Eh, I should be finishing my other works, but… this idea just came to me… I'm not an avid fan of AU, but I still like it… Oh, and of course, other characters will be shown here as well… this might either be an UraharaMayuri or a KenMayu/UraharaYoruichi… tell me which one you'd prefer. XD

It has been a long hard day of working in the lab and Urahara was glad that it was over. Cleaning up his desk from the stacks of finished reports and designs, he shifted his gaze to a lone figure still working on a computer and sighed. Locking his files inside a cabinet, he reached for his coat and bag and headed towards his companion. He stopped a few feet from the man and stared, his subordinate sat still, still typing leisurely on the keypad, obviously too interested in whatever he was working on to care that he was being watched. Urahara scratched his head, not knowing if he should disturb the younger man who was so eager to learn that he would stay in late. Making up his mind that he should tell his assistant that it was time to go, he reached forward and tapped his shoulder.

"Mayu-chan, it's time to go."

Golden eyes slowly shifted its gaze from the monitor and looked at him, the orbs reflecting light from the desktop, giving it an eerie, animal like glow. And as if not hearing what was said to him, gazed back into the monitor and continued typing. Thinking that he would be ignored, Urahara shook his head, his blond tresses waving side to side. He was quite proud of his little assistant, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, and was happy to be working with a young mind with so much potential. He smiled to himself. He was really happy to be working with someone who can keep up with his intelligence, even if that someone was as stubborn as a donkey. Not to mention, he was really good looking too-

"I'm done. Let's go."

A voice snapped him out of his thoughts and he looked back at Mayuri, watching silently as the light in front of his younger friend dim and then slowly fade to black. He chuckled and messed up the shorter man's hair, laughing when he felt a hand smack it. "Awww, Mayu-chan, I'm so proud of you."

"Shut up, and don't touch my hair." Mayuri growled, his thin hands coming to his oddly colored blue hair and fixing it a bit. Standing up gracefully, he took off his lab coat and placed it on his chair; he then grabbed his jacket and placed it on. "Eh, is she here?" Securing a small shoulder bag to make sure that none of the contents would spill out, he glanced at his superior.

"Ah, she's waiting outside. Shall we?" Placing his hand on Mayuri's shoulder, he guided him out of the darkened room, opening the door and closing the single light that was turned on.




The blond gazed at the younger lad, his eyes softening when he hears the small yet audible hint of fear. "Alright, Mayu-chan."

It had been a month now, he recalls, since he was assigned to an operation that would help in brining an old, yet fearsome mob to justice. The 'de la Rosa', a group of young and rich gentlemen that held political power, had been tied to different murder cases during the past 10 years, continuing even now; yet, no one has been able to rightfully prove that they were the ones responsible. No one, not even the greatest detectives has been successful in stopping the elusive gang. And so, after a decade of absolute panic, they have decided to ask help from the famous scientist, Urahara Kiskue. He grudgingly accepted the offer. Looking at Mayuri again as they passed the different hallways, he felt that he did the right thing. He wanted to protect those who were with him. Those he cared about. Opening the back door of the building, he smiled as he saw a small car sitting right in front of them, its black shiny color blending perfectly with the shadows.

"Hello, Yoruichi-san."

"Eh, it's late, you dumbasses." The woman smiles back, she moves from her position of sitting on the car and gives both of them a smirk. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go!" She laughs, her silky voice filling their ears.

Yoruichi Shihōin, the famed President of the ever successful Shihōin Company, was also the president of a secret organization which was hidden under the company's shadow, the Onmitsukidō. The stealthy group of assassins and bodyguards, those who protected the city in the darkness, just under their noses, was a powerful set that only a few know. Urahara motioned Mayuri to the back seat as he follows suit. He felt safe around her; she was a powerful woman, trained in every fighting style known to man. He was an experienced fighter as well, that he knew, he trained with her as a best friend before, but the overwhelming strength of the mob was too much for him alone, and so he asked for her assistance, just in case they found out.

Yoruichi walks to the other side of the car and slowly gets in the driver's seat, her leather clothes squeaking against the rubber seats. She looks back at the duo sitting behind her and flashes her teeth, her golden eyes-Urahara is amazed that the two people he loves have the same eye color- twinkling, as she gives them a salute and starts the car. The three of them sat in a comfortable silence, unbeknownst of the danger facing their ride home.

"So… are there any updates on the case, Kisuke?" Yoruichi asks, breaking the silence.

"Ah, no. If they were the ones who killed the family, they were very thorough about it. We didn't find anything that would lead to them."


