Chapter 1

It's been a week since her honeymoon and Marlena still feels like she is on her honeymoon. "I love John so much; I still can't believe I am his wife. The honeymoon was wonderful and coming home was wonderful as well. Seeing our beautiful children run into our arms screaming with joy."
She is sitting in her office daydreaming, waiting for her test results to see if she is pregnant.
(Phone rings)
The phone brings her back to reality. "I hope these are my test results. She picks up the receiver and answers, Dr. Evans, newlywed."
"Dr. Evans, this is Belle's dance teacher Ms. Smith and I am calling because your daughter collapsed during my class and I was wondering if you could come pick her up?"
The smile left Marlena's face as quickly as it appeared and her hand went to her cheek.
"Ms. Smith, is she okay?"
"Well, I don't really know, one minute she was her usual sweet, funny, self, working hard to get ready for the recital in a week and the next thing I know she is lying on the floor."
"Is she conscious right now, Ms. Smith?"
"Yes, but she says she is hot and dizzy and that her tummy is hurting her. I laid her down on the bench and got a cold rag for her head a cup of water to cool her down. She says she still isn't feeling well and is asking for you."
"Thanks so much for calling, and I will be there immediately."
"No problem, see you in a little while."
Marlena hangs up and then dials John's cell since he is running some errands at Salem Place.
He picks up on the third ring.
"John Black."
"John, it's me."
"Doc, honey, is everything okay?"
"I don't think so, John. I just got a call from Belle's dance teacher. Belle collapsed while she was dancing and told the teacher that she is hot and that her stomach hurts. I am going to go pick her up right now and take her to the Emergency Room."
"Thanks, for calling, sweetheart. I will meet you at the ER in a little bit. I love you."
"I love you too and I will see you soon."
She hangs up the phone, grabs her purse and as she is going out the door she shuts the light off and locks the door behind her.
"I hope you are going to be okay, baby girl."

Meanwhile at Belle's dance class...

Belle is lying on the bench with her eyes closed and holding her stomach with a rag on her forehead.
"Belle, I called your mommy and she will be here in a little bit to get you, okay?"
She opens her eyes just a little bit and looks at her teacher.
"Thank you, Ms. Smith. I am so sorry I got sick during your class."
Ms. Smith puts her hand on Belle's arm.
"Its okay, Belle, it happens. Don't worry about it, okay. I just want you to get better."
Belle just nods her head and closes her eyes. Ms. Smith walks over to the other girls and reassures them that Belle is going to be okay.
(Door opens)
It's Marlena looking for her daughter. She spots her over on the bench resting with her little hands scrunched up under her cheek. Marlena thinks to herself. "She looks like such a little angel."
Marlena walks over to her.
"Belle, its Mama."
Belle opens her eyes and looks at her mother and smiles. Marlena kneels and strokes her daughter's hair.
"Mommy, I'm sorry I got sick and made you leave work."
"Oh, sweetie girl, it's okay. It's not your fault you got sick. I love you."
Marlena hugs her and as she is hugging her, she feels how warm Belle is.
"I love you too, Mommy." Belle says as she hugs her back.
"Belle, you are burning up, we need to get you to the hospital."
"Could you carry me? I am so dizzy and my tummy hurts."
Marlena picks up her daughter.
"Of course I will carry you, I will carry you anywhere."
Belle rests her head on mom's shoulder as Marlena walks over to Belle's teacher.
"Ms. Smith, do you have my daughter's things?"
Ms. Smith turns around.
"Dr. Evans, yeah I have her things, let me go get them for you."
Marlena stands there holding Belle, rubbing her back and kissing her wet curls. Ms. Smith brings Marlena Belle's things.
"Here you go. I hope Belle feels better soon."
"I will call you and let you know how she is feeling so she can come back to class."
"Sure, Dr. Evans. Get your little girl well."
"I will, talk to you soon."
Marlena walks out the door and out to her car. She puts Belle in her car seat but it doesn't wake Belle up.
Marlena taps Belle's cheek, nothing.
She puts her fingers on Belle's neck to check her pulse, very weak, barely there at all.
Marlena takes Belle out of her car seat. She is limp and dangles in her mother's arms. Marlena lays her on the seat and gets the mirror out of her purse to check to see if Belle is breathing. No breath. Marlena panics and begins to cry.
"I need to administer CPR."
She takes Belle's soaking wet shirt off and tosses it aside and begins chest compressions.
Then she gives her mouth to mouth. Still nothing. She begins compressions again.
"1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. Come on, baby girl, breathe for mama."
She gives her mouth to mouth again. Belle coughs. Marlena sits her up to help her breathe better and then hugs her really tight.
(Phone rings)
Marlena lays Belle down in the seat and grabs her purse and answers her phone.
"Doc, where are you. I have been waiting here for 20 minutes?"
"John, Belle stopped breathing when I got her to the car so I had to administer CPR. She is breathing now, but I need to get to the hospital. I'll see you in a few minutes."
She hangs up and double checks her daughter. She is doing fine so she gets in and drives to the hospital.

Chapter 2 coming soon...