Roy Mustang and his subordinates were sitting in his office, the windows wide open, hoping to god that a cool wind would breeze through.

It was a very, very hot day in Central and they were in foul moods.

Everyone looked up as the door was thrown open with a crash, making Roy sigh as he realised that it was probably broken.

Into the room stomped Edward Elric with a glare on his face – and some sweat caused by the heat and waaaaay too much black – and his brother Alphonse, muttering apologies.

No one was in the mood for talking, so Ed just found a seat and dropped himself into it and closed his eyes.

After a few minutes of stuffy silence, the Colonel decided that he had to make a short joke:

"So Ed; by the end of the day, are you gonna be boiled or fried shrimp? I only ask because I need to figure out a side dish."

Without a word, Ed promptly leaned over to his brother, pulled off his head – ignoring Al's protests – and chucked it at him, managing to hit him on the nose.

All of a sudden, the door was flung open again, this time to reveal two teenage girls wearing shorts and bikini tops.

They started fanning themselves with their hands and the red-haired one said: "Jeez, it's really hot, huh?"

The blonde saw Ed and cried, "OH MY GOD, why are you wearing so many clothes?!"

The two ran over to Ed and started singing loudly: "LET'S GET NAKIE! GETTIN' NAKIE!" and started to pull off his clothes.

The military personnel and Alphonse could only watch in shock at the weirdness of what was happening.

"OH MY GOD! I'M BEING VIOLATED! HELP ME!" Ed shouted in vain.

By the end of this violation, Ed was wearing nothing but his boxers and his boots.

The girls had long since disappeared and Ed was wallowing in self pity in a corner.

The quote that inspired this weird chapter was:


It happened last summer in the heat of July in Italy... very hot...

Me and my sister created it XD