Hello! I'm sorry for the hiatus. A few days ago, I found a loophole that is able to change the story a bit. It would be nice if you reviewed so I could see if this format was a good change or not. I'm sorry if the characters are out of character, or if they are not accurate enough. I do not own The Outsiders, Harry Potter, or Death Note.

"Okay!" the author announces, "I have noted what you have done these past few days, so now it is time to tell our readers what happened." She hands the script over to the narrarator. "This has not been editted, so if you have a disagreement with what is being said, please take it over to Ryuk."

"Who's Ryuk?" Ron asks.

Ryuk comes enters the room. The Greasers and wizards stare at him, mouths agape.

"What the hell is that supposed to be!?" Steve exclaims.
"A shinigami," Kymm says automatically, "A japanese God of Death."

"Hello," Ryuk greets them, extending his hand towards the group, "Got any apples?"

"No," Ron says. He turns and looks at the author. "We've got to take our business over to him?"

"Yup!" she says cheerily, then begins laughing maniacally.

"That's a creepy laugh," Ryuk comments, "You sound just like Light."

"Okay, it's time for the story."

"I've got to read all of this?" the Narrarator asks in disgust, "Normal people don't talk like this."

"Normal people don't attend Knudson. Please?"


The Narrator takes a deep breath, looks towards the group, and begins the story.

"The kids stop running at James Gay park. They are all out of breath and fall to the ground. The watch as the flames continue to eat was is left of downtown.

Carrisa: (panting) Why...the HELL did you say the spell!? (turns and crawls over to Ron) (grabs his shirt front and begins shaking him) YOU IDIOT! YOU COULD'VE GOTTEN US KILLED! CAN YOU IMAGINE JUST HOW MANY DAMN FANGIRLS WOULD BE ON OUR CASE IF JOHNNY OR DALLAS OR WHOEVER DIED IN THAT FIRE!?

Ron: Harry was bleeding! What was I supposed to do, let him bleed?

Carrisa: How about casting some spell to fix his eye!? Think about that, genius?

Ron: Hermione's the genius in our group! The only class I do well in is...is...

Carrisa: That's what I thought! Now what the hell are we supposed do!?

Darry: Well, now we've got Dallas. We're goin' home.

Kymm: Got a money?

Darry: Well, no, but-

Kymm: Any I.D.?

Darry: We just went over that at the casino. (sprawls onto the grass) Now what?

Johnny: I see one star.

Ponyboy: And one there.

Johnny: And another one, right over there.

Ponyboy: Where?

Johnny: Real far to your right, Ponyboy, see that star?

Ponyboy: The one that's movin'? It's a shootin' star.

Kymm: More that likely, it's a helicopter.

Johnny: It's gettin' closer.

Ponyboy: (sits up) I guess it is a helicopter.

Johnny: (anxiously) No...no Pony, it really is getting closer.

Soda: You okay, Johnnykid?
Johnny: The star...it's getting closer! It's...Soda, I think it's headin' towards us!

The three boys look up at the sky, and see the quote-en-quote star coming towards them. The star really was coming towards the, and they say it brush the tree and land at its base. They walk towards it.

Ponyboy: What is it?

Soda: Dunno. (picks it up) (begins flipping through the pages) It says 'Death Note.'

Ponyboy: What do you think that means?

Soda: Maybe it's a notebook that causes death.

Ponyboy: There's no such thing as that.

Soda: (smirking) Yeah. Well, maybe you or Johnny can use it as a notebook when we get home.

Johnny: Naw, Pony can use it. It's okay.

Soda: (reading throught the introduction) Wait, there's some words here. Says, 'The human whose name is written in this note shall die.' Heh, I was right.

Ponyboy: Well, it's all a load of trash, isn't it? I mean, you can't just write someone's name in that notebook and expect them to die, right?

Soda: (smiles deviously) Whaddya say we try it out?"

Thank you for reading!