Think Twice

I look at the new couple, feeling as if my chest was ripping apart. I felt anger, sorrow, but most of all… Jealousy. It was a "horrible" sight. As long as he is happy, I d tell myself. I don't feel any better however. I always knew the two of us would never work out. I never let my mind brace the truth though. Physically I would grin and bear, tell him "Be happy with Sakura." However mentally I wanted to scream, I don't want to think of you two as a couple. And Emotionally I want to ball up into a corner and cry.

Three months have passed…You want to propose? I wish you luck. I tell you to be happy. I still have my dreams of you leaving… heh. That makes me selfish doesn't it? I should've told you how I felt.

So, it's the big day now isn't it? Time flies by so fast. I'm sitting in this chair; I want to cry but… I won't. That wouldn't prove anything now would it? I know I can't do anything to stop this. I waited to hear the certain five words come out of your mouth. Finally I hear them I do and I love you. I shut my eyes during your kiss. The newlyweds kiss was now over, and that would make this dreaded date over. I see your pink wife and the many guests crying, as I try to leave. Not until you stop me, I love how you say your name. It gives me enough energy to create a fake smile to show you. You give me a smile three times as large, and it looks very really. I feel you pat me on the back as you tell me I should find my true love. You don't understand. Those who are so oblivious and blind shouldn't say stuff like that.

"What" I say as I feel him crying into my shoulder. I don't let him see my face, to hide the fact that I am grinning. It would just show you would just show you how selfish I really am. I knew you and Sakura weren't good together. Six months have passed, and you guys only just learned that recently. I know not to pull any funny business. I know this is not the right time to admit those feelings in my heart so I hold them back. I just think it in my head. I pull you into a friendly embrace. I, telling you that it will be alright that the pain will go away…Don't worry. How Ironic. For those are the things I had told myself. You keep clutching to my shirt, sobbing her name. I'm happy that it's me your grabbing, sad that she effected you so badly. I want you to be happy. I love you… Naruto. I know that dreams don't come true. No matter how much you wish for them. I know it would never happen. But everyone has to have the one person that you know you love… And you wish they could just crawl into your arms at any time. But for now I will just promise my heart that I will work hard, to get you to look back, through the mirror… and see the real Uchiha Sasuke. The one that's only want… Is you.


I came up with this story while having Think Twice by Eve 6 and The Fight Song by Sanctus Real in my head. I tried it in Sasukes POV. I think I did all right XD