Summary: Lily and James left Harry with Petunia. Petunia decided she needed help to raise Harry and went to an old friend, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. All goes well until Petunia finds out she doesn't have much time left. What can she do?

Credits: To J.K. Rowling for writing the Harry Potter books in the first place. To the writers of NCIS.

To The Ends of the Earth

Chapter 1

Where the Mighty Falls

The light of the day had been gone for hours and only the moon and the stars gave the small amount of light that remained. For the occupants of Privet Drive this was normal and they were fast asleep. What was not normal was two adults walking up to the house of Privet Drive #4 with a young child in the woman's arms during the middle of the night. The child in question was fast asleep and was unaware that anything was going on around him. The two people who were there with him were his parents.

They would be leaving him with his aunt in order to protect him. It was after all for the "greater good". The child was the brother of the savior of the world, the chosen one, and it was thought to be a good idea to put him in hiding so that no one could use him against his brother. What they didn't know was they had the wrong child. Harry was the boy who lived not Xavier. That was their first mistake. They made another mistake when they decided to leave Harry with his muggle aunt because she would protect her nephew to the ends of the earth even if it meant going against her sister.

Dear Petunia,

Last night Voldemort was defeated by Xavier. We fear that his remaining death eaters will try and take Harry and use him against us so it was decided that we would leave him with you. We hope that you will treat him as your own. We are sorry that we only could leave a note and not speak to you but we are also on the very same hit list and did not want to risk it. We will leave Harry with you until he turns 11. Until then treat him as your own.

Lily Potter

James Potter

Petunia could feel her blood boiling. They left a child on a door step in the middle of the night in the freezing cold! Then, they had the audacity to say they hope they treat him as her own; how dare they! She eyed her nephew and sighed. She was glad she broke off the engagement from the Dursley boy. He would never approve of such strangeness in the house. As Petunia fed her nephew with a fresh bottle she told herself that she would treat him as her own and help him grow up to be somebody. Even if it meant training him on her own.

It was then she remembered the girl from all of those years ago. Shannon. She said she was getting married. Petunia looked around for the invite and found out hidden under several papers that were placed on the fridge. Her name was to be Shannon Gibbs. Petunia smiled. They were in America so she could hide with Harry there. With that thought she packed everything she had and ordered two tickets online to America. She made sure to arrive in a different state then she would be going so that it would be harder to track her. She had just finished her packing when she felt something tug on her sleeve and realized it must be Harry. He must need something.

The building of NCIS was buzzing and it was making it all the more harder to find the husband of the person she needed to speak to. She was about ready to let out a scream of frustration when she noticed a group on the floor she had arrived on. They were talking about where Gibbs could possibly be at this late in the morning and in an instant she knew they would be able to take her to him.

She felt relief flood through her. Harry was fast asleep in a material baby carrier she had bought when she had left her home. She was thankful he had slept all the way from Britain to Virginia and then through the drive to Washington D.C. She cleared her throat and all of them jumped. She raised an eyebrow when she saw them starring at her in confusion.

"I am here to speak with Special Agent Gibbs," Petunia said clearly. The woman starred at her wide eyed.

"He's not here yet but you could wait for him if you like," She offered. Petunia nodded and one of the men offered her a seat. She sat down her bag and repositioned herself so she could get a look at Harry as he was finally waking up. He tugged on her hair to let her know he was hungry. Petunia pulled out a bottle and started to feed him. He was part way through the bottle and she could still feel the stares.

"Is something wrong?" Petunia asked.

"Well-no," the woman began. "Are you related to him or something like that?" Petunia snorted.

"No," Petunia answered. "I knew him and his wife when he was stationed in Britain. I came to get some help." The woman nodded.

"I am Officer David and that is Special Agent McGee and Special Agent DiNozzo over there," Ziva finally said. Petunia nodded and was about to respond when Gibbs came around the corner. He showed a little surprise when he saw her but it quickly passed.

"Jethro, long time no see," She said keeping her voice even. He nodded his agreement.

"Is there something I can help you with?" He asked eyeing Harry.

"Remember what I told you about my sister all of those years ago and where she went to school," Petunia answered halfheartedly. He nodded and took a sip of coffee. "She got married to someone from that school and had twins. The person that was after them is dead because of one of her twins. They are still on a hit list of his followers so they went into hiding and left their other son with me, my nephew. I don't know what to do." Gibbs eyes had widened when she had said the man was dead but he looked beyond angry when she told him that they had left their son with Petunia.

"How do you want me to help?" Gibbs asked. The rest of his team looked shocked at his question but Petunia just smiled.

