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"Fuck you."

"I would prefer it the other way around."


"Is that a yes, Mayu-chan?"

"No! O…oi, what are you doing?! Let go-mmmph!"

If it was possible, Mayuri's golden eyes would have opened much wider. For once in his whole life-after that blasted Kisuke left-he finally felt his brain halt, any intelligent and sound reasoning being tossed out of the metaphorical window. Half of his momentarily shocked brain screamed at him to stop everything, to push the other Captain off of him-which would be an amazing feat considering that Mayuri was the one on top of him-,while the other just paused, telling him that it felt so good. Something wet ran along his lips, and he felt his throat release a small sigh, and he closed his eyes.

Kenpachi had his eye open the whole time. Watching the smaller Captain's reactions, he gently-yes, gently-ran his tongue over the now swollen lips, smiling to himself when he saw the golden eyes flutter close, his long eyelashes touching his decorated cheeks. "I take it that you're enjoying yourself?" He whispers, his lips hovering beside the pale man's earpiece, voice musky. A groan. He grinned wider; his teeth grazed along the bruised lips and was rewarded with another groan.

Their relationship was an odd one, Kenpachi thought as he busied himself by occupying Mayuri's slightly open mouth. It had started after a heated argument between the two of them, just months ago. It was night, a normal evening, like this one right now.

Mayuri, with a cup of coffee in hand and a report in the other walked the halls of the 11th division. Minutes ago, he had taught those rotten drunkards a lesson because of them slowing down his division's progress. He had fun watching those self-proclaimed swine scream and scramble away from him, his only regret was not poisoning them or anything that involved body parts strewn everywhere.

Needless to say, Zaraki was not pleased when he found out that Mayuri was terrorizing his men. It was his job as the 11th Captain, not the 12th computer hugging clown. And so, he confronted the smaller Captain, and a flow of words that needed to be censored were exchanged between the two. During their whole debate, the brutish Captain noticed how bright and hot-Zaraki will never say beautiful- those golden eyes were. And soon, Zaraki started noticing things he shouldn't notice about Mayuri.

His thoughts were cut short when he felt a hand shaking against his chest, looking down at his co-the man of his secret dreams-captain, he felt a sudden rush of heat pass him. Mayuri, although some may find it unbelievable, was right in front of him, his mouth open and lips swollen, his neck tilted in an angle that would show off half of his covered neck. Zaraki stared.

He then remembered something, this was main reason that this was happening now.

During their whole time arguing each other, Zaraki noticed something else. Mayuri's skin was pale, in an amazingly albino kind of way, and Kenpachi was instantly… attracted. So he did what came naturally, without moment's hesitation, his lips grabbed hold of the vulnerable pale, white, creamy, skin and started to…


Once again, he was brought back from his memories by the albino. He gave a feral grin, one that made Mayuri regret not escaping when he had the chance, and attached his lips-once again- unto the other captain's neck. Moments passed and the only things that can be heard were –insanely loud-sucking sounds and short gasps.


Mayuri opened his eyes, finding them heavy, and watched the wall in front of him as he tried to persuade Zaraki off of him. To be honest, he didn't know what was happening. This was the first time someone had done this, to him, nonetheless. Urahara constantly hugging-groping to be precise- him was different. He knows that in the back of his mind that he was enjoying every minute of this-personal space destroying-moment. A loud whimper managed its way through his mouth, stopping suddenly when he felt a smirk against his neck. He flushed. The visible parts of his face were now cherry pink, which looked oddly cute, not that Zaraki would admit it.

"T…that has nothing to do-"

"Oh, it's got everything to do with this situation…"

Zaraki wanted more. He wanted to hear his name being called out by those-now pink and bruised-lips; he wanted to see those gold eyes half lidded and blurry. He wanted to hold the smaller man against him, feeling his warm flesh shaking and shivering with every touch, every stroke, and every single caress with the albino. His lean body would tremble against his muscular one with each rush of passion, and he would only smile and hold him closer. And then, everything suddenly became clear.

He wanted Mayuri.

But first, he had to remove a few obstacles out of the way.

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