Mayuri sat still, his hands tightly holding his pants, he should say something. During the late hours he spent into his first case, he was the only one to find something useful. Glancing up worriedly from the tense conversation, he stopped himself from saying anything. It didn't seem like the right time, he thought.

"Kisuke." She says, her voice filled with seriousness.

"I know."

"We're being followed."

Mayuri's eyes become wide after hearing that statement. Short, simple, yet full of dread; it only had two outcomes, either they will make it, or they won't. He shifts his gaze into the rear view mirror, squinting a little bit from the dark; he is surprised to find that she was in fact correct. Just behind them, although in a far distance, was a black limo, its windows tinted. He bit his lip. How should he react? What would happen? Fear gripped him, his body froze and he felt sweaty.

"Don't worry, Mayu-chan. All we have to do is to play with them for a while, right, Yoruichi-san?" he reassuringly smiles at Mayuri, his hand resting on the blue haired assistant's knee. Mayuri nods, feeling better than before, but still doubting nonetheless. He looks down and closes his eyes. He didn't believe in any supernatural beings, but he prayed, desperately, that this will turn out alright.

"I suggest you put your seatbelts on, it's going to be on helluva ride!" the woman shouts, her hand gripping the steering wheel as she looks back. Quickly moving the shift gear, she steps on the gas. The limousine follows, honking to any other cars that threatened to cut in front of it. Mayuri fumbles with the seatbelt and decides to just hold on, Urahara sense this and puts his arm over Mayuri's shoulder, pulling him closer. And as if it could not get any worse, he laughs, and she laughs as well. His blue eyebrows furrow a little bit, should they be laughing at a time like this? He'll have to get mad at them later, for now, he will just have to deal with clinging to the laughing bastard for starters.

And as soon as the car sped up, it stopped in such an instant that he almost fell forward if it wasn't for the arms enveloping him.

A chuckle reaches his ears and he opens his eyes. "Amateurs, they can't even spy on us properly. Well, we're here." Yoruichi says in a proud tone, her hand fixing her violet hair.

"Let's go, Mayu-chan."

He gapes; it looks like, according to Mayuri's quick deductions that they were in fact in a cave. Getting out of the car shakily while hugging his bag, he looks around and asks. "W…Where?" He was silently happy that their first encounter with the mob turned out alright, but still weary on what they were going to do next, not to mention the place reminded him of a certain superhero hideout.

"It's a secret." Urahara replies.

"Our things, my bed…"

"They're all safely transported into this building."

"The others…"

"Are all here as well."

"Welcome back, Yoruichi-sama." A woman's voice stops their small conversation. Mayuri looks up from his position outside the car and looks up, a small petite woman stood in front of them, her mouth formed into a thin line as she stares back. She was small, Mayuri muses, probably just a few inches shorter than him. Focusing his gaze on her hair, he notices that she had short hair, except for the two long braids that were covered with cloth. Her lips twitch into a smile, and Mayuri realizes he was staring; he averts his gaze and flushes. "Ah, Yoruichi-sama, these two are the ones you are guarding?"

"Yeah, Soifon. And stop calling me –sama. I'm Yoruichi." The taller woman pats her in the back, her smile getting wider.

"A…ah, Yoruichi…"

"That's better. Now, where are the others?"

"They're all in their respective rooms, Yoruichi-sa…ma…"

"That's better, Soifon. Urahara, Mayu-chan, meet Soifon. She's the vice president of the Company."Soifon waves at the two, laughing to herself when Mayuri's eye twitches with the formality.

"Hn… what do you mean by 'guarding'?" Mayuri asks, stepping forward a little.

"Oh no, you got that all wrong, deary. I'm going to guard Kisuke, you get another bodyguard." Yoruichi replies.


"Hai. You can come out now."

All eyes, land on a huge couch that rested in the middle of the cave-lobby- whatever. Before Mayuri can say anything that would involve cursing and shouting, a man with long dark hair stood up. Although he can only see his back, Mayuri knew that he was muscular, even through the thick jacket that he sported. Slowly turning his head, he gave a feral grin and took of his shades. Putting down the bottle of Sake he held in his hand, he stalked towards the group, his boots clanking on the cave floor and stops, just a few feet from Mayuri, and says with his amazingly low and rough voice,

"Yo. Name's Zaraki Kenpachi, I'll be guarding you and some other crap like that."

Ooooohhhhhh. I wonder what's gonna happen here. If you have any questions on who the family, mob members and the 'others' are, then you'll have to tune in to this fic! Or wait for the next chaps… So far, characters are Urahara, Mayuri, Yoruichi, Soifon and Kenpachi… who should add next? (Oh, and, de la Rosa means 'of the rose') You'll find out later why…