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Floating in Serenity

Rima adored Shiki.
She always had. She'd helped him become strong, so he wouldn't be pushed around by anyone. She never liked it when he was always told what to do by others. She'd never told him how she felt though. She wanted to cherish their being friends for a while longer.


That's only what they were. Best friends, of course. But still friends.
Every time they were with each other, it was peaceful. They were so relaxed and comfortable around each other that it almost fell into a routine each day.
Almost. Routines were something that just had to be done and finished accordingly. To them it was just as normal as breathing. It came so naturally.


As Rima adjusted her ribbon, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Staring back at her was a young teenage girl with short sunset-orange locks pulled up in two pigtails and tied with ribbons. Electric blue eyes stared back at her curiously.

"Rima" She heard Ruka say. "It's time for us to start heading downstairs."

She looked back at Ruka and told her to go down first, saying she was meeting up with Shiki first. Ruka nodded her head and left the room quietly.
Rima sighed again and looked back at the mirror and put her hand upon it. Time to go...
She turned around and grabbed her books and headed for the door. Just when her hand touched the knob, someone knocked twice.

"Rima? Are you in there?" It was Shiki.

Rima opened the door and looked at Shiki. He looked at her with one eyebrow raised slightly. You probably wouldn't catch it if you knew him well though.
"Apparently." He said, answering his own question.
Rima smiled slightly at him and said, "Come, we don't want to be late do we?" She sidestepped him around the door and turned around to look at him. He closed the door and started walking with Rima by his side.

They walked down the hallway quietly while passing some other students, who were either gossiping about Kaname-sama and Yuuki-sama or talking about last night's homework. When they got downstairs, they joined the group and sat down whilst Aidou and Ruka were arguing over some nonsense and Kain was trying to soothe Ruka.

Rima dug around in her pocket for a box of pocky and when she found it, she opened it and took three out and handed them over to Shiki, who automatically fit them all in his mouth and bit into them.

Then, Kaname and Yuuki were headed down the stairs and all the vampires stood up and stopped whatever they were doing and bowed slightly and murmurs of 'Kaname-sama and Yuuki-sama' echoed throughout the main hall of the dormitory.

"Everyone." Kaname said and led them out of the dorm and to the gates were the screaming fan-girls could be heard from over a mile.
She never had liked the way they were; unruly and much too loud for her tastes, but she had coped with it, knowing it was all part of the pacifism of the school.

She walked along the group whilst ignoring the screaming day class girls, and focused on talking to Shiki meanwhile. Though she was sort of late on that when he started talking first.
"Our manager called." He drawled out.
"Oh?" She quirked an eyebrow.
"Yes. We've another photo shoot to attend this Saturday." he said with a bored tone.
"Ah. I see. What's the event?" she asked, fixing her gaze on her nails. I'll need to repaint them soon...
"I don't know yet. I think it was just for some expensive-brand store though."

By now, they were walking inside the classroom and everyone was taking their usual seats and Rima and Shiki followed suit. Soon, the teacher came in and started the lesson.

"I'll tell you the rest after class, okay?" she heard Shiki whisper. She nodded her head in answer and opened her book to the corresponding page and began her work diligently. When she finished the first set of questions though, her thoughts floated back to Shiki. Although when she looked to said Shiki, she found him with his head in his hands and fast asleep. She giggled quietly before turning back to her notebook and smiling sweetly at herself. He was always sleepy for some reason...

While the teacher kept going on about the lesson, she looked outside to find that it was raining. She was hoping that it wouldn't thunder though. She didn't really care that much if it thundered or not, because of the fact that it would do no harm to her, just that it was sort of hard to go to sleep when it was so loud and flashy. The only good thing about it was that Shiki would sometimes sneak into her and Ruka's room and sleep in her bed. One time when she asked why he did so, (not that she'd object to it) he said it was because the thunder reminded him of her. To which she had blushed to, and was very thankful it was dark.

A spontaneous roar of thunder snapped her from her thoughts and also roused a very-sleepy Shiki from his dreamless-sleep.
He looked up at her and murmured sleepily, "I'm sleeping in your room tonight." Then went back to sleep.
She smiled at him and wondered how much sleep a vampire could possibly need.

She turned back to the window and let her thoughts float back to Shiki.

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