Title: Something I Can Never Have: Part1/?

Author: AmericanFairy

Rating: R for strong sexual references

Characters: Mostly Cain and DG with small appearances made by some of the other main characters from the show. Cain centric.

Pairings: Cain/DG extreme UST

Summary: She calms his hate and soothes his tortured soul. She's both everything to him and yet something that he can never have.

Warnings: Angst and smut.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tin Man or The Wizard of Oz. Simply a fangirl throwing in my thoughts from the peanut gallery. This is unbeta'd so any and all mistakes are my own. A huge thank you goes out to jessiechaos, badgirl2bad4u, and everyone else who has encouraged me while writing this.

Word Count: 2,382

Trapped in the suit he watched as his family was beaten over and over again. He had been drained of all emotions except for one: hate. He had felt the hate for so long that it consumed him like liquid fire eating away at his very heart and soul.

And suddenly, she was there like an angel swinging a stick in defense of complete strangers. The sight of it was one Wyatt Cain knew would haunt him for the rest of his days.

Now he was free and she was there standing before him helping him off the ground and wiping the grime off of his face with a damp cloth. The cloth moved from his face to his neck and collarbone as she began to unbutton his shirt with her other hand. Slowly, the cloth began to trail down his chest wiping the years in the suit off of his skin but unable to penetrate to his soul. Cain groaned. The sensation of her touch was nearly too much and yet not enough.

As if sensing his needs she leaned in and pressed her lips to his collarbone working her way up to his pulse point igniting the fire that was within him. Grabbing her fiercely his lips crashed over hers as he worked her jacket off. She tasted like apples and smelled like rain. He needed her touch, needed her to sooth the hate that was him. She worked his shirt off of his shoulders her lips never leaving his as his hands crept under her shirt to hold her sides. When he pressed his hips into hers she moaned into his mouth and he nearly came undone right then and there. Her hands went down to his pants and as she began to work the fastenings he brought his hands around to grab her rear. His eyes slammed shut and he groaned loudly when she grasped him and began to stroke. Gods, it had been so long. He was vaguely aware of babbling something like: Oh Gods yes, DG don't stop, yes, yes, yes, I need you now!

Cain woke up hot and hard in his apartment as the night sounds from Central City floated in through the open window. Damn, that had felt so real. Groaning in frustration he turned his head to look at the clock on his nightstand: 3 AM. He blew out a sigh as he got up and headed into the bathroom in an effort to relieve his tension.

Splashing his face with cold water he straightened up to look at his reflection in the mirror. What had started as the occasional dream months ago had evolved into a now nightly occurrence. He couldn't make any sense of it. He would have understood if he had been having dreams of Adora but DG? Shaking his head pushed the images of her to the back of his mind. He was a man of tin, he did his job and that was it. His job at the time had been to protect the princess and when that was done he had moved on.

That had been annuals ago. So why was he having the dreams now?

The next day things were not any better. Normally, he could look forward to throwing himself into work and trying to forget his dreams. But today was not a normal day. Instead it was supposed to be the first day of his "vacation." The royal family had returned to Central City and he had been invited to spend the week with DG, Glitch, and Raw.

He had lost count of how many letters and invitations had been sent to him, but he had steadily declined each and every one. The only reason that he had agreed to this one was because DG had threatened to come to the Tin Man headquarters and find him herself. The last thing he needed was a distraction at work and a princess arriving at the Tin Man headquarters would certainly be one.

Cain frowned as he packed his bag. He was not looking forward to any of this, especially seeing DG. Bad enough she now tormented him every night in his dreams but to have her constantly in within touching distance was going to be hell.

As he was placing his bag in his truck Jeb came by to see him off. "Have a good time, Father."

Cain simply grunted in reply.

Jeb moved so that he was directly in his father's line of vision. "Admit it. You've missed them."

Sighing, Cain straightened up to look at his son. "I miss the way it used to be, yes. But things have changed."

"Like what?" Jeb asked.

How was Cain supposed to answer that? That he was lusting after a girl who was young enough to be his daughter? He couldn't, no he wouldn't, accept that and he was pretty that sure Jeb wouldn't either.

"Time changes people," was all he could say.

"Yeah," Jeb nodded and stared off. Cain's son knew the truth behind those words all too well. As far as Jeb was concerned the man who was standing before him was not the same man who had entered the suit. And Wyatt Cain had come to terms with the fact that his little boy was dead, replaced by a young man who had been hardened by war and hardship. It had taken them annuals to find their footing but they had.

"Hey," he placed his hand on his son's shoulder in an effort to bring him back to the present. "You take care of yourself, okay?"

Jeb flashed his father a cocky grin. "Hey, I learned from the best."

Cain smiled as well. "Still, don't get too overconfident. That's a sure way to get yourself into trouble."

"Got it," Jeb replied as his father gave him a quick pat on the shoulder. "Well, I'm off. People to protect, lawbreakers to see."

Cain couldn't help but chuckle as his son walked away. Shaking his head he climbed into the truck and took a deep breath before starting the engine. No sense in putting it off any longer. It was time to go see the princess.

At the palace gates he fully expected the guards to do a full security check, including finger prints and a bag search, before he was allowed through. To his surprise, just as they were getting started a voice spoke up. "No need to do that. He's clear."

Cain and the guards looked up to see Glitch approaching standing tall and looking quite impressive in his uniform. "Hey there, Cain!" the advisor greeted the Tin Man cheerfully.

"Glitch," Cain shook his hand. "Or is it Ambrose now?"

