Another Night With You


Very sorry for a very late update. I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with this story or not. I am trying to work out a plot and i think I might be onto one however please bare with me as this story started of with just some scenes flickering around my head that I wanted to share with fans.

Cagalli POV

After Yzack's explosion we all walked into the main building of the school and I led my siblings towards the main office. Miriallia was with us too gushing about how cool Kira' defensive instincts were and also how he had protected me by pure instinct. Pure instinct my ass, lots of training and ass kicking from coaches made Kira who he is today. My mind drifted back to an old memory as we walked down the corridor.

My body slammed down hard onto the wooden floor, gasping for air my whole body trembled with pain. I lifted my head up a little to see Kira slam onto the floor too. Both shaking, we looked up at our trainer as he stood tall and looked down at us not even breaking a sweat.

"You're both weak. You won't stand a chance against your enemies like this." Turning around, he slowly walked towards the door. Biting my bottom lip, I slowly staggered back up onto all fours before finally pushing myself up to my feet regardless of how much my body screamed out in pain. Panting slightly, I squeezed my fist tighter before charging at him and throwing a punch towards the back of his head. Flawlessly, he ducked without even glancing behind his shoulder and swept a leg towards my feet. Hopping quickly, I was able to narrowly miss them however not the roundhouse kick after towards my stomach. Feeling myself flying towards a wall, I closed my eyes giving up on the fight and bracing for the impact against the wall. Instead of a harsh blow on my back, I felt a cushioned thud. Looking behind, Kira's forehead was resting on my shoulder; he must have thrown himself to break the impact.

"That's enough for today, Cagalli, give it a rest."

It took us a while to finally become of a level where we could give our trainer a hard time, but still, could not beat him just yet. Kira' fighting strength and ability was amazing, no matter how hard I trained I could never beat him in a sparring match. Stellar was a late bloomer but still had plenty to learn.

"Alright, today class we are going to make Spaghetti Bolognese. You will prepare the Bolognese with fresh ingredients which are found on your working areas. Work with your partner and follow the instructions that I have prepared. I will be walking around the class monitoring your culinary skills and will be testing all batches of the sauce. So! Please work hard and don't poison the food!" With a smile he clapped his hands and the class began to chat and a clanging of kitchen equipment was heard.

Kira began peeling the carrots whilst I was tasked to finely chop the celery.

"Anyone in this class that I have to look out for?" Kira asked.

Looking around, I spotted Yzack and Lunamaria working together on our left. Nicol had been working with Lacus, Dearka with Mariallia and finally Athrun with Meyrin.

"Well, you know Mr. Hothead over there with the silver hair, he's Yzack Joule, part of ZAFT. The pinkette working with him is Lunamaria Hawke, she has a sister named Meyrin who is working to the right of us and both of them are bodyguards for ZAFT."

"Bodyguard? Who are they guarding?" Kira asked curiously whilst looking around.

"At the front of the class, there's a boy with green hair and a girl with pink hair, can you see them?" I paused, waiting for Kira to spot them, when he nodded, I continued. Well, the boy isn't the one being protected but need to be warned as he is another ZAFT member, Nicol Amalfi. However, the female is Lacus Clyne." I smiled as Kira' eyes widened in recognition just as mine did the first time I met her.

"Are you serious? She is not safe here! Not only that, if she gets attacked, we're the ones that are going to be accused first!" I smiled sadly at his reply.

There's nothing we can do. She is quite stubborn in a very polite way. Oh, also, the blue haired boy to our right is Athrun Zala." Kira nearly dropped the peeler he was holding and turned to stare at me.

"He's here? Do you know how dangerous that is for you if he's here!" I shushed him immediately as Mr Dacosta was making his way around to our table.

"It's ok! School grounds are off limits. He can't fight us here. Anyway, hurry up with this damn Bolognese, otherwise we won't have anything to give Mr. Dacosta to try."

"Well, Cagalli, it would help if you could chop the celery properly, we need the finely chopped, not huge chunks." He picked up a huge chunk of celery as an example. Before I could reply, Mr. Dacosta announced that he'd be leaving the class for a moment.

"Well, to be honest, Kira, all I want to do it this-"Picking up a smaller piece of celery, I stuck it up one of his nostrils. As I laughed at his expression, he had blown it out of his nose and threw carrot ends at me. I looked at him with a shocked expression as it was his turn to laugh then. Being stubborn as I am, I picked up some other ingredient and threw it back at him. In time this escalated into a miniature food fight at out counter.

As we continued throwing things, I picked up a big handful of carrot peelings and threw them towards him, to my dismay though, he ducked and the pile of peeling managed to travel its way across to a certain blue haired boy.