"I want to see Shannon," Petunia said firmly. Immediately sadness slipped into his eyes and Petunia immediately knew something was wrong.

"What's wrong? Where's Shannon? Where's Kelly?" He shifted a little in place and then gestured for him to follow her. She picked up her stuff and made sure that Harry was positioned correctly and followed him into a conference room not too far from where they had been previously.

"Shannon and Kelly were killed about 5 years ago," Gibbs began. "Shannon had witnessed a man murder a Marine. He went after her and killed both of them when he shot their driver in the head and then shot them. They died on impact."

"I didn't know," Petunia said softly. "I got a wedding announcement and kept it but I couldn't go. I'm so sorry." Gibbs gave her a faint smile.

"Aside from the impossible, what can I do for you?" Gibbs asked. Petunia explained why she was in America with Harry in the first place and why she had come to him and what she hoped to succeed in before they could even find her and Harry. She also explained how she found Harry and what she needed now.

"You mean to tell me they left their son on your doorstep in the middle of the night with only a note to tell you to take care of your nephew until he is 11," Gibbs asked shocked. He never knew anyone to be so heartless. He knew it was cold in Britain at the moment and the little guy could have gotten sick and probably will soon.

His fears were confirmed when Petunia nodded and handed him the note to prove so. Gibbs was starting to dislike these people a lot and he hadn't even met them. Both of them jumped, startled when Harry began whimpering and tugging on his aunt like there was no tomorrow. Gibbs felt Harry's forehead and sighed. Harry had a fever. He did not like it one bit.

"Come on. Let's take him to Ducky. He'll be able to help." Petunia nodded and quickly followed Gibbs while trying to calm Harry down. Upon entering the morgue Petunia felt herself flush a little and noticed that only two people were there. It looked like they were bantering about nothing in particular.

Petunia let out a small giggle at the sight. She remembered Ducky from all of those years ago and he hadn't changed one bit. Her giggle caused the two to look up and see who had entered into the morgue and why, if they weren't already dead that is. Ducky smiled at the sight of her and then looked curiously at the whimpering bundle in her arms.

"Harry is sick," Gibbs announced and Ducky went over to the child and helped him out of Petunia's arms. They placed him comfortably on one of the tables and Ducky checked to see what the problem was.

"He has an ear infection, a fever, and sore throat," Ducky said. "Poor little thing is miserable. I suggest taking him to a doctor; he will need some medications and fast." Petunia nodded and then suddenly looked miserable.

"Harry and I just arrived this morning," Petunia said panicked. "I have no health insurance or anything to cover the visit and medications."

"I'll cover it," Gibbs said simply. Petunia rounded on him.

"Jethro…," She began. He simply raised an eyebrow.

"I'll cover it or I'll send you to Jenny," Gibbs threatened although he knew right once he said it that his statement was no longer a threat.

"Jenny is here," Petunia asked excited. Gibbs let out a defeated sigh and nodded. Petunia picked up Harry and rushed out of the room. It wasn't even a moment later when she peered back in asking what was taking him so long. With a sigh he followed her out of the room. As the two turn back to their conversation Ducky could not help a small chuckle that had escaped him.

"I'm here to see Jenny Shepard," Petunia said as she stopped in front of the secretary's desk. The secretary raised an eyebrow at Gibbs who was standing behind her. He mouthed to her 'old friends'. The secretary nodded and pushed a button on her desk. It wasn't a moment later when the director responded.

"Yes," the director answered slightly distracted.

"Someone is here to see you," she responded.

"Well, who is it?" the director asked.

"She says her name is Petunia Evans," the secretary answered. There a pause for a moment before she responded.

"Send her in," the director answered. Petunia rushed into the room with Gibbs lagging behind her. Jenny hugged her old friend being mindful of the young child strapped to her chest. Jenny looked down at the young child. She placed her hand on his forehead and gasped. "He has a fever! Jethro you and your team are escort Petunia and…"

"My nephew," Petunia filled in.

"…her nephew to the emergency room this instant," Jenny finished. Gibbs nodded and opened the door for Petunia so they could head downstairs to the squad room. Ziva and Tony looked up when the two entered the squad room. Gibbs frowned when he noticed Timothy missing.

"Where's McGee?" Gibbs barked out.

"He's in Abby's lab working on a computer," Ziva answered distantly as she eyed Petunia thoughtfully. She jumped slightly when Harry began crying. Petunia looked panicked.

"We need to get him there and fast Jethro," Petunia told him. Gibbs sighed.

"I know I'm going to regret this but Ziva you're driving," Gibbs said throwing her the keys. Ziva got a strange look in her eye and Tony groaned. This was going to be interesting.