CHAPTER 4: Sexta

Loud blaring sirens awoke the heavily sleeping scientist. Still groggy from his good night's rest, he opened his eye. With half of his face comfortably sitting on his pillow, he yawns and rubs the other cheek which wasn't currently buried under the mass of a fluffy cushion. Despite being a fast thinker, a brain most people would wish they had, his mental capacity was slow when it comes to waking up early in the morning. Wanting to go resume his peaceful slumber he turns over and tries to reach his desk, his hand groping around for the imaginary alarm clock he thought he had.

He searched... and searched... and searched yet again.

After full five minutes of searching with no success, his dulled senses finally clears up and he quickly sits up. He can hear the thunderous sound echo in his room, loud enough that he can feel the slight vibrations travel around his body. Panic filled his focus. He suddenly throws his covers back and dresses as appropriately as someone in a rush could and grabs his lab kit and heads out.

Everything happened in a blur, people rushed passed him, and he tried to look for any familiar face. His eyes shifted from face to face and he hugged his suitcase more, he liked being in a situation where he controlled the outcomes-and this was not one of those moments-. Not seeing anybody he knew, he just followed the people wherever they went. He ran for what seemed like hours, every hallway they passed connected to each other in a confusing maze, and he was getting tired. Of course, he was just imagining things with his highly puzzled brain which made him imagine a few minutes to hours. The next thing that happened was sure to rattle his thinking further.

They ended up inside a meeting hall.

Confusion kicked the thought of panicking out of his terribly dizzy head. Everyone seemed to be acting normally as if the whole end-of-the-world thing didn't happen. People who earlier looked as if the building was on fire and scrambled around were calmly making their way inside the room. He was really confused now. He looked around, it was a big room, very much like a mansion's hallway, with huge chandelier-like lights hanging above them, its glow lighting up the whole room. There were rows of desks on either side of the area, a couple of couches and tables somewhere in the middle and at the center sat a huge table which was situated on top of a platform.

He stood frozen in the doorway, not caring-or noticing- the people the shoved passed him to get inside. He gripped his case to his chest and stepped forward. A hand clamps on his shoulder and he desperately tries not to jump. Successfully hiding his surprise, he tilts his head and his golden eyes widen.

"Is there any reason why Mayu-chan is barefoot?"

Urahara smiles down at him and he notices something very terrible. He glances around the room, his face solid as he realizes that people were staring at him. He looks down. And just as his superior has said, he feared that he was indeed correct.

"The alarm… w…what?" he tries to say, ignoring the snickers and giggles directed at his lack of footwear.

"Ah, sorry about that, Mayuri. He didn't inform you, did he?" Yoruichi arrives late and stops beside him, the people around the room giving her a small salute. "Don't worry, the floor here isn't dirty." She comments again seeing Mayuri rub his foot against his other leg as if cleaning it of imaginary dust.

"Uh… what the hell?" his slightly effeminate voice squeaks much to his chagrin, he frowns.

"The alarm you heard ain't for danger, it's fer starting the meetin'. Guess I fergot to tell yer'." A gruff voice calls out from one of the couches, his frown deepens. Zaraki. His blue eyebrows furrow in annoyance. Not only was his day ruined early, but it was all because of a certain man that he despised just yesterday. Quite an amazing coincidence, he would later think; if he didn't spend so much time glaring at the man sitting on the sofa.

"Alright, let's start the meeting shall we?" Yoruichi shouts out commandingly, she walks towards Zaraki's couch in front of the platform and hits his head. A loud smack was heard around the room. Mayuri felt grateful to the woman. Urahara smiles at him and tries to offer his slippers, Mayuri's only reaction was to look appalled and embarrassed, and the blond just smiles.

"Alright, is everyone here?" the president says as she sits on a chair just beside the table. The two scientists are gestured to sit beside her whom they accepted silently and sat on the sofa. He notices that a few seats were missing, and since his new friend Grimmjow was not present, he tells himself that he must be late.

"Not yet, Yoruichi-san, seems like the people in the second division are still proceeding here."

"Eh, Soifon, where the hell did you station them?"

"Oh, they must be occupying the farthest area. They accidentally destroyed the fifth division three days ago."

"Dumbasses. Well, let's start the meeting."

"Oi, Ichigo, where the hell is the meeting room again?"

"Dumbass! I'm new here, remember? What about you, you're not doing anything!"

