Okay all – I know there are hundreds of finale themed fics out there now, and trust me when I say that I did try to avoid adding to them. However, none of the other stories were written like I would like to see this finale unfold in Season 5, so I had no choice but to write my own version.

My version has Booth's memory loss going back to a few years in the past, then there will also be an added side effect of a personality change that will make Booth loose his own sense of intuition and his gut feeling – forcing Brennan to admit to how much she had come to rely on and even value Booth's unique talent, even going so far as to try to show him by example - just how he used to be. Will that help her learn how to tap into and utilize her own intuition? Or will she fail miserably?

Pls let me know what you think. :-)

Deja Vu

Chapter One

The total whiteness fades, slowly focusing back in to a different view - that of a hospital bed. A hospital bed containing one Seeley Booth - brain surgery survivor . . .

Booth awoke – his feelings of disorientation slowly ebbing.

His mind filled with recollection of his all too vivid dream, his heart sank when he realized he was in a the ICU of a hospital rather than a nightclub. Laying in a hospital bed rather than in his own king size bed with his gorgeous wife. His head completely bandaged and aching from surgery, rather than just a slight headache and small cut above his eye from a brawl with a gang member.

His eyes cautiously scanned the room taking it in, afraid to move his eyes or his head too much and aggravate his already throbbing skull. He mumbles something about the weird dream that he had, the words barely audible from the drugged state he was almost thankful to be in. Then he sees her, seated in a chair across the room, she is up and at his side before his eyes have time to adjust – and she is beautiful. Her compelling blue eyes made even more amazingly gorgeous by the redness of crying and the wetness of tears surrounding them.

"You reacted poorly to the anesthesia, you've been in a coma for four days." she had said, his eyes searching her face the whole time trying to recollect a name to go with it. He recognizes the face from his dream, yet now he can't even seem to remember what he called her in that dream. "It seemed so real" he told her.

"What took you so long to wake up?" she asked, sniffing in an effort to prevent her own emotions from taking over and allowing the watershed of her pent up tears to break free. "Ssseemed sooo reeaal" he almost slurred to get the words out, his tongue dry and unsure of how to move after just 4 days of inactivity. "It wasn't real" she informed him, which made his heart sink even further into his stomach as he absorbed what that actually meant. It meant that he wasn't married to this woman, whatever her name was. It meant that he most likely didn't own a nightclub with her. But did it mean they never made love in this world either? He wasn't sure, he knew he felt connected to her somehow but could not, remember how.

"Whooo aarre yoouu?" he asked her in the slow, drugged voice that matched his confusion and sadness.

Brennan's face dropped, a horrified gasp escaping from her lips as she took in those three painful words. She considered herself a woman who was always prepared for anything, a woman quite capable of adapting to any situation. There was nothing she couldn't handle, after all, she had been to Rowanda, to Iraq . . . but this, this disarmed her defenses entirely. She was ill prepared to say the least. Taking a minute to collect her scattered thoughts she finally answered him, "Booth, it's me, Brennan."

Then she flipped into protective mode, in an effort to protect her own heart from more shocks and heartbreak, but also protecting her now confused and scared friend from panicking. She began to evaluate his condition so she would be able to have the Neurologist paged and alert him of just how evasive Booth's loss of memory seemed to be.

"Booth what is the last thing you remember? Do you know remember why you are here, in the hospital?" Booth took a moment to think, unsure of what her words were implying. "I . . . I well, I remember being rescued by chopper from the war, I was a prisoner there. Is that why I am here, from what they . . ." he swallowed hard before continuing, "from . . . what they did to me?" This time Brennan had to force herself not to let her own panic show in her expressions, deciding rather, to just keep him calm and then immediately get Dr. Jurisik, the Surgeon, paged to his room.

"Okay look, I need you to trust me" she said, "Can you do that? Even if you don't remember me, just know that I only have the utmost concern for you and I don't think it's a good idea for you to strain yourself after having just woken up from a coma. I want the Doctor to look you over first now that you are awake. Okay?" she asked him with the gentle nature of a Mother speaking to her child.

"Okay" came the sluggish, almost depressed reply.

"Good, now just lay still and rest while I go have him paged – I will be right back." With that she disappeared through the door making her way to the Nurse's station, still keeping a tight seal on her own emotions and fear since this was not about her.

This, was about her Booth.

To Be Continued!

Let me know if you think this one is any different from any of the hundreds of other similar fics out there. I plan to make this hilarious as well as emotional.