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From the previous Chapter of Deja Vu . . .

"Bones, by any chance did you read your story out loud as you were writing it?" he asked her.

"Well, I might have." she replied, confused as to why he was asking, "I had heard that you should talk to people when they are in a coma, but I didn't know what to say to you. I mean, not knowing if you could even hear me and knowing you couldn't respond. I just don't recall if I read the entire story out load. Why do you ask?"

Booth looked away and then back towards her again as if deciding carefully on what his next words were going to be, "Well, it's just that I had a really vivid dream while I was out. In my dream we were also not fighting crime any more. By any chance were we married in your story?" he finally asked.

Brennan's jaw dropped open as she gasped out loud again, just as she had done when he first woke up and had lost his memory.

Deja Vu

Chapter IX

Booth's Hospital Room . . .

Booth silently waited for Brennan to answer his question. The few things she told him about her story, sounded eerily familiar but he wasn't quite sure why. He wasn't sure since things were still foggy in his drugged state of mind, but her story seemed very similar to some of his most vivid dreams while still in a coma.

After she recovered from the initial shock of his odd question, she attempted to answer – realizing she would have to either lie to him, which she sucked at – or admit to him that she had indeed written them as a married couple.

"Well, yes I might have written us as being married – BUT it was pertinent to the storyline!" she practically shouted, not noticing her voice getting higher and speaking faster as she fought to cover the awkwardness she felt. "Booth, do you remember prior to your surgery, that I had been rather obsessed with thoughts of having a baby?" she didn't even pause for him to respond. "So it was only natural that those thoughts found their way into my story." she explained, trying hard to justify her reason for having them married of all things! As always, she tried to explain it using logical terms as to why she had done that. She felt her face starting to heat up with the blush of embarrassment. Then she stopped dead in her tracks.

"Wha-? Wait! Booth why did you just ask me that? About whether we were married in my story? Are you saying that you heard me reading it when you were in your coma?"

"No Bones . . . well, maybe. I – I don't know, right now I'm not sure of anything. But I do know that I had some very vivid dreams while I was out. Some good and some . . . not so good. But one of them just seemed to contain a lot of the same things you mentioned in your story. Can I see it? Maybe if I read it, it would trigger something for me – oh and by the way – Yes. Yes, I do remember your obsession with having a baby. But I admit, I had forgotten completely until you just mentioned it."

Brennan's eyes immediately darted away from Booth's, uncomfortably looking down toward her shoes. "Uh . . . well I . . . I think I deleted it." she admitted. "But I do have some shorter stories that are similar in nature – maybe those could help just as well. Or, maybe I can ask Hodgins to look at my laptop, he might be able to recover it. He's done that for me before when I have lost files or accidentally deleted something I needed." she bargained. "He's very good."

"Oh. No, that's okay Bones, don't worry about it." his voice sounding more disappointed than his words conveyed.

"It's your story, so it's yours to delete if you choose to. It's also up to you if you want me to see any of the other versions you wrote. Knowing you, I'm sure you had a logical reason for deleting it in the first place." he said while sporting his infamous half grin. She knew he was half teasing her about her constant need to discover the logic in practically every situation.

He was mainly just trying to make her feel better. Knowing that she wanted to help him in any way she could – he also knew how disappointed she would be in realizing that she had gotten rid of something that may have done just that.

"That's just it Booth. I am not quite sure why I deleted it. To be honest, I would venture to guess that when I read through it again, it just seemed silly. Too far from reality - like some schoolgirl fantasy." she said without really thinking of what she was saying.

Booth's left eyebrow arched up in surprise, "Fantasy? Wait a minute – am I hearing this right? Are you telling me you have fantasized about us being married?" he had to fight hard just to contain the happy smile that threatened to burst free on his face. Then adding his usual humor so as not to have to deal with the awkwardness of where this conversation was heading – he added "I mean, I can't say as I blame you – after all, I would make a good catch." then he laughed out loud which brought the painful reminder to his still fresh surgical wound and the chunk of his skull that had been cut into.

They had warned him that he would experience pain similar to that of a severe concussion or fractured skull – both of which he had experienced on more than one occasion in his past. Either from the brutal POW beatings he had barely endured, to one of his many on the job injuries as a Special Agent - Brennan's exploding refrigerator being one such occasion.

"I know this sounds mean but, it serves you right for teasing me Booth." Brennan teased him in return, stating that he was deserving of the pain but not really meaning it. She was trying not to think about the embarrassment she felt rising within her over her accidental admission to her most private thoughts where he was concerned. She knew that he had only just begun to tease her and grill her about her comments and the short stories she had written while he was out. She had to admit, she wanted to find out more about the dreams he had while in a coma since he insinuated that those dreams were a mirror image to parts of her story. There had to be a logical reason for that to even be possible.

Suddenly realizing that her comment about him deserving the increased pain that he caused himself by laughing at her, she caved in immediately "Seriously though Booth, are you okay? Do you want me to get the Nurse to give you some more pain medication?" she asked as she then caught Booth unsuccessfully trying to stifle a tired yawn.

"No!" he blurted out more abruptly than he meant to, only due to his dislike for pain meds. He knew he needed them, but he preferred to keep from over medicating. "But thank you." he said, his voice softening from the fatigue that was seeping into his every cell, but also to emphasize his sincerity. "I think I need to get some shut eye." he surprisingly admitted, "I am just feeling really worn out all of a sudden."

Brennan pulled the blankets up higher on his chest, wanting to make him as comfortable as she could. Her mind wandering as she thought of how close she had come to losing him forever. "Alright, good. You do look more tired , I can see it in your eyes. So look, you sleep and I will sit here with you for a while until I am sure you are asleep and comfortable, then I will go home to check on my place and get a good night's sleep myself. But - I will be here before you wake up in the morning." she leaned down and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

Booth reached his right hand up and cupped the back of her head, pressing her just a little more firmly against his lips, and keeping her there for a long, passionate show of his own affection. Breaking apart moments later, his eyes were already closed as he had finally succumbed to the exhaustion and drugs in his system for a much needed night's sleep. Brennan just watched him quietly for a few minutes, reaching out to trace her fingers along the outline of his jaw.

"Sleep well Booth." she said as she then quietly slipped out the door to get some much needed rest herself.

A/N: I haven't updated this fic in ages due to other fics I am writing and the fact that when I started writing "Déjà vu" I hadn't planned on it being a very long story. I am toying with updating and doing what I initially planned which is a time jump moving the timeline ahead 2 months and having Brennan trying to show Booth how he used to use his "gut" to do his job.

She sucks at it but for him she tries hard to teach him by trying to use her own gut instinct. It was going to be like role reversal where post-tumor Booth acts more like detached "just the facts" Brennan, and Bones in return as to act like Booth used to be to get him to remember his former pre-tumor methods.