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Previously on What happens by accident:

"DanI can we please stay?" Seth pleaded

"Yea. DanI please?" That was Collin I turned around and said

"My name's Danielle!" I know it was harsh but I couldn't let Seth see that he was my weak spot. His face dropped when I said this so I said

"Fine stay BUT eat all the food and you're out. So Seth go get your own food.

Then I looked at Collin's face to see if he was still sad he was he was just staring at me

"You can call me DanI I was being a bitch. Sorry!" I said he just kept looking at me so I did the unthinkable and looked him in the eye.

Shit. Leah told me not to do this.

Chapter 3

Just then Seth walked into the room I think he noticed Collin staring at me he just burst out saying

"Look guys I got food!" Collin looked up and I broke free of his gaze. I looked over to where Aimee was the last time she was standing at the other side of the blankets we had put on the floor she was just staring at me so I decided to play it cool I just said


"Nothing!" She went to turn around but got her foot twisted up in the blankets. I lunged forward but jumped back when Brady caught her. She looked up and muttered a "thanks" he said "Anytime". At least he replied Collin just stood there staring at me. Brady was just staring at her "You can let go now" I heard her say and he did, he moved back to the windowsill. She looked up at me then down at the blankets then back to me again I nodded and we both plonked down on the blankets.

"Sooo back to where we were before Any boys on the beach today?" Leah said breaking the silence in the room. Seth who was setting out pillows for the boys to lie on looked up. God why does he have to be such a big brother today tomorrow he'll be acting like a 4 year old!?

Ally being Ally decided to reply "There was a couple but only the special ones caught our eyes!" she looked at us all she wanted us to play along. "Ain't that right girls?"

"Definitely there was only a couple of special ones though!" Beki said playing along very well I decided to play along as well

"Yea there was only a few but come on girls look on the bright side we all got really hot dates!" Out of the corner of my eye I saw all the boys visibly stiffen.

"Yea DanI's right come on Beki you know you like that guy that was flirting with you!"

"Ohhkaii okay I'll admit it I had a really good time today" she squealed

"I know right?" I squealed too.

"What are their names?" Leah questioned

"What do you mean?" We all said together. It was obvious the boys were listening.

"Your dates?"

"Ohh errrmm Tommy!" Beki replied

"Keith!" Ally said

"Darren!" Aimee muttered

"Niall!" I muttered also.

"Where do these boys live?" someone said I looked around and seth had a notepad taking down all the names.

"Seth for gods sake cop on!" Beki said

"But you guys are my little sisters I can't let anything happen to any of you besides you're all to young to date." Seth said with a pout on his face

"I love you Bex, and Al, and monster (Aimee) and munchkin (DanI). I can't let you guys date!" He used all our pet names that he used to use when we were small. We all looked at each other then nodded together again we jumped up and ran at him all 4 of us jumped and we hugged him he hugged us back then we altogether we said

"We love you to big bro!"

He just laughed "Okay movie time" I said as I got up I skipped over to the DVD player I put Mean girls in and sat down on the blankets Aimee lay down beside me and we pulled the covers up to our chins it was getting pretty cold we were both shivering I was wearing a blue shorts pjs and Aimee was wearing a pink dress one.

"Hey Monster Munchkin are you guys cold?" Seth asked

"Hmm- mmm" Aimee replied

"Oh just a bit!" I said

"Oh admit you're freezing you're butt off will you" Aimee said to me

"Shut up the 2 of you" Beki said

"No you" we both replied at the same time

"Leave her alone and shut up now!" Ally threatened

"Or what?" I said

"Guys come on stop?" Leah said but it sounded like a question

We were all sitting up bickering when she said this we all folded our arms and pouted and said "NO" then turned to the outside of the circle

"God PMS much?" Collin and Brady said at the same time

"Yea once a month actually don't you know anything about girls?" Me and aimee replied. They were both stunned. We were only joking with them. All 4 of us jumped up hugged and ran into the kitchen then we went back in with a huge chocolate bar each.

"Ohh God we were right" I heard Brady mutter to collin. Just then collin looked up he seen me and was staring at me adoringly Brady was doing the same thing to Aimee.

Seth was just looking back and forth between us all because by this time Matt and Derek were staring at Beki and Ally.

"NOOO FUCKING WAY! NOOOO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! YOU GUYS DID NOT?!" Seth shouted. I think the whole of La Push heard him

"Calm down" Matt said

"Not with my baby sisters" He whimpered Then he looked no more like glared at the 4 boys. If looks could kill each of them would have died 10 times over. They started backing out of the door Seth following he was shaking Leah started shoving him out the door she got him to the woods edge then said

"Seth calm down we don't want anyone getting hurt" Then she shoved him once more and he disappeared into the trees. She turned back to us with an apologetic smile.

"Come on lets go to sleep!"

"Ohhkaii then" We all replied together.

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