NOTE: I DO NOT TAKE FULL CREDIT FOR THIS STORY. It started out as a roleplay between me and an IRL friend, Sam, since I love Cardcaptor Sakura and he loves The Legend of Zelda. I wrote all the parts involving CCS characters, may it be their dialogue or their movements, but Sam wrote everything for the Zelda characters. He rightly owns half this story, but as he has no account, I submitted it to mine. He also told me to give credit to the user Firebird-X, whose Zelda stories inspired him greatly and gave him some timeline connections. Enjoy!

Another little note… this takes place just after the Final Judgement, before Sakura met Eriol. She has the Star Wand but can use Clow Cards with it and has no need to transform them into Sakura Cards (work with me here). This is sort of assuming the third season (or last six volumes, manga-wise) never happened. This story is also under the assumption that Link didn't go back in time at the end of Ocarina of Time.


The sun shone brightly over Hyrule Field. A young man in green was walking along a dirt road, humming a tune to himself. What a beautiful day, thought Link, the man in question. No monsters, no power-hungry wizards, and no lost dogs! Noting could possibly rui He was cut off by the sudden appearance of Stalchildren surrounding him. "I guess I spoke too soon," he muttered to himself. "And I left all my weapons in the forest. I need to make a quick exit." Link began to draw on his magical energy and was surrounded by a green light.

"FARORE'S WIND!" In a flash of bright light, Link warped away from the monsters and towards the forest.

"A school field trip! Wow! I wanna go so bad!"

Kinomoto Sakura had never been out of the country except for the time she'd won tickets to Hong Kong, but that had been a few months ago. The announcement of a trip for the entire fifth grade struck her as delightful. Still holding the flyer in her hand, she turned to her best friend, beaming like a little girl in a candy store. "Are you going to sign up, Tomoyo-chan?"

"Of course I'm going if you are, Sakura-chan!" Daidouji Tomoyo gushed, clasping her hands together as her eyes grew sparkly and distant. "I can't pass up a chance for one second to videotape your every move! I'll make a whole new set of outfits for you and everything!"

"T-Tomoyo… chan…" A little sweat drop rested on Sakura's head at the thought. How was she supposed to enjoy the other country with Tomoyo like this all time?! She turned then to another friend, a boy who had kept silent on the topic until now. "Are you going too, Syaoran-kun?"

Li Syaoran blushed at being addressed so plainly by Sakura. If she was going, then so was he, because like Tomoyo, he didn't want to miss a second of Sakura's life. But of course, she couldn't find that out. "I… I guess I'm going too," he said as casually as he could. "If there's some magical problems or something there, you probably won't be able to face it on your own."

To Syaoran's surprise, his insult didn't even register, and Sakura's smile simply grew wider. "That's great! I'm so glad you're coming too, Syaoran-kun!"

Syaoran's face grew even redder. She was happy to have him around?! "T-thanks… S-Sakura…"

This would be an interesting trip, assuredly.

Link strolled through the Lost Woods Towards Kokiri Village. The Woods had a calming effect on him, and no matter how many times he walked through it, he would always notice something new and wonderful that may have been there for hundreds of years without anyone giving it a second thought. The village itself was different, but in a good way. The Kokiri had their own way of life that was so different from anything Link had ever seen outside the forest. The only other place that Link ever truly felt at home was Lon Lon Ranch, but that was a story for a different time. As he reached the ladder that led up to his tree house, he smiled fondly at a drawing of a dinosaur that he had scribbled onto the side of the tree when he was little. Once inside his house, he grabbed his bomb bag, bow and arrows, hookshot, and of course, the Ocarina that Saria had given to him when he first left the woods to start his adventure. It was then that he noticed a letter on his table. Taking note of the royal seal, he opened it immediately.

Noble Hero of Time,

You are hereby invited to tonight's royal banquet in celebration of Hyrule's freedom from Gannondorf.


