Title: Pretending

Author: Blue21

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me. I'm not making any money on this, I'm just trying to satisfy my hoplessy romantic side.

Summary: Faith has some problems with her new boss and Bosco pretends to be her boyfriend to help her


Bosco ans Faith relationship wasn't really good after the 55th was closed, a few weeks they didn't talk to each other and tried to forget each other. But like usually they couldn't be apart, so they had a long and painful talk and mended their friendship. They didn't see as much off each other because the still weren't working together but they tried to meet as often as they could, which usually meant at least twice a week and on the weekends Bosco often was over at Faith apartment and spent time with her and Emily. He was part of her family once again.

It was Saturday and Emily had just gone out with some friends after she, Faith and Bosco had dinner together.

After getting two beers Faith sat down beside Bosco and pulled her feed up under her.

„Your quite today, what's wrong?", Bosco asked as Faith handed him his beer.

„My boss, Lieutenant Miller, he keeps asking me out."

„And what is the problem?"

„I don't wanna go out with him..."

„So, tell him.."

„Wow, what a genius you are! I didn't think of that!", Faith replied, sarcastically. „I already told him that but he won't leave me alone, insist on taking me to my car after work ans stuff like that"

„Did he hurt you?", Bosco was worried.

„No, don't worry! Its just getting on my nerves," Faith tried to calm him by putting her hand down on his leg. „I even told him I had a boyfriend. But he didn't believe me. Either that or it just doesn't matter to him"

„What an ass! Shall I talk to him?"

„God, no! He's my boss and I don't think you threatening him would be good for me or you, for that matter!"

„I just wanted to have a talk with him!", Bosco sounded offended.

„I know that you wanna help me and I love you for that, but I know how you „talk", Boz", she said, softly stroking his leg.

Her words calmed him down again.

„Then tell him he should leave you alone or you'll file sexual harassment against him"

„It's not that easy, you know how this works and what consequences this would have for me. I really would like to keep my job!"

He sighted, even if the complain would go through she would always stay the woman who filed sexual harassment and lots on men would hold that against her, thinking she was just a woman who overreacted and wanted special treatment. That was no option.

„We'll think of something! But right now, we gonna have some fun and forget about the job, Miller and everything else. It's weekend after all", he grinned at her. „Come on, I'm gonna get you drunk"


On Monday Faith was lucky to be busy all day, she hadn't seen Miller at all. Just when she was ready to call it a day Miller walked into her office.

„Faith, you look good. How was your day?", he asked, casually sitting down on the edge of her desk.

„Busy, I'm just about to head home", she answered shortly.

„How about I come with you, we order in and I'll help you relax a bit?", he offered with a big grin.

„Thanks, bit I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate this."

„We both know you don't have a boyfriend, nobody at the precint has heard from him or ever seen him. You never get flower or anything!"

„Excuse me, I like to keep my life private..."

„Without being noticed Bosco had rounded the corner to her office. She was upset about this Miller guy and he wanted to make sure she was okay. And he wanted at least take a look at his guy. As he heard there exchange he stopped at the door. He needed all his self restrain to keep from going in and knocking some sense into Miller.

She is clearly not interested, why can't he leave her alone? I can't stand guys like him..., he thought.

Without thinking he walked inside, needing to do something.

„Hey, Faith! I hope I'm not interrupting anything, I waited outside for you but you're a little late. We have to hurry, I made reservations at „Chez Pierre"

„What?", Faith asked him shocked. She hadn't expected him tonight and did not really know what he was saying.

„Suprise, honey! You know only the best for you, it's our anniversary after all!"

Bosco looked at her, silently telling her to go along with him, glad that they still could talk without talking.

Trust me, I explain later. Just go along!

Coming out of her shock Faith finally responded „Sorry, it was a busy day but I'm ready now."

She even managed to accept his hug and his kiss on the corner of her mouth without blushing.

Miller just stared at the exchange before coughing.

„Oh, I'm sorry! I only have eyes for Faith when she is with me, how impolite. I'm Maurice Boscorelli, Faith boyfriend. You must be Lt. Miller, she told me lot about you!". Bosco shook his hand, finally acknowledging him ans letting him know at the same time he knew Miller was hitting on Faith.

Miller was too shocked to speak, finally he turned around.

„I'm sorry, I have to go. Have nice anniversary, I'll see you tomorrow Faith", he hurried out of her office.

Staring after Miller Faith took Bosocs arm.

„Let's get out of here, you promised me dinner?!"


As they reached his car, she turned around.

„What the hell do you think you are doing, Bosco?", Faith wanted to know.

„You wanted him to leave you alone..."

„Yeah, but I'm sure he'll notice that my boyfriend only showed up once... He doesn't believe me that I have a boyfriend. He'll ask questions about you, why you are never with me when we all meet for a drink..."

„That's easy, we just make sure someone sees us together"

„And how will you do that?"

„Come on, we go out all the time to have dinner or see a movie, we just have dinner somewhere your colleagues go to, too. You know words spread fast. In no time he'll believe you and even if not, when everyone else believes you he can't hit on you again"

„Why should they believe us? We aren't a couple.."

„Most of the people who saw us together thought we were a couple, back at the 55. We know each other better then anyone else, I don't think that will be a problem."

„I don't think that's a good idea"

„What can it hurt to try it? Beside, you can't back out now anyway, or what do you wanna tell Miller? Just trust me on this..."

Faith looked at him, she knew his last words had a different meaning. After the incident with his eyes he thought she didn't believe in him anymore. This was her chance do show him that the didn't loose her faith in him.

„Alright", she answered.

„Great," he grinned, pulling her toward his car „Let's go, I'm starving"