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Remember when I dove into the crowd

and I got a bloody knee

under my skin, a mark from wiping out

it brings back the memories

As the men, both my fathers commanded, raised their guns, to shoot at a man I, would be ready to kill in an instant. I felt a pang in my stomach. An inexplicable feeling telling me to do something. I've wanted this man dead from the very first meeting, and every interaction since then has only powered my hate. The only emotion I can now feel. Hate. Hate is all I have. Hate for him is all that keeps me alive. And yet a voice in my head was telling me to save him, because when I looked into those chocolate brown eyes of his I saw not the Sylar we all loved to hate, but someone complete different, someone misunderstood. My heart and brain were arguing.

Every bone's been broken

But my heart is still left wide open

I knew that with his many powers, guns would not be what killed him. The weapon is too insignificant. However what he does not know is that my dad, bio dad, after spending some quality time with him, had found his weak spot. This meant that even though a gun on its own with no knowledge would never kill him. A gun fuelled with power and knowing would. It was in that instant that I knew what to do.

I can't stop, don't care if I lose

Baby you are the weapon I chose

These wounds are self inflicted

The weak spot in the small of his back, an easy target, he was cocky, arrogant to an extent that it may cost him his life. He would of never thought that we would figure it, but for all his high and mightiness we did. I ran, I don't even know why or how my legs carried me I just knew that I had to protect him. The Guns all shot at once. They hit me, and pain came back, I could feel. Every bullet hitting my body, felt like cold water, a rush, a refreshed feeling. I knew that I belonged with him if I could feel like this around him. "Claire " my father screamed. I turned to Sylar and nodded, to anyone watching it was nothing but to the two of us. It meant everything.

I'm going down in flames for you

Baby you are the weapon I chose

I then turned to meet my fathers eyes, not the one related by blood, but the other related by love. He said everything I expected him to say. How could you? After everything he's done to you,to your family and to your friends, and yet you protect him why? I then felt my heart explode as every word enveloped in a feeling came out. Sylar is all I have. He would be the one left standing by my side when everyone I love dies. You wont live forever, you won't know what its like to be alone... to spend eternity living with yourself.. Not getting close to someone because one day they will die too. I can't keep pretending to my self that your not going to die, or I will die with you, because that is not what I'm on this planet for. I'm scared of facing forever alone. I'm scared of lonely. I am here to survive and I will bring back his humanity. Even if takes the rest of my life.

These wounds are self inflicted

I looked up and Sylar. No Sylar was wrong. Gabriel, my Gabriel and kissed him softly on the lips. I then took his hand in mine and walked away. He looked down at me with eyes full of questioning, and curiosity. He would know some day, why here and now I chose my path, but for now, I will leave the question unanswered, as we had forever to contemplate it.

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