Athrun POV

As I continued to finely chop the cloves of garlic, I couldn't help but notice a food fight had broken out between Cagalli and her boyfriend. Now and again I would steal glances at them, Cagalli looked happy and had a huge smile on her face as she giggled. I could hear her boyfriend laugh too now and again, although I couldn't see his face as his back was turned.

"I'm going to open up the tinned tomatoes now, Athrun." Meyrin stated. She would inform me of every little thing she was doing. It was annoying a little but, then again, it was better than working in sil-

My train of thought was disrupted as I felt something damp hit my shoulder and my face. Looking down at my left shoulder, I saw carrot peelings. I looked up towards the direction it came in and saw Cagalli still in the end of throw position and with little bits of carrot peelings stuck to her hand. Both her and her partner's eyes were wide.

Brushing the peelings off, I grabbed a handful of chopped garlic in my hand and walked over to her.

"Excuse me." I said to the boy and he smiled and stepped back so that I could get passed. As I approached her, she looked down and started fumbling with her hands.

"Athrun, I'm really sorry! I didn't me-" She stopped with eyes wide in mid sentence as I threw a handful of chopped garlic at her. As she stood there stunned, I coolly walked back to my own working area. Meyrin looked a bit worried. She had finished off opening the tin of chopped tomatoes and emptied them in a bowl.

Picking up my knife, I resumed my work until I felt something else that was thrown at me; celery. Looking to my left again, I saw Cagalli, grinning and tossing a chunk of celery in her hand in the air. Alright, you want to play like that, I will. Taking the bowl of chopped tomatoes that was recently poured out of the tin; I picked up one and threw it towards her. I was a bit disappointed when she dodged and then immediately flinched when I realised who it had hit.

"Alright, which one of you bastards threw a tomato at me?" Yzack screamed. He turned to look in our direction and I saw Cagalli stick her hands up.

"Hey, not me; hands are dry. Plus! Our tomatoes are still in the tin and still sealed." Accepting this, Yzack looked past the pair and straight to me. He looked at the bowl of tomatoes and then to my hand which was dripping with a reddish liquid. Oh, shit.

"ZALA! How dare you thro-"He was cut short by another tomato hitting him. Looking forward he found the culprit; Dearka.

"Chill out, Yzack, it's only a tomato, it'll wash out." Grinning like a Cheshire cat, he tossed another tomato in the air before launching it at me, which missed and hit Meyrin, who's sister burst out laughing, which caused Meyrin to turn red and throw a handful of tomatoes at her sister which spread in the air like a shot gun fire and hit Cagalli, the boy, Yzack and Lunamaria. Everyone was in shock until a shout was heard.


Almost immediately tomatoes flew across the room from all directions. Girls screaming as they were hit and boys cheering as they hit someone, I looked at the front to see Nicol and Lacus at the front of the class staring in awe at the sight in front of them. Everyone was throwing some sort of food but no one noticed when Mr. Dacosta walked back in the room.

"EVERYONE! Say goodbye to your break because you're staying here to clean up this mess!

Cagalli POV

As we walked outside the heavy rain came down relentlessly. If only we didn't have detention, we might have missed the rain. After staring out in the distance, I turned to look at Kira.

"Will you be ok to drive home on the bike in this weather?" I watched him as he looked off in the distance in another direction.

"I'll be back. Just wait here for me, I forgot something in my last class and hopefully, the rain might subside by the time I get back." Without even waiting for my answer he walked off into the rain towards the back of the school.

Lacus POV

The rain continued to pour down as I pushed to the floor roughly. The rain had seeped through my uniform and I began to shiver from the cold and fear. Looking around, Meyrin was lying unconscious on the floor with two assassins standing over her and Luna had been overpowered and had her leg broken. One of the assassins had pulled her hair back roughly and held a katana to her throat. I swallowed hard as the last assassin came towards me raising his katana high. Before the katana fell to strike its blow, he uttered words for the first time.

"Azreal sends his regards."As the katana began to descend, I could hear Luna screaming in defiance. I turned my head away and shut my eyes, waiting for the blow, I felt nothing. Instead I heard the assassin scream in pain. My head shot upwards to see a kunai knife imbedded into his wrist of the hand that held the katana. The force had caused his arm move away from me and his katana to fall a few feet away. He gripped his wounded wrist trying to ease the pain whilst looking at the direction the kunai knife had been thrown in. Following his gaze, I could see in a boy clad in the schools male uniform. Looking more closely, he had brown hair. It couldn't be... Kira? Kira Yamato? His hair dripped with the rain as he stood menacingly tall with narrowed eyes.

"Don't just stand there! GET HIM!" The assassin barked towards the others. The two that stood over Meyrin darted towards his direction. Panic erupted in my stomach once again. No! Kira is not involved!

