"Man..." sighed Ed, walking into Mustang's office in Central. He just knew that he was about to get another assignment and, although being tired and worn out, was looking forward to leaving the two freakish girls behind in Central.

"Oh!" exclaimed Havoc, seeing him and Al enter "You didn't break down the door..."

The heads of the other members of the team shot up in shock, even Hawkeye's face showed her surprise. Mustang's had to be the most annoying of them all though:

"Well, well, well... looks like our patience is finally working on you. Just like training a dog" He smirked, causing Ed to turn red and fume (which was probably Roy's intention from the start).

As Ed opened his mouth to shout, the two most annoying people on the face of the planet made their way into the room – Ed could easily admit at this point that Mustang was a friendly and calm person compared to Sally and Melody-Sharpay.

The red-head *(Melody-Sharpay for anyone whose forgotten)* quickly ran over to Lieutenant Hawkeye and smiled, "Yo boobs!"

The faces of the males in the room turned various shades of pink and red – even Alphonse managed to sprout a pretty rose colour onto his metal helmet.

Sally looked over at Mustang and smirked, "Hey penis"

Ed frowned, confused by the shudder that coursed through the Flame Alchemist's body at Sally's look.

"What's up with you, Mustang?" he questioned with a raised eyebrow. Roy only shook his head in response and Sally quickly jumped in (quite literally) and spoke instead,

"Never mind about him, Edo-chan!" she smirked, "how's Envy?"

"How am I supposed to know?" he frowned "why are you smirking like that?"

She sighed and threw up her arms "Oh come on, Ed, it's obvious that you two are in love and secretly have hot 'nd smexy yaoi sex whenever possible!"

Jaws dropped around the office at this and Alphonse gasped "brother". Melody-Sharpay looked at all of the open mouths and cautioned them: "Ya know; birds and flies and crap are gonna leave some nasty things in your mouths if ye keep leaving them open like that". They all snapped shut like a mouse trap, but their eyes never left Ed's face.

"WHAT?! That's disgusting! Besides, I'M STRAIGHT!"

"So's spaghetti 'till you heat it up!" Melody-Sharpay added with a grin.

"..." there was complete silence until one man spoke up. One guess as to who it was...

"Wow Ed," smirked Roy (there's an awful lot of smirking going on in this office, no?), "you're a wee bit sluttish, now!"

Roy leaned back in his large, comfy chair as Ed steamed.

All of a sudden, Ed pounced at Mustang and landed one automail fist on the older man's jaw with a heck of a lot of force.

After a momentary pause of surprise, Roy snapped his fingers ("Does he ever take those gloves off?" ponders Sally. "I doubt it... everything in his house is probably fireproof. Imagine how much money he spends on fire extinguishers!" replied Melody-Sharpay) and sent Ed flying to the other end of the room, straight into his brother's waiting arms. He landed with a loud clang and a slight gasp of pain (his brother is made of metal!).

"Oohh! Violence, yay!" cried Melody-Sharpay happily.

Everyone turned to the red-head and were further surprised at the sweat-drop on Sally's head.

"Yes dear... let's go home and you can watch Naruto beat someone up or something..."

Melody-Sharpay's eyes lit up and sparkled as she quickly turned and sped out of the office, leaving Sally to chase after her ("slow down you madwoman!").

"What... the crap?" said Havoc after another couple of minutes.

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