight of her, I collapsed down to my knees, clutched my ankle tightly and cursing the blonde. There was no way I'd be able to make it home without causing more damage to myself, so there was only one option. Pulling out my cell phone, I brought up the touchable keyboard and pressed and tapped in N-I and called the first number that popped up. Feeling exhausted, I leaned back till my back hit the gravel. The feeling of all my back muscles relaxing and my spine stretching out slowed my whole body down. Placing the phone to my ear and listening to the low ringing, I waited patiently until the phone was picked up and the sound of fumbling and groaning greeted me.

"Hello?" A tired voice tried to stifle a yawn

"Nicol, I need you to pick me up"

"Huh? Athrun? What happened?" He sounded more alert and worried now

"Nothing, just my ankle, meet me at the corner of 5th Avenue." Wanting to end the conversation quickly failed when he replied

"Did she get you again?" I could feel his smirk through the phone and sulked inwardly. My silence must have answered a yes for him as I could hear his light chuckle and say he'd be here in 2 minutes.

Ending the call, I looked up to the dawning sky and sighed. "Nicol was going to have another field day about this. I hated to say it but…Damn that, Bitch-again".

Sitting on the edge of my bed, I ran a hand through my messy blue hair before carefully standing up and walking to the bathroom with a bandaged ankle. My thoughts cursed the blonde as I walked whilst drifting to the conversation with Nicol as he drove home.

"So, it was her again?"


"Ok…Did you get her back?"

"Of course I did! You think I'd walk away with an injury and leave her unscathed?!" My sudden out burst surprised me more than him. He just grinned and continued to stare at the road ahead.

"So, it was her." He mused. "If you want, the next time you go out, I can come with you to help you take her out?"

"Yeah, and how would that look on me? Two guys taking out one girl. That's not my style. It's bad enough that she's a female at the same ability as me." I looked over to his face waiting for a reply. All I got was him smirking.

Wrapping a towel around my waist, I limped back to my room and stood in front of the mirror. Chiselled chest with a 6 pack of abs didn't look too bad if it weren't for all of the scars, little lines from her handy work with the katana, sly bugger, now to top it all off, she messes up my ankle on the first day of school. But that's what I get for spending another night her.

Thank you for reading. I'd really appreciate some ideas and just a little heads up to if you like the urban runner/ninja thing.

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