"RUN, KIRA!" I screamed. I winced in pain as the assassin that held me pulled my hair roughly again. Tears streaked down my face as I imagined Kira' body lying limp on the floor with blood pouring out of his chest. Rain hitting my face, as he held my hair firmly, I opened my eyes and watched Kira from the corner of my eye as the first assassin approached with a katana held high above his head. My eyes widened as I saw Kira give me a small smile. What is he thinking? My mind screamed.

He averted his attention to the first assassin and his face become blank. As the katana descended, Kira stepped forward and lifted his left arm to block the attack. His arm trembled as he stopped the blow from above. Staring the assassin in the eye, he clenched his right fist and punched him in the stomach causing him to keel over. Using this to his advantage, he took the katana out of his hand and kicked him in the stomach. The force of the kick sent him flying backwards and into the second assassin that approached. The first assassin lay on the ground unconscious whilst the other scrambled to his feet and held his katana up in front of him. Kira stood still with the katana up in one hand, glaring at the assassin in front of him. The assassin charged swinging from all directions which Kira in turn, parried flawlessly. The assassin breathed heavily as he stared at Kira, it didn't look like he was tired at all; standing his ground, his face blank and breathing normally through his nose. The second assassin lifted his katana up to charge again, expecting Kira to parry again; he swung the katana downwards with all his strength and came into contact with nothing but air. Kira had side stepped to dodge the attack and the assassin had lost his balance and stumbled forward. Before the assassin could turn around, Kira had already lifted his katana and slammed the back of the hilt into his head knocking him out.

I stared at Kira in amazement, he had knocked the two assassins out in less than 5 minutes and he didn't seem like he even broke a sweat. I scrunched my face in pain as the assassin tightened his grip on my hair and pulled harder.

"Stay away from me or I'll snap her precious little neck!" He snarled towards Kira. His hands held my head tightly and twisted it, preparing to twist my neck for a finishing blow. My heart started to thump harder as Kira started to walk slowly towards me. Tears streaked down my face as I thought about the pain I'd feel when my neck would be snapped. Fear over took my body as I shook violently in anticipation. As I watched Kira coming closer towards us, he dropped the katana and put his hands out to show that he was unarmed. He stopped a few feet away from us and kept his hands up.

"Just let her go." He said coolly. My heart felt like it was thumping as fast as the rain poured from the heavens.

"Stay out of this, boy! You don't have a clue what's going on and have no business here! What's this girl to you anyway?" He shouted. He was panicking too.

"She's nobody to me." I closed my eyes waiting to feel the twist of my neck.

"Nobody? Then why are you here!" Before Kira could reply, I heard a loud crack, my captive cry out in pain and a thud beside me. Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked beside me to see the assassin face down and unconscious. Looking up at Kira, he was still stood a few feet away. Confusion washed over my face as I was dumbfounded as to how Kira had knocked the assassin out. The answer came to me as I felt an arm around my shoulder. I flinched and swivelled my head around to see Cagalli' burning amber eyes wide with concern.

"Miss Lacus! Are you alright?" I stared at her in shock before nodding my head as my voice failed me. Looking at her hand, she held her helmet which had blood on it. She must have hit him on the back of the head to knock him out. She gave me a small smile before dashing off to Meyrin' side and checked that she was still breathing. She must have been breathing as Cagalli proceeded on to place her into the recovery position before rushing to Luna' side.

I continued to sit in the relentless rain and could not move. My eyes still wide from the shock I hadn't realised that Kira had walked over to me until he placed his blazer jacket on my shoulders. I felt immediate warmth in my body as it sheltered me from the rain a bit more. Looking at his face, he had a soft smile with gentle eyes. He wrapped his arms around me and held me to his chest.

"You're safe now." He tightened his hold on me and I felt myself relax and become overwhelmed. Tears started to pour down my face again. Gripping onto his shirt, I shed my tears into his chest as he held me tightly... I had never felt this feeling before, the feeling of safety in another's arms. As my tears subsided, Athrun, Dearka, Nicol and Yzack had just arrived and were all panting from their sprint over. Standing up, Kira held me until he gently nudged me towards their direction. Looking up, I was met with the same warm smile from earlier.

"Go on, you'll be safer with them." He let me go and watched as I slowly walked to Athrun. As I reached him, he placed his hands on my shoulders and lowered his head to my height.

"Are you hurt anywhere? Who did this to you?" He questioned. His eyes were worried but he seemed relieved when I shook my head. Taking Kira's blazer, He pulled it tighter around me and called Nicol and Dearka to accompany me to my car and drive me home. As I walked away with the two boys flanking me at my side, I turned my head back to Kira and Athrun, who seemed to have a staring contest.

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