Chapter 1

Bella's POV

I was heading home from another one of Alice and mines infamous sleepovers. Which didn't actually include sleeping or her for that fact. I rounded the corner and noticed Charlies police cruiser was in the drive way which was really unusal considering it was in the middle of nice sunny day and it was perfect weather for fishing. I climbed out of my truck and noticed that Charlie had left his keys in the door the last time that he did that Harry had died. I walked inside and found Charlie in the livingroom in his favorite chair with his head in his hands.

"Dad whats wrong?"

"Oh Bella its horrible"

"Dad what do you mean?"

"Elizabeth is missing"

Immediately my mind started reeling. I sank down to the floor remembering the last time I had seen my sister.


"Bella why did mom send me here am I crazy?"

" Your not crazy she sent you here because you haven't spoken to anybody except me in the last 3 months since the accident and even when we do speak we don't actually use real words."

"Well how would you feel after you heard 17 of your best friends ger murdered while your stuck in a whole. Then sit there for three days waiting for someone to moce your dead boyfriends sisters body off of the trapdoor. And stop trying to make me go back to that memory I will tell you when I am ready to go back to that day. You need to stop trying to make me go back there everytime you touch me stay out of my mind damit!"

End of Flashback

That was the last tiem that I saw Elizabeth. She was 15 when her friends had been brutally murdered. We have had the twin gift since we were little kids but when I was 7years I dicided that I didn't want it so I suppressed it down to only using our minds to talk and unlike me Elizabeth embraced it. Lizzy had always been special. She could talk to me in my mind. Just by holding hands she could take you to any memory. The only person besides me that knew were TJ. We had known him since we were two. He was killed that night but the police never found his body only his blood. Every bosy that was at that party was brutily murdered except my sister I don't know how she ended up in that trapdoor but I am glad she did. Everybody was drained of their blood and blood was everywere the cops said she was lucky the last things she said was "Not lucky cursed." Only now do I realize that it was a vampire that commited that act and for that it makes me even happier to see my sister alive today.

"Dad what happened? What do you mean she is missing? She cant be missing she is at Rolling Hills."

"Apparently a she was released to a women with red hair posing to be her new therapist" oh my god one word came to my mind VICTORIA

" Dad I have to go"

"Bella what do you mean you have to go you just got here"

"I know dad but I really need Alice right now"

"Okay well I am going to head down to the station and hopefully get a lead on this"

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