Princess Zelda

Link groaned. He knew that Zelda was making fun of him. He and Zelda had a strong brother-sister-type relationship, far from the popular belief that they were romantically involved. "I guess I should get going then," mumbled Link. He left his house and walked out of the forest, unaware of the new adventure that lay ahead of him.

"I'm home!"

Sakura unstrapped her skates and hung them from a peg on the wall as she sauntered into her house after school. Since she was the sole person there (her father and Toya were both at work), Kero had free reign to whatever part of the house he wanted instead of being confined to Sakura's bedroom. He gladly flew into the hall to greet her.

"Heeyyy, kiddo! Did you bring me snacks?" Kero's beady eyes were lit up with greed, and Sakura couldn't help laughing.

"No, silly," she giggled, giving him a little pat to the head. Kero sure had a one-track mind.

Kero sighed, his posture drooping in disappointment. "Oh…"

"But guess what!" Sakura added quickly, in an attempt to change the subject to something more uplifting. Kero deprived of his sweets could be a very scary thing. "The fifth grade has a program where you can go on a field trip to another country, and Tomoyo-chan and Syaoran-kun and I are going! You can hide in my backpack and come along if you want."

Suddenly perky once more, Kero's initial excitement at seeing Sakura come home returned. "Really? I can come?" Sakura nodded. "Then I can eat as much as I want!" Kero said eagerly. "Whoopee!"

"Kero-chan!" cried Sakura in disapproval. "We're going to appreciate the country's beauty, and to go sight-seeing. We're not going for snacks!"

"Foreign food, foreign food!" Kero was giggling now like a teenage girl. Then suddenly something seemed to occur to him. "Hey, Sakura, what country did you say we were going to again? I hope it has good desserts!"

Sakura frowned, picking her backpack off the floor and reaching inside to find the permission form her father would need to sign. "Hmm… lemme see…" Kero waited patiently while Sakura sounded out the name. "It's called Heer-ooh-lay. Uh... Hyrule or something." She paused. "I've never even heard of it before."

To Sakura's surprise, Kero's expression turned solemn at this knowledge, now deep in thought. "Hyrule… I think Clow took Yue there once… a long, long time ago…"

"Kero-chan?" Sakura piped, suddenly worried. What reason would Clow have to be in Hyrule? This wasn't going to be like Hong Kong, was it?

Finally Kero turned back to Sakura, still with a funeral-worthy look about him. "I remember Clow saying that Hyrule has very good food," he said solemnly.

It took a moment for Sakura to process this.

"Wheeeee! Good food in Hyrule!" cheered Kero, flying around Sakura's head in circles in celebration.

"Kero-chan!" Sakura screeched. "You really had me scared for a minute! Stop being so weird!"

Though in truth, even though it wasn't the most serious topic in the world, it was a nice thing to know.

Link walked out of the forest and back to Hyrule field. He took out his ocarina and played the song that would call Epona to him. Once she arrived, he leaped onto the saddle and galloped off towards Castle Town.

Unfortunately, the market was as crowded as ever with people trying to thank him for saving Hyrule, get his autograph, or give him free things. Zelda probably announced that I would be coming, just to slow me down, he thought. Shaking his head slightly, he started to lead Epona through the crowd. He finally arrived at the castle gate. His friend Rusl was there.

"Why hello there, Link, fancy meeting you here!" said Rusl, trying hard not to laugh at Link's exhausted appearance and the crowd surrounding him.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you, Rusl?" asked Link.

"No more than usual, Link. Go on through." Rusl opened the gate, chuckling to himself. Link practically fell forwards onto castle grounds. He led Epona to the stables himself, despite much protest by the stable hands.

"Hero of Time!" Link turned to see a guard standing at attention. "Please follow me, Hero of Time. I will take you to the banquet hall."

"All right, lead the way then," said Link.

The banquet hall was huge. An incredibly long table with a silver tablecloth was in the center, surrounded by a large amount of chairs. The table settings were, to say the least, shiny, and covered trays with food under them lined the middle of the table. The line of trays was interspersed with bottles of what Link assumed to be wine of some sort, vases of brilliantly colored flowers, and candles.

