Twisted Entertainment: Bleach Edition!

AN: Hello loyal readers and flamers! Welcome to Twisted Entertainment: Bleach Edition! This is the first of the Twisted Entertainment series, so reviews would be appreciated!

In a room that is an exact replica of the captain's meeting room.-

MC: Hello everyone and welcome to the first of the first of the Twisted Entertainment series! But first thing is first…

Ichigo, Chad, Uryru, Urahara, Yoruichi and Kon appear.-

Ichigo: *Shocked* Where are we?

Uryru: Who are you?

Mc: I'm MC and you herein the Captain's Meeting Hall…

Urahara: You're a Captain of the Goteni 13?

MC: Yes but not the one your thinking of…Yoruichi?

Yoruichi: Hmm?

Mc happily Glomps Yoruichi with Captain level speed.-

MC: If you stay and do/answer what the reviewers say, you'll get something you'll really like in return!

Uryru:*skeptical* Yeah? Like what exactly.

MC: Aizen and to watch people you know humiliate themselves and…this!

Uliqurroa, Gimmjow, and Orihime appear.—

Orihime: Ichigo!

Uliquorra & Gimmjow: Kurosaki Ichigo!

Ichigo: Orihime! Hey! I thought I killed you two!

MC:*Whistles Innocently*

Chad: It was you?

MC: Yep! Also I can do more stuff too!

Uryru: Can you bring Ishida Soken back?

Orihime: What about Inoue Sora?

MC: Sure! –Sora and Soken appear. - Remember everyone to send reviews, questions and dares to everyone! Only nice dares for Yoruichi though!

Kon: Why does she get special treatment?

MC: I like her that's why!

Yoruichi: Awe…thanks.

Kon: No fair!

MC: Make Kon dares extra humiliating!

Kon: No don't!

Gimmjow: Now I can pay you back for last time Ichigo!

Ichigo: I beat you once, so I can do it again!

MC: Bakudo # 9! Gaki!

Gimmjow and Ichigo get covered in a red light and can't move!—

Gimmjow & Ichigo: What the Hell did you do!?

MC: You can't kill each other until the next chapter!

Gimmjow: I'll kill you next Human!

Uliquorra: Gimmjow…be quiet. His spiritual pressure is greater than yours.

Gimmjow: What?!

Kon: Orihime! I'm so glad your back! –Lunges toward Orihime-

Ichigo: Kon! –Punches Kon away from Orihime-

Kon: Ha! Yourichi here I come! –Lunges toward Yoruichi-

MC: *Swings Zanpaktou Menacingly* No you won't.

Ichigo: Wait1 you have a Zanpaktou?

MC: *Sweatdrops* I already told you that!

Chad: Umm…how long are we… going to be here?

MC: I…don't really know…

Uryru & Soken: Where are going to stay then?

MC: In my squads' barracks.

Urahara: which squad are you Captain of anyway?

MC: I'm the Captain of Squad 7!

Kon: You don't look so tough to me!

MC: Neither do you, you Chew toy!

Kon: I am not a chew toy!

MC: What ever you have to tell yourself Kon.

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