*Chapter 13*

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The room was silent, but for the sizzle of the lightning as it seemed to fly toward the 15 year old witch in slow motion. Nobody moved behind the shields that Buffy and Wyatt had erected. Those from Sunnydale were shocked that Willow had actually attacked someone. The Halliwell group waited on edge to see what their youngest, before Mel, would do. They all watched as Beth brought her hand to her mouth and blew over her palm, an icy blue cloud forms to meet the purple bolt. The Sunnydale crew are shocked when the bolt freezes in mid-air and shatters as it hits the ground.

"I'd tell you to stop while you're still standing but I just don't see that happening," Beth said, wanting this to end without anyone getting hurt or killed.

Willow growls in anger and frustration at being shown up by a teeny bopper blonde. She lifts her hands as lightning comes shooting out heading straight for the girl that brought everything back. Every feeling of inadequacy Willow had ever experienced. She had finally thought she had found something, in witchcraft that she was better at than Buffy at. Something that Buffy couldn't ever compete against, only to find out that she was wrong. Buffy was also a witch, a 'hereditary' witch, somehow making her better by default or something. Willow had thought she had finally found the place where she was irreplaceable and to be once again shown up was unacceptable, even more so to be told off by someone that was younger and should have been even less experienced. But as the multiple bolts of lightning were flying toward then newest pain in Willow's ass, they froze in mid-air between the two with the mere flick of the wrist. As if the situation didn't deserve the attention.

But unknown to Willow, every Halliwell child is taught that there is a time for joking and there is a time to pay attention, and a fight always deserves your full attention. Beth knew that freezing the bolts would give her some time but she needed to get rid of them also. Knowing that her siblings' shields were impenetrable by anything magical she again raised her hand and taping into her wind manipulation she blows the bolts toward her family. While everyone else cried out in worry and warning, none of the Halliwells even flinched. As the bolts fizzled out against the shield Beth decided it was time to end the fight before she wasn't able to deflect the bolts away from those unshielded, and someone got hurt. Beth raises her hands causing swirling balls of what seemed like water to appear above her hands. "Is that all the little girl has? Fighting with water and wind? This is going to be easier than I thought" Willow taunts her, not realizing that this fight was about to end, and not with the winner that she thought.

"I don't know about you but I'm so over this," Beth says as she flings the water at Willow, causing her to be forced against the wall. Beth keeps one hand up to hold the witch to the wall and brings her other hand to her mouth. She blows over her hand, again producing the icy blue cloud that causes the water to freeze Willow to the wall. "I am a Halliwell and we protect our family. Ever since we have been here it's been nothing but smart remarks and attacks from every angle," Beth looks from Willow to all of the group, everyone who wasn't a member of her family, having to get the point across that to attack one Halliwell was to attack them all.

She meets the eyes of the Potential Slayers that have been given nothing but stories about how Faith and Buffy are murders and don't deserve to live, only interceded when heard by those who still support the Slayers. "My sister has spent her life fighting for the innocents and because you grew up in this hell and claim to be human you think that makes you better than anyone. Buffy has always been my hero, she has never let any of us down. It's because of your stupid demon mayor that she and Faith even ended up in jail. It was an accident, do you know how many times Slayers have accidentally taken a human life during a patrol? The Watchers' diaries can tell or hundreds of different instances where this has happened. Fighting in any war causes casualties, and that's a sad fact that all of you must learn to accept. People are going to die, there is nothing you can do to stop it."

Willow still glares at the teen and isn't really listening. Talking about how her sister is perfect isn't really something that Willow wanted to hear. But everyone else was listening and getting a lesson from this young woman. Beth turns from Willow saying, "I'm just going to leave you there until you calm down, if you let your power get away from you, you're more likely to hurt someone."

"That was awesome! We're so proud of you!" the Halliwell group rush over to the young witch once the protective shields are taken down. The others slowly disperse, having a lot to think about, leaving behind the original group from Sunnydale and LA. Xander, purple with rage, "You stupid little girl, you let her down now!"

Wyatt and Chris take exception with the bigoted man step forward to deal with him, "I'm sorry are you calling my little sister stupid? I think you need to go luck in the mirror and take a look at yourself. It's amazing that you haven't gotten yourself killed by insulting the wrong person," Chris says as he steps between Xander and Beth. "Not all demons are evil and not all humans are good, if that was true there wouldn't be any crime in this world."

"Ok I think that is enough fighting today, it is late and I think it is time to go to your rooms," Giles says as he steps forward. It had been a long day and he was exhausted. Everyone but Xander nodded their heads in agreement, even Buffy and Faith were tired. But Xander just wouldn't let it go, "No, no one is going anywhere until someone gets Willow down from the wall!"

The Halliwells exchange looks before coming to an agreement, "Fine, we can let her down but she is getting locked in her room until she's calmed down. I'm not taking the chance that she attacks my family while we sleep," Piper says before she raises her hands and freezes the struggling Wicca. Giles nods his head in concession, as everyone ignores Xander's objections, and the Halliwells start to release the frozen woman and finally get to sleep.