Link had never felt more out of place.

Zelda was sitting at the head of the table, looking very much in place. Link tentatively sat down in the heavily cushioned seat adjacent to her. "Welcome, noble Hero of Time," said Zelda in an overly royal tone of voice.

Link grinned. Payback time.

"A pleasure as always, Your Royal Highness," said Link, who had stood up from his chair and was now kneeling next to Zelda's chair.

"Get back in your chair, Link!" chuckled Zelda as she playfully slapped his head.

"Ow! Zelda, that hurt!"

"No it didn't, Link."

"But I said that it did. That should count for something, right?" Both of them laughed until more guests arrived and the banquet began.

"Otou-san?" Sakura asked over dinner, pulling out the permission slip from underneath the table. "Could you sign this form for me please?"

"What's that?" Toya asked absently, his mouth full of curry. "Why do you want Dad's autograph?"

Sakura glared at him as Fujitaka read the slip. Finally her father smiled and said, "So, you want to go to this country Hyrule, Sakura-san? It sounds like a great opportunity."

"Can I go?" asked Sakura eagerly, her excitement mounting when she saw Fujitaka nod and get a pen from his pocket to sign the form.

Toya swallowed his curry before looking at his sister with renewed interest. "Hyrule, huh?"

Sakura nodded. "H-hai! Why do you ask?"

Toya shrugged. "I just got a part-time job there today. Weird coincidence, huh? Guess I'll be seeing you in Hyrule, squirt." After which he abruptly went back to his curry.

Sakura's eyes bugged out. "H-hoeeee?" Toya was going to be working in the foreign country when she went? That was odd. But, based on some of the other jobs Toya had taken on, this was actually pretty normal for him. But the one thing that she couldn't get out of her head was that she'd never even heard of Hyrule until today, and now here were so many references to the country all at once! Had it just been founded or something? But then, hadn't Kero said that Clow took Yue to Hyrule? That would have been over 300 years ago. This was indeed a strange situation.

Fujitaka put his pen to the paper and signed his name. Strange or not, Sakura was going to Hyrule.

"So, Link, you should know that a group of international students are coming to visit from Japan," Zelda said casually.

"Oh, that's interesting." Link wasn't really paying attention, since fighting his way through the market had worked up quite an appetite.

"Oh, and by the way, Link, I'm appointing you as their tour guide."

Link almost choked on his food, but managed to force himself to swallow. "Me? Why?!"

"Well, you've explored more of Hyrule than anyone else, so you are the obvious choice."

Link took a few deep breaths. "Fine, but this is a one-time thing, understand?"

"Of course. Did I mention that Lon Lon Ranch is one of the places that you are supposed to take them?"

"Really?" asked Link, trying his best to hide the excitement in his voice. He didn't do a very good job, because Zelda started giggling. "What's so funny?"

"You're so excited to see Malon that you don't care about being a tour guide."

"That's not it!" declared Link, whose face had turned red at the mention of Malon. "I just… um… I really like the scenery at the ranch."

"Whatever you say, Link."

Link grumbled to himself and resumed his meal. "When do the students get here?"

"Tomorrow at around noon, so you should have some time to prepare a tour route of sorts." Zelda was acting as if nothing had happened. After the banquet, Link rode back to the forest. As soon as he lay down on his bed, he was asleep.

"C'mon, Syaoran-kun! Hurry up!"

Syaoran blushed and tightened his grip on the carry-on bag under his arm. "O-okay, Sakura." He'd been lagging slightly behind, watching the way Sakura moved as she walked, dreaming of confessing in a beautiful garden in Hyrule under the stars. He quickened his pace, and in a few moments he was standing beside her.

Sakura smiled warmly, a grin so bright that it made Syaoran's heart flutter just thinking about it. "I'm so glad you're coming, Syaoran-kun."

