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She laid her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes. She'd never felt this way before, so incredibly at peace. She wasn't sure if she was supposed to feel this way, if she was, as a demon, allowed to feel this way. But perhaps she just wasn't a demon at all anymore, her time in the human world having sucked all of herself out of her body until it was nothing more than a shell until "Shia" no longer existed. Yeah, that was probably right, what had happened. She was dead, just… dead.

'Weak.' A cynical voice told her. She could not tell from where. It certainly wasn't the back of her mind since her mind was dead and gone, and it couldn't have been from the world beyond because she was not part of it. Wherever it came from, she didn't like the voice.

'Weak.' It was an accusation this time, coarse against the remnants of her consciousness. 'Weak.'

Her first impulse was to apologize, but she could not form the thought, could not make a sound. She'd initially come to the human world to be a better demon, and she'd ended up falling in love with a human. Love: that was not an emotion for demons; it was reserved for angels and humans. Since she was positive she was not in heaven, she was fairly sure she was not an angel. It was humanity, then, that had replaced the demon the earth had taken from her, had to have been if she was feeling things like love, and regret, and friendship, and longing.

Ah, here was another human emotion she was familiar with: Loneliness. She did not feel her chest constricting or the heat of pooling tears, but the emptiness was the same. And still yet, as if mocking her, the voice continued.


The voice was right; it was a weakness, this humanity that had overcome her, her attachment to those fragile human beings that had caused her death. It was that bond, after all, that was keeping her here like this, longing to return to the life that had destroyed her. To the people who had loved her literally to death.

Funny thing, though. She didn't resent them, the humans, for it. If anything, she wanted to go back so they could take her life all over again.


No, that wasn't right. In her life, she'd loved-her husband, her children, their grandchildren, all of them-and now she was paying the price. But of all her regrets, that was not one of them. The price was fair. She'd gained something so great death could have been the only fitting toll.


The voice was smaller now. So she countered it. And why shouldn't she? She'd overcome the limits of her race, she'd defied her nature to live so rich a life, that was not weak.

'No.' Defiance. 'I was strong.'

The foreign voice echoed and retreated.

'I was strong.' Shia repeated. 'I was strong.'

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