Part 4:

Faith slowly opened her eyes while licking her lips nervously.

Just as Bosco was about to kiss her Faith phone rang and startled them.

Faith stared at Bosco for a second before she jumped up, grabbed her jeans and anwsered the phone.

„Hello? Hi, Sully? No, you are not bothering me...", she said while hurrying into her bedroom, leaving Bosco sitting in her kitchen.

Bosco sighed, trying to calm himeslf, knowing the moment was gone. He didn't really know what happened but since their kiss last night he had the urge to kiss Faith again. And she didn't resist, which gave him hope that something was changing, not only in him but with her too.

Perhaps his urge to kiss her was a reaction to her clothes or lack thereof, perhaps her closness triggered something in him. All he knew was that he wanted an opportunity to kiss her again. But the way Faith jumped away from him showed him that he should take it slow.

A few minutes later Faith came out of her room, dressed in a tight fitting pair of jeans and high heels.

„Sully called about meeting all of us. I said that we both will be there. Is that okay?", she explained.

„Of course, I'm sure it will be good to see them again", Bosco answered, noting that she completely ignored what nearly had happened between them.

„Oh, and Sharon called me this morning. She invited us to a barbecue party next weekend. I told her I needed to talk to you first before deciding if we would come.", she continued. „You don't need to come, she isn't a big fan of Miller so he won't be there, she added."

„If you don't want me to come, I won't", Bosco said, trying not to be offended.

But Faith noticed it. „Bosco, you're my best friend. I like spending time with you. But I don't want you do spent the evening with people you don't like. I'm sure you have better things to do"

„I really like Sharon and her husband and I would like going with you."

Faith smiled „Then I'll call her back and tell her we will be there"

„And Faith? Nothing is more important for me than you, spending time with my best friend!"

The Party

Faith was sitting in Sharons garden, dressed in a short summer dress, which left most of her schoulders bare. Sharon hat decorated her beautiful garden with candles. Her husband was preparing some steaks while Sharon put salads, bread, vegatables and drinks on the buffet.

„You' re sure, you don't need help?", Faith asked.

„No, you are my guest. Beside I'm finished for now." she anwsered. „Will Maurice come, too?"

„I don't think so. He got hold up at the precint and doesn't know when he will be finished."

Before Sharon could answer one of her other guests called her over.

Faith has just finished her first beer as she felt someone behind her. Before she could turn around she felt Boscos arme around her.

„You look beautiful tonight", he whispered while softly kissing her bare shoulder.

„I thought you were still at work", she anwsered, shiffering at the soft contact of his lips.

„I hurried, to still make it to the party.", he answered.

„You didn't have to... You must be tired..."

„But I wanted to come and spend some time with you," Bosco said before Faith could finish.

Their talk was ended by Sharon who called Bosco over to get something to eat.

Bosco helped himself to a steak with potatoe salad and a beer before sitting down on one of the comftable chairs.

Bosco vacated the last free chair, so Faith started to sit on the gras. But before she could sit down Bosco grabbed her with his free arm and pulled her on his lap.

„Sit here, I think that will be more comftable."

Faith just stared at him but said nothing.

As the party went on it got a little colder and Faith snuggled deeper into Bosco.