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Rima shot up on her bed with a scream at the tip of her tongue, ready to be let out. She took her shaking hand and brought it up to her face, feeling the slight sheen of sweat that had formed. She could not even begin to imagine what nightmares she had dreamed of this time, when she was still trying to calm down her pounding heart.

A flash of lightning instantly struck near the school, and Rima calmed down a bit. It started to rain. She never recalled having this particular nightmare ever before. Hence, she did not remember much of it. All that she could remember was a thick fog, and a vast amount of vampires gathered around one corpse, or so she assumed, whispering incoherent thoughts and grinning in an evil manner.

The rain picked up and soon enough, it was pouring. 'Ah, I wonder if they'll cancel classes tonight...'

She turned her head around to look at the clock, which read '6:15 p.m.' and shrugged. She'd have to wake up soon anyways. She shook out of her lacy sheets and put her feet down on the cold wooden floor and hissed a bit, before she put her feet back down and adjusted to the coldness.

She softly padded over to the bathroom, deciding to take a while longer in doing her morning 'rituals' since Ruka wouldn't be yelling at her to hurry up this time. When she got out, she rushed over to her closet in a large, fluffy towel and grabbed her uniform, quickly putting it on except for the white, outer jacket.

She put the jacket on one of the hangers by her bed and put down the towel on the edge, knowing the maids would pick it up. She walked up to her dresser and began working on her hair, tying the ribbons automatically out of custom habit after having brushed it. Rima looked back outside the windows to find it was still raining heavily. In fact, it seemed as if it was getting worse and worse as the minutes passed by.

As she was leaving Ruka and her's suite, she grabbed an item that she could never forget when going to Senri's room. Pocky.

Oh, the wonders that pocky could (and would) do to him.

She closed the door quietly, and began making her way towards Senri's room, thinking once again of what she could remember from the nightmare. She only remembered that one scene and a bit of something that she couldn't clearly recall. She was sure it was something dealing with Shiki, though. Something about his eyes...

Rima snapped out of her daze as she turned the familiar corner and neared his room, knocking twice on the door, and walked inside. She walked over to the side of his bed, watching as his chest rose and fell with every breath. So calm, she thought. I wonder if he's dreaming right now...

"Shiki, wake up," She nudged his head a bit, his eyes opening. He stared at her sleepily for a few seconds before closing his eyes again, and rolled onto his side.

"Fine, then. More pocky for me," Shiki threw the covers and sheets up almost instantly and stood on his feet. "Pocky?" He asked, quirking his eyebrow.

"Nngh, get dressed, at least." Rima chided, shooing him into the bathroom. when she heard the door close and lock, she displayed a very small grin on her face as she looked around his room. How messy it was! Had a maid ever been in here? Or did he really just make it so messy in a minute's time? She shrugged. Good thing no one in the Moon Dorms were responsible for cleaning their suites.

She plopped down on his bed and rolled onto the middle;lying on her stomach. She heard the water running in the shower, then after a few minutes, the water stopped. She could practically see the small amount of fog rising up out of the door and giggled. He had probably used up all the hot water again. Someone knocked on the doors then, ruining the silence.

"Come in," Rima answered.

One of the maids came in and bowed.

"Kuran-sama has announced that classes will be post-poned until further notice, Touya-sama. Where is Shiki-sama?" She asked.

"He's in the bathroom right now. Don't worry though, I'll inform him. You may leave now." She responded. The maid bowed her way out, closing the door silently, and padded over to the next set of doors. She later heard the bathroom door open, close, and then the closet door opening. After a few minutes, she remembered to tell him what the maid had said.

"Shiki, there's no class right now, so don't bother putting on your whole uniform." She half-yelled. She heard mumbling from the inside of the closet.

"What?" She murmured, know he could perfectly hear her.

"I said, You could have told me earlier. I was already putting on my shoes."

"Well take your shoes off. Easy." She said, giggling softly. He huffed and went to sit on the bed. He laid his head on her back a bit hard in return to her response. A mumble of 'ouch' was his answer.

"I bet that didn't even hurt. But anyways, where's my pocky? Do you have those new strawberry-flavoured ones again?" He asked softly.

"If you get off of me, you'll get them even faster." She murmured. Instead, he just lifted his head, scooted up some more, and laid his back on hers, making her huff at the small pressure.

"Doesn't matter then. I want to go to sleep now that there's no class. You'll give me some later anyways." Shiki said, shrugging.

"By later I hope you know that means tomorrow." Rima scoffed.

"Tomorrow's friday, that's right. But still, I think you should give me some before our date." He argued.

"I'll think about it." She retorted. They both huffed then, and he chuckled lightly. He'll do it her way in the end, it seemed.

"Good night, then." He mumbled.

"Night," She whispered, closing her eyes. Then they escaped into the world of dreams, together.

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