"Naw," Glitch replied with a slight wave of his hand. "I'm still Glitch to my friends."

Cain nodded. He's be lying if he didn't admit that he had been wondering how his friend would behave after having his brain restored. He was glad to note that the most obvious changes appeared to be less glitching, better coordination, and a small pink scar near his hairline.

Glitch gestured for Cain to follow him. "Come on. She's been waiting for you."

Apprehension hit him full force as Cain picked up his bag and reluctantly followed his friend. Squaring his shoulders he let his Tin Man persona kick in. It was easier that way. He truly didn't want to be here and the sooner he got this visit out of the way the better.

A familiar voice brought him out of his thoughts. He looked up to see Raw approaching. Trying to look cheerful Cain shifted his bag and held out a hand. "I see that I'm the last to arrive."

Instead of shaking the proffered hand the viewer took it between his own two hands and closed his eyes. "Cain nervous. Is eager to see DG yet afraid to. Full of anger, sadness, and fear." Raw looked at Cain in surprise while Glitch gave a him a sharp look. "Why?"

Well hell, he should have known to expect Raw viewing him instead of just shaking his hand. "Nothing you need to worry about," he replied as he pulled his hand away. As Raw opened his mouth to speak again Cain cut him off. "Just leave it, okay?"

Raw nodded nervously while Glitch eyed Cain with suspicion. "What's your problem, Cain? You've got that same lousy attitude you had when we first let you out of the suit."

Cain shot him a glare. "Look, I'm only here because DG insisted on it but it's only for a day or two. Then I'm out." He resumed his walk to the palace.

Shaking his head, Glitch followed with Raw closely behind. "She's not going to be happy when she hears about this," he said ruefully. Raw murmured in agreement.

As they entered the palace Cain scanned the surrounding hall automatically. The last time he had been here had been annuals ago when he had been a part of the Mystic Man's protection detail. He was relieved to notice that not much appeared to have changed. He handed his bag to a waiting uniformed servant who promptly carried it away.

"You're here!" DG's voice rang out. Cain turned to see her hurrying down the stairs with a smile on her face. As he noted how her blue dress seemed to emphasize both her eyes and her figure he realized that he and his defenses didn't stand a chance against her. But he was certainly going to try.

"Cain!" she exclaimed happily as she threw her arms around his neck. Slowly, almost awkwardly, he wrapped his arms around her as he tried not to think too much about her warm, soft, body pressed against his. Or the fact that he could feel her breath on his neck and could smell her hair. It smelled just like rain during a summer storm. The images from his dreams came unbidden to his mind and he had to force his hands to her shoulders to push her back gently.

"Hey there, Kid," he saw that she was grinning from ear to ear so he forced a small smile for her. "I take it you missed me?"

"Did I ever!" she exclaimed happily. "I can't believe I had to threaten you to get you to finally come over. You hardly ever write. How am I supposed to know what's going on in your life if you don't tell me? Come on, after you've had a chance to get settled in your rooms you have to tell me all about how you and Jeb have been doing."

Before he could protest, Cain found himself being pulled through the network of corridors to his room. He had nearly forgotten what a force of nature she could be when she applied herself. At least, he had tried to forget.

Eventually, it became obvious that they were not walking through any of the guest wings but were in the family wing. "I thought you were taking me to my room."

"I am taking you to your room and here we are," DG replied as she threw open a set of double doors. The room was actually a suite of rooms nearly the size of his flat. The front room was the sitting area complete with a sofa, fireplace, and a small table with two chairs that sat under the window. DG walked in and opened one of the two doors along the wall.

"This door leads to the bedroom. The other one leads to the bathroom."

"Thanks Kiddo," he replied. He walked over to the window to check out the view. He found that he could see a large portion of Central City from here including his beat. He turned to find that DG had come up behind him, watching him. Suddenly, he was very aware of the fact that he and DG were the only ones in the room. The door to the hallway was shut and he hadn't seen any servants along the way. His hand twitched, aching to touch her, if only just for a second. How easy would it be to just grab her and kiss her, see if she really did taste like she did in his dreams? However he forced himself to stay still as DG turned her head and seemed to be intent on studying the bowl of fresh fruit that was on the table. The silence between them stretched on uncomfortably.

It was DG who finally broke the silence. "So, word is that Jeb's a Tin Man now? Like father, like son."

"He is," Cain replied shortly as he turned back to the window. He found it easier to be short with her when he didn't have to see her. She was less tempting that way. "Though hopefully not too much like his father."

DG tried again after a pause. "I saw the servant bring up your bag. You must pack pretty light."

Without turning from the window Cain answered her. "I only intend on being here for a day or two. Then I've got to go back to work."

"Don't," DG said suddenly. Something in her voice caused Cain to turn around and look at her.

"Don't what, Princess?" he asked quietly.

"Don't do that. You just… shut down. You don't let anyone in. Just stop doing that, please. Let's just try to have some fun and enjoy being in each other's company." She looked at him pleadingly her eyes filling up with tears. Damn it, he didn't mean to make her cry. That was the last thing he wanted to do.

"Hey there," he softened his voice in an effort to calm her down. "Listen let's just take this one step at a time. Okay?"

To her credit, she didn't let any of the tears fall. Instead she simply stared at him with those wide blue eyes. "Okay," she finally said. "I'll let you unpack and rest before dinner." And with those words she quickly walked out of the room. He sighed knowing that she had won. Once again she had breezed past all of his defenses with seemingly no effort. He turned back to the window. This was going to be a lot harder than he thought.