Twisted Entertainment: Chapter 2!

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MC: Hello and Welcome to another episode of Twisted Entertainment: Bleach Edition! Grimmjow read the Disclaimer.

Grimmjow: Hell No!

MC: Orihime, will you read it?

Orihime: Master Bleach doesn't own Bleach or its Fantastic Characters!

MC: Thank you Orihime! Grimmjow you'll pay for that!

Grimmjow: Never!

Ulquiorra: You will Grimmjow…

Grimmjow: Will Not! Shut Up Ulquiorra!

Orihime: Umm…Mc?

MC: Hmm?

Orihime: Don't you think we should start now?

MC: Oh right!

Last Time: Yoruichi was Glomped by Mc. Soken, Sora, Gimmjow and Ulquiorra were brought back to life.

-From Squad 7 Barracks/Mansion-

Orihime: Wow! This place is huge!

Ichigo: Hey Orihime!

Orihime: Huh? Hi Ichigo!

Sora: Orihime!

Orihime: Sora!

MC: Hey! Everyone is waiting for you three!

-Captain's Meeting Room-

MC: Okay, we received only one set of dares!

Grimmjow: Cause you suck.

MC:*deathglare* Shut up Grimmjow! Let's welcome Kira-3-5-9!

Kira-3-5-9: YOU RULE! I also love Yourichi she is awesome!

*Glomps Yoruichi*

Urahara: Well you seem popular.

Yoruichi: It seems so…

Kira-3-5-9: Okay first, I dare Grimmjow to kiss Ichigo for at least 6 seconds!

Ichigo& Grimmjow: What the Hell! NO!

MC: You have too! It's a dare!

Ulquiorra: I told you, you would pay Grimmjow!

Grimmjow: You can't make me!

Ichigo: Me neither!

MC: -whispers something to Ichigo and Grimmjow-Now do it!

Ichigo: Fine! Just don't do that! *Kisses Grimmjow*

Grimmjow: -Deathglares MC and Ulquiorra-

MC and Ulquiorra: *Evil Grin* Okay 6 Seconds are up!

Ichigo: Eww! Grimmjow! Did you use your tongue!

Grimmjow: You wish human!

Kira-3-5-9:-Laughing-I dare Kon to dress up like a maiden and go around screaming "PLEASE HELP I AM A WOMEN IN NEED"!

Kon: What!

Ichigo/MC/Grimmjow:-Laughing-You have to!

Kon: -crying- Fine! *Puts on Maiden Outfit* PLEASE HELP I AM A WOMEN IN NEED!

*A portal suddenly opens with Aizen and the Arrancar!*

Aizen: In need huh?* Evil Perverted Grin*

Kon: Huh? No! Help me! RUKIA!

*Aizen drags Kon into the closet*


Everyone: (O.O)

Orihime: Someone do something!

Charlotte: Hey! I'm only Princess here Orihime!

Orihime: What? Someone save Kon!

*Chad Goes into the closet and saves Kon*


Chad: Your…Welcome.

Kira-3-5-9:O.o Okay… I dare Ulquiorra to do the chicken dance or some kind of dance like that, which is embarrassing!

Ulquiorra: No.

MC: You have too!

Ulquiorra: I will have revenge Human! *Does Chicken Dance*

Everyone: -Laughing-LOL!

Kira-3-5-9: Alright last dare…

Uryru: Thank Goodness!

Kira-3-5-9: I dare Uryru to admit he is gay. I mean COME ON PEOPLE! He is in a freaking sewing club and practically sews women's clothes for a living!

Uryru: I am not gay.

MC: Tell the truth!

*The Soul Society comes through a portal*

Nemu: He is not lying. *Blushes*

MC: Hmm? You don't mean that…

Nemu: Yes. I am 100% certain he is not gay.

Mc: So he and you…you and he…

Nemu: Yes.

Everyone: O.o *Anime Style Fall*

Uryru: Hello Nemu. *Blushes*

Soken: -Laughs- She seems nice.

MC:-Gets Up- Alright! We now have everybody here!

Ulquiorra: Not the ones in the world of the living.

MC: Right! Thanks! * Brings all living world Characters!*

Karin: Huh? Where are we?

Isshin: -In Soul Reaper Uniform-Huh?

Ichigo: Dad! You're a Soul Reaper?!

Karin: Ha! I knew you were a Soul Reaper Ichigo!

Yuzu: Huh? What's going on!? What's a Soul Reaper?

Aizen: -Evil Grin- Young Impressionable Minds. Tasty!

MC:-Hits Aizen-No! Bad Aizen! No corruption!

Matsumoto: Orihime! *Glomps*

Majority Males: *Nosebleed*

Hitsugaya/MC/Ulquiorra: Pathetic!

Orihime:-laughing-Rangiku! Stop tickling me!

MC: Before everyone has a nosebleed, please remember to send in reviews, dares, and questions!

*Mastsumoto has a wardrobe malfunction*

Everyone but Hitsugaya: *Nose Bleeds*

Hitsugaya: -Vexed-Cover yourself up woman!

Mastsumoto: Opps! *Covers self slightly*

AN: Will need at least 4 reviews to continue.

MC: Well we have all the characters here now!

Luppi(*): MC!

MC: Oh-oh!

Golde: Oh-oh is right! You started without us!

MC: Well…you guys can be in the next chapter!

Golde& Luppi: Okay!

Luppi: Hey girl! Your name is Luppi too?

Luppi: Not Luppi!

Mc: I'll call the Arrancar named Luppi…Luppi2!

Luppi2: Why am I called 2 and not her!

Luppi: Cause I'm #1! Also I'm prettier than you!

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