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Harry Potter was once the Wizardry world's Hero, but he is now Azakaban's most famous inmate. He was famed for murder that he did not commit. He knew that one day the truth would set him free. Only five people believed in him, which didn't include his so-called best friends, they have betrayed him. He founded out that Dumbledore has paid them to befriend him out on his personal trust Vault. Harry was angry when he found out. He learned that the Weasels wanted to bind Ginny with him, so they can move up the social ladder and later they would get rid of him to take control of the Potter fortune. He later finds out that the ghost of Azkaban (I believe you mean the dementor) could no longer hurt him by using him memory against him. Harry didn't know how long he had be in there but he knew that he was only 14 when he was sent to Azkaban. Harry sits in his cell in Azkaban waiting for the day when the truth would set him free, when it does, he will get his revenge on those who betrayed him.

Meanwhile on the Mares Selentais, there is a castle that only exist in fairytale; it is hidden from human and magical eyes. Laid in the crystal coffin is a woman who beauty rival that of the celestial gods and goddess. She woke from many millennia of sleep, she felt that her someone calling for her help. She summoned her friend, Yue, the last of the Moon Phoenix race. 'Your Majersitu', said Yue, 'it have been so long since I have last seen you'.

'Yue, the reason why I waken from my long sleep because of my heir' Yue look at Queen Serenity shocked. 'There is no time for questions, He need your help Yue'.

Yue nod at Serenity. Serenity felt his pain but she cannot come to him yet because she hadn't use her powers for a long time so she sent her helper Yue to him, as he disappear in a flash of light Serenity thought "I will make those who cause his pain to suffer, and they will suffer my full wraith!"

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