"Asshole, were twins! I'm fuckin' new here as well, ya' fucking imbecile!"

"Shut up you idiots! I can't believe I have to be the one to drag you to the meeting room!"

"Stop arguing and just run, you morons!"

"Please shut up, it's making us lightheaded."

Eight people ran along the corridors of the huge building. Five of them had assorted blinding hair colors and were dressed in the usual Onmituskido uniform; black Kevlar Trench coats covered their ninja-esque jumpsuits, their white boots silently clinking on the stone floor. The other three wore lab coats and were talking amongst themselves; silent people like them didn't suit well with people as loud as their companions.

Grimmjow ran as he directed the faction behind him, his hand was griping another friend's arm in a protective hold. The girl in his grasp giggled and he couldn't help but smile back. The twins, one who had an odd bright orange hair and the other with dyed white hair rolled their eyes and followed suit.

"Oi, dumbass, stop oglin' her breasts, are we there yet?" the white haired one, and obviously the one with more attitude snidely remarked, groaning when his twin elbowed him. "Eh, yer thinkin' the same thing too!"

"Ithigooo and Hithigoo are funny!"

The teal haired man laughed and turned his head, nearly colliding with the huge glass door before he was pulled back by the twins. The group stops, they finally made it to the meeting room, and with minutes to spare. Grimmjow glances at his watch and groans, wrong, they were fifteen minutes late for the briefing, and the damn woman would have their asses. He places both hands on the two handles and pushes, quickly regretting it as he realizes that the talking inside stops.

"I see you finally made it here." The leader casually remarks from her chair.

"Not my fault these idiots easily get lost." He replies and shrugs. "Eh, Mayuri, nice to see you here. Seems ya' got rid of yer slippers for the meeting, heh?" He lets out a loud laugh, accompanied by many others when the scientists blushes and brings his feet up on the chair.

"Urahara-san, Mayuri-san!" a boy with dark spiky hair at the back of the group ran to the two, another two people accompanying him.

"Akon-kun, Rin-kun, Nemu-chan! I've missed you!" Urahara stands up and envelopes the three in a soft hug, patting each of their heads afterward.

"It's not even a day since we last saw each other, Urahara-san." Rin, the smallest boy with brown hair and a ponytail on the top of his head chuckled and sat on the empty seat just beside his superior. "Hello, Mayuri-san!"


"I see you got here safely as they said."

"Yeah, it was really scary at first, but it's fun!"

"Good to hear, and sit down right beside us, you two."

"Hai." Nemu and Akon say in unison. The girl named Nemu, had dark ebony hair that was braided at the back, her huge green eyes sparkling as she smiles.

"Alright, now that we're complete, everybody sit down and I'll start from the beginning." She pauses; the others wait for what she will say next. "Soifon, please do it."

The others groaned and as if they were one, rolled their eyes to themselves. Sometimes, just looking at the most powerful woman they have ever seen drape her (as the men found it to be) scantily covered legs on the table, her hands relaxed behind her head and yawning openly, they think that this was all just a game for her, all the serious talk early merely child's play. Her bright eyes lands on her Vice President and smiles. Her gold eyes twinkling with mischievousness and playfulness, but underneath that, they all know that those orbs have seen unspeakable things and were capable of seeing through almost everybody.

"Oh, wait a minute. I have to introduce these two to the others first to avoid all the confusion later." She holds her legs apart, the spandex hugging her legs easily moves and she ends up having her legs spread out on the iron table. Most of the men almost couldn't hold back their chokes of surprise. "All of you stand up. Except you Zaraki, eh, don't go scowling at me you dumbass, you're lucky I didn't-oh! Yeah, Urahara, Mayuri, these are my top members of the Onmitsukido." A grunt. "Eh, there might be a reason you're not standing up, Zaraki. Shut up and let me do my work here."

She points at two of the people who were late earlier and motions them to move forward. The first one was Grimmjow and the second one was a woman with a, dare say it, a voluptuous figure and long green wavy hair. "Introduce yourselves." Yoruichi seriously tells them and Mayuri can't help but feel nervous.

"I'm Grimmjow Jeagerjacques, yo' Mayuri, how's it going?"

"Grimmjow. Don't change the subject."

"Fine. I'm an ex-de la Rosa member, formerly known as the agent sexta."


"Yeah, ya' got it right. The bodies ya' examined five weeks ago, one of 'em was my fucking brother."

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