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MC: …where is everyone? *Picks up note*

Note: FREEDOM! –Everyone

MC: …*Sigh* …*Snaps fingers , bring everyone back in a barney the dinosaur suit*

Everyone: NOOOOOOO!

MC: I do not own Bleach or any of it Characters….

MC: First up is Ominias.

Hitsugaya: …*Backs away slowly toward the exit*

Ominias: ...must...kill...speeches...

Hitsugaya: What?

Ominias: Ahem, sorry about that. You came back! ^^x And...I disappeared into my own

dimension. (I do that a lot now, along with holing up in my room.) Sorry!

Although Shiro-kun's hair probably grew back in the meantime. Which reminds


MC: its nice to be back…

Hitsugaya: Speak for yourself…

Ominias: Anyways, I love dares! =D Since you asked, I dare Tosen to go on all fours and

eat grass and flowers. ...Don't ask.

Tousen: No!

MC: …their justice flavored flowers…

Tousen: *Eats the flowers nad grass* …so this is what justice tastes like…

Hisagi: More like the poetic version…

Ominias: I also dare Tosen to gather over a hundred balloons and drift off on them till as far as he can go, in a large field without any kind of roof, cloud, etc. or trees.

Tousen: That justice made my stomach feel sick…

Gin: Aww…sit down…*Sits Tousen down in a chair with hundreds of balloons tied to it, shaving tousen fly away* Bye bye!

Ominias: Finally, I dare Toshiro (I had to) to face off in DDR on the song Wakka Lakka on Heavy mode against Hyorinmaru. Well, see ya! *Toshiro's hair is shorter now*

Hitsugaya: My hair! *Dances and loses against Hyorinmaru*

Hyorinmaru: …*smirks*

MC: …welcome back, AsymmetricalPerfection!

Grimmjow: No!

Hichigo: Yes!

AsymmetricalPerfection: ok so dares for tosen...I dare tosen to spit shine aizens


Tousen: This is so degrading! *Shines Aizen's shoes*

Aizen: …but am I wearing Sandels….

AsymmetricalPerfection: then I dare him to eat a hollow. and not barf. if he does barf then he has to lick it up!

Gin: Here ya go tousen a nice hot meal.

Tousen: Thanks…*Eats the hollow* tastes like…sake…

AsymmetricalPerfection: … and lastly I dare him to poke muramasa in the eye!

Tousen: who? *Pokes*

Muramasa: OW! *Slaps Tousen*

AsymmetricalPerfection: oh and for Hichigo since I cant dare you anymore I ask if I can keep giving you presents? I like giving you presents^^ if so here* hands him a pair of Boxing gloves coated in razor wire where your suppose hit people but all fuzzy on the inside^^ enjoy!

Hichigo: Sweet! *Takes them and Puches Aizen in the face*


MC: Nice. Next up is Ichiyorufan.

Ichigo: Who?

Yoruichi: Intresting name…

Soi Fon: *Glares*

Ichiyorufan: I dare Byakuya to smile! =D

Byakuya: *Smilies*

Everyone: …*speechless*

Yammay: *Dies*

Renji: every time he smiles…someone dies…

Ichiyorufan: I dare Hyorinmaru must choose Haineko or Tobiume for a kissss!

Hyorinmaru: I-*Is Glomped by Haineko and Tobiume before he can respond*

Ichiyorufan: I dare Tousen choose 3 people for dancing the opening of Shugo Chara

Tousen: *Dances to Shugo Chara with wonderweiss and Gin*

Aizen: …the shame…

Ichiyorufan: I dare everybody's personality becomes otherwise!

Ichigo: *Grabs Orihime's butt*

Orihime: *Punches Ichigo in the face*

Yoruichi: *Wears a 2 extra layer of clothes*

Ichiyorufan: Ichigo, look that *Shows Picture*

Ichigo: *blushing* What!

Ichiyorufan: Rangiku, who you love? Hitsu? Gin? or...?

Rangiku: I love everybody equally….*Shifty eyes*

MC: …okay…that's it for this Chapter…so short….but sweet.

Gin: are we forgetting something?

(Tousen is still flying away into the sky…)

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Hichigo: FUN!

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