Tomoyo, on Sakura's other side, was in paradise. As they walked along the airport halls, she had her video camera on and recording, that warm smile now captured forever on tape for Tomoyo to treasure. She could see the chemistry between Sakura and Syaoran clearly, as if the two had been dating for years: the way she talked to him, the way he looked at her, the way the two of them were always there for one another. Unfortunately, the only one that couldn't see it was Sakura.

"Are we there yet? I'm starving!"

"AUGH, KERO-CHAN!" Sakura screeched as a muffled voice came from inside her handbag. Passersby started to stare at the commotion she was making. Sakura blushed and waved them away. "It's… it's nothing! Heheh…"

"But I'm so bored," Kero complained, far more loudly than Sakura would have liked. "And I can already taste Hyrule's cakes in my mouth!"

"Shut up, Kero-chan," Sakura muttered, though really, she was looking forward to Hyrule's cakes too.

"Maybe we can go to a café or something once we get there, Sakura-chan," Tomoyo said, beaming as always.

"Hai!" Sakura agreed. She turned to her other side. "What do you think, Syaoran-kun?"

She wanted his opinion! "Uh, I'd go to a café if you want to," he muttered, looking at his toes so Sakura wouldn't see the crimson color creeping up his ears.

"I'm glad!" Sakura said happily. "I wouldn't want to go if you didn't want to."

Syaoran smiled meekly. "S-Sakura—"

"OY! KINOMOTO! DAIDOUJI! LI!" The voice of Terada-sensei snapped them back to reality. "HURRY UP OR WE'LL MISS OUR PLANE!"

Several students giggled. Looking up ahead, the threesome realized that they were indeed lagging behind.

"Hai!" Sakura called back, grabbing Tomoyo's hand and hurrying forward. Her hair flew behind her as she ran, her skirt swirling around her legs, her laugh bouncing gleefully down the hallway to where it met Syaoran's ears. He could have stood here and watched her forever.


"Hai!" Syaoran squeaked. And with a little flutter of his heart he ran after her.

Link yawned and stretched as he got out of bed the next morning. He had a quick breakfast and then started to form a travel route for the students.

"Okay, so there's the Lost Woods, Kokiri Village, Death Mountain, Goron City, Lake Hylia, Zora's domain, Gerude Desert, Gerudo Fortress, Castle Town, the Castle, Kakariko Village, Lon Lon Ranch of course, and maybe the Temple of Time." Link stared at the list for a while. "They had better be staying here for at least a week, or else we won't get to see half of the list!" Link checked his clock. "Ahh! I need to be at the castle in ten minutes!" Link dashed outside, slid down the ladder, and ran out of the forest towards the castle.

Led by Terada-sensei, Tomoeda's fifth graders boarded the plane and assumed their seats. Tomoyo, Sakura, and Syaoran chose a row carefully: Tomoyo in the isle seat so she had room to hold her camera, Sakura in the middle, grasping her handbag with Kero inside, and Syaoran at the window, gazing out it and trying not to stare to his left. But it was no use trying not to, for every cloud reminded him of her.

The stewardess approached them with her cart and gave each of the three a Dixie cup of water and a small packet of peanuts. Kero whispered an angry message about how he couldn't wait for cakes, so Sakura inconspicuously shoved the packet of peanuts into her handbag. To her dismay, a few moments later a screech of horror erupted from inside.

"Kero-chan!" hissed Sakura, keeping her voice down despite her anger.

"I have a right to be angry," cried Kero indignantly in reply. "There are only four peanuts in this bag! Four! You paid for expensive plane tickets and only got four peanuts?! This is an outrage! Why, when Clow and Yue and I used to travel together… well, there were no planes… but if there were, we would have gotten much better service! Thirty peanuts, fifty! A hundred! Not four!"

A huge sweat drop rested on Sakura's head as Kero's rambles grew louder. "K-Kero-chan…" People were craning their heads now to try and catch a glimpse of the complaining passenger, to no avail. Was the voice coming out of that little girl's handbag somehow?

"Sakura-chan has a miniature DVD player in her bag," Tomoyo explained to all who cared to listen. "You forgot to turn it off before we got on the plane, didn't you, Sakura-chan?"

"H-hai," Sakura said, embarrassed beyond compare. At least Tomoyo had an excuse readymade.

Fortunately, Kero took the hint and decided to stop, but only after five very awkward minutes had gone by where Sakura thought she would explode from horror.

Syaoran gazed out the window, trying not to stare.

Link arrived at the castle on Epona to see Rusl and a group of guards surrounding Zelda. Impa was also present, but she was slightly in front of the group.

"Almost late as always, Link," said Impa.

Link ignored the comment and looked out over the field. In the distance he could make out the horse-drawn carriers approaching from Termina. As they approached, Link was taken by surprise by the fact that he could sense two powerful magical auras emanating from one of the carriers.


"I sense it too, Link, and so does Zelda. Keep an eye out."


The carriers pulled up, and the passengers walked out one at a time.

"Wow, a horse and carriage is taking us? That's so cool!"

Sure enough, a large number of horse-drawn buggies had pulled up at the edge of the landing strip for the fifth-graders to be taken to Hyrule in. Sakura had never ridden in anything like this before, and she couldn't have been more excited.

Kero unzipped the bag from the inside and poked his head out into the wind. "It looks just as Yue described it," Kero said cryptically. "Now all we need are the cakes!"

Sakura swung around, Kero bouncing precariously against her side in the handbag. He uttered a cry of protest, but she didn't hear. "Tomoyo-chan, Syaoran-kun, let's get a carriage together, okay?"

"Of course," Tomoyo said with a nod.

"Okay," Syaoran said with another.

The carriages were big enough to hold more than just three people, however, so the threesome shared theirs with Chiharu, Naoko, Rika, and Yamazaki. Yamazaki was just finishing informing them of the long, lie-filled history of horse and carriages, when Syaoran tensed up in his seat and let out a little cry of shock.

Only Sakura, sitting next to him, seemed to notice. "What's wrong, Syaoran-kun?" she muttered in his ear.

"Don't you feel it?" Syaoran whispered back. "This whole country is filled with magic!"

Sakura closed her eyes and tried to see what she could sense herself. Sure enough, given enough concentration, she could feel a huge stream of magic pulsating all around them. Her eyes jerked open and she looked at Syaoran in a panic. "You're right. That's probably why Clow-san came here."

"We have to be on our guards," Syaoran mumbled, glaring out the window at whatever lay ahead.

After about a half-hour and some tall tales from Yamazaki, the carriage pulled up in a field on the edge of a large castle. Sakura, though supposed to be on guard, couldn't help gazing out the window in awe. "Look at that castle, guys! And this field is so pretty!"

Tomoyo beamed. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, Sakura-chan."

Finally the carriage slowed to a halt, and the passengers filed out: Chiharu dragging the still-lying Yamazaki behind her, Rika deep in thought about what she would say to Terada-sensei later in the evening, Naoko reading a science fiction novel as she walked, and finally Syaoran followed by Sakura, with Tomoyo with her video camera bringing up the rear. The other carriages hadn't arrived yet, so with no teachers to tell them what to do, the children milled around the field, playing little games such as tag, or in Syaoran's case, looking for the source of the magical aura he felt. Where could this much power possibly be coming from?

Link was taken aback. After all, he hadn't expected two children to be the source of magic.

The boy was glancing around suspiciously, but the girl had fallen victim to the beauty of Hyrule field. Link decided that since the children posed no threat that he could sense, he wouldn't be too uptight. "Welcome to Hyrule. My name is Link, and I'll be your tour guide for however long you're staying in our country. This is Impa, Princess Zelda's guardian, and that's Rusl, captain of the Royal Guard. And of course, Princess Zelda is present as well, and once we get onto castle grounds, she will give you a more formal welcome. Please follow me."