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Mitchie couldn't stop the tears from running down her cheeks as she finished reading Shane's letter. She knew with all her heart that Shane was telling her the truth - maybe she'd known all along, but hadn't wanted to believe it. She still couldn't see how she wasn'ta hindrance to Shane and his career, but she knew that with every word written down on this piece of paper, he'd poured out his heart and soul.

I'm writing this because I can't just let you leave without at least trying to stop you, and since it's a letter that's got us both brokenhearted, maybe it'll be a letter that will bring us together again.

Quickly, Mitchie shoved her hand over her mouth as she re-read that last line, trying to stifle the sob that was rising in her throat. Was it too late to fix this? She wasn't sure... after all, she had moved, somewhere completely random, where Shane would never come looking. Yet still, her heart yearned for him, a tear falling onto his fancy writing and smudging the paper.

With a strong sob, she grabber a piece of paper, prepared to write him another letter.

Shane clutched the small envelope tightly, as if it was some precious treasure to him, as he rushed to his room, already tearing it open by the time he'd reached his door. His heart already racing as he anticipated what was written in the small piece of paper. Quickly, he pulled the paper out of the envelope, unfolding it, before he frowned in confusion.

Dear Shane,

I love you too.


The letter was simple, a few simple sentences, and he wasn't sure whether to be overjoyed or crushed beyond belief. He'd expected a long, full letter explaining things, the way they were in the beginning - instead, this was barely a clue as to anything that she was thinking. His eyes scanned the letter once more - perhaps he'd missed something? His heart jumped a little higher when he noticed a small sentence at the bottom, written in scratchy handwriting.

P.S. Turn around.

Frowning, his heart once again hurt, he tried to comprehend what the P.S. was for. A simple two words, which gave him no hint whatsoever. Frowning yet still a spark telling him to listen, he turned to face his window, and was met with wide brown orbs.

"Mitchie." He breathed, hardly able to comphrend what was going on, but knowing that she was back again, here, in his room, with him. A small smile formed on her lips, and without warning, she launched into his arms, breathing a sigh of relief as she felt his strong arms wrap around her, bringing her comfort. She breathed in his sweet smell, hardly able to feel the tears that were trailing down her cheeks as she sobbed.

"Mitchie." Once again, Shane couldn't help but repeat her name, fully aware of just how much he'd missed her - her scent, her eyes, and the way he was able to hold her. "Why?" It was a simple question, confusing to some who weren't aware of what had happened, but completely obvious to Mitchie. And that was really all that mattered, when it came down to it.

"I..." Mitchie drew in a breath, trying to control the wave of emotions battling inside of her, and focus on answering Shane's question, "I doubted myself." She replied quietly, simply. It was the plain, simple truth.

"Don't." Just like before, Shane's reply was short and too the point, but there was no need for long, drawn out sentences. Both already knew what the other wanted to say, and hence didn't need the words to descibe their feelings.

"I won't." Mitchie replied, snuggling closer into Shane's arms. "Believe me, I won't."

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