Rain, Rain, Come And Stay

Blair watched the patterns the rain pattered down against the balcony windows. Some trails merged, others didn't, each drop making a soft splash against the glass upon contact. Some larger droplets made momentary firework bursts against the glass before they too were washed away. The summer storm tapped a soft, comforting rhythm against the loft's exterior.

The interior was far too closed in to be anywhere near as comfortable. "It's raining again," Blair sighed, following one lone drop down the glass with his eyes.

Jim looked up from the Sports section. "Yeah, so? This is Cascade, it rains five days out of seven."

Blair huffed and turned away as the lone raindrop got obliterated by half a dozen others in yet another burst of watery fireworks. "Yeah, but it's been raining for almost two weeks straight. We've only gotten a few hours of downtime in between the storms, and I'm getting sick of not being able to go outside without a kayak." He turned back to the windows, staring morosely out at the drenchpour. "I want to see the sun," he mumbled.

Chuckling lowly, Jim folded up his paper and laid it on the coffee table. He had a surefire way to cure the younger man's blues. "Well, I know something that could take your mind off the rain," he said seductively.

Not really hearing the invitation in his lover's voice, Blair's voice remained listless and disinterested as he asked, "Oh? What's that?"

Walking on silent socked feet, Jim crept up behind Blair and then quickly pulled his lover into his arms, nibbling on his ear with abandon. "I'll give you a hint – we might still end up damp, but we definitely won't be cold."

Blair grinned and arched into the aggressive caresses. "Sounds like…fun," he gasped, before diving into Jim's open mouth.

As long as Jim was willing to distract him like this, Blair didn't much care if the rain stayed forever.