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Dani POV

Me and Aimee were meeting Ally and Beki at the beach. When we got there we didn't see them so we went over to our usual spot, put our towels down and plonked down. We both put on our sunnies because it was really hot and sunny today. Just them Ally and Beki arrived we got up and hugged them then we all sat down in a circle on our towels.

"So why such short notice?" Ally asked

"Take a guess!" I replied sarcastically

"Seth" they both answered at the same time.

"Got it in one!" Aimee said

"Who was it this time? Was it Derek?" Ally has always had a crush on Derek -another of Seth and Leah's friends-even though she has never really talked to him. We are all like that really I mean Ally likes Derek, Beki likes Matt, Aimee likes Brady and I like Collin but we would never tell anyone other than each other that its like our deepest darkest secret "or did you's escape?"

"We didn't get out quick enough there was 2 I think it was Embry and Quil. It wasn't Derek."

"Did they talk to you's?"

"Nope" I said popping the "p" "I think Leah has warned them all to stay away from us!"

"Oh thank God for that I love Leah I can't believe she's your older sister and she is like one of our best friends"

"Yah I know I love her I tell her everything she even knows about Collin!" I explained

"OMG you told her about Collin?" they all said at the same time.

"Yea it's not like she's gonna tell anyone or anything!"

"I think I'm gonna tell her about Brady!" Aimee said after a short silence.

"Same here!" Ally and Beki both said at the same time.

4 Hours later

"Girls we are gonna get sun-stroke if we don't go back you's can come to mine they'll be gone home by now." I said.

"Okay lets go" Aimee said

We packed up our stuff and made our way back to my house thankfully Embry's banger of a car was gone. We all wanted to talk to Leah the girls were going to tell her about their crushes. So when we went in I shouted

"Leah we need to talk!"

"Living room" She called back. It sounded like it was only her that was home so I said

"Just let us leave our bags in my room we'll be in then!"


We all ran up to my room and dumped our bags on the bed and got changed into our pj's. We then went back downstairs and went in the kitchen I made the girls favourite foods this morning 'coz I knew they would come over at some stage during the day. There was pancakes, pizza chicken nuggets, sausage rolls and then 6 big bowls of sweets and popcorn. We were having a movie night in we heated everything up and got the drinks. Then we walked into the living room where Leah was she was lounging on the couch, Seth was sitting on the floor playing on the Nintendo wii with- you'll never guess- DEREK, MATT, BRADY AND COLLIN. They hadn't noticed us come in so I whispered very low

"Just act normal" not even Leah would hear it and she had really good hearing. The girls just nodded.

"Hey Leah were home" Aimee said

"Oh I thought you guys were still in the kitchen did you's have a good time at the beach?"

"Yup" Beki said popping the P and plopping down beside Leah

"Any boys?" Leah asked again. Seth's head snapped up at this.

"A couple" Ally replied easily sitting down on the other side of Leah

"Okay Seth up NOW you've had all day to play this were having a movie night and guess what you're not invited!" I said but he didn't even look up he just grunted at me that was the last straw I had enough. Aimee had just came back with all the blankets and pillows and was waiting to put them down somewhere. I walked in front of all of them and turned off the Wii. They all groaned.


They all stood up and sat on the window sill. I helped Aimee with the blankets and pillows. Then I put out all the food and sweets.

"Dani can we please stay?" Seth pleaded

"Yea. Dani please?" That was Collin I turned around and said

"My name's Danielle!" I know it was harsh but I couldn't let Seth see that he was my weak spot. His face dropped when I said this so I said

"Fine stay BUT eat all the food and you're out. So Seth go get your own food.

Then I looked at Collin's face to see if he was still sad he was he was just staring at me

"You can call me DanI I was being a bitch. Sorry!" I said he just kept looking at me so I did the unthinkable and looked him in the eye.

Shit. Leah told me not to do this. I think she was right he's just staring at me more intensely now. I can't look away. Shit the same thing is going on with Brady